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♥Liz Lisa & Penderie Haul & Outfits ~ Early Spring♥

 Hello everybunny!♥ It's time for an outfit post♪ I bought these clothes a few months back, sorry it's taken me so long to make a post with them! ;; I hope you like the outfits!♪ Most of the clothes are from Liz Lisa, but one piece is from Penderie, which is a brand that can also be bought from Tokyo Kawaii Life.♪ TKL is the online store that sells Liz Lisa & TRALALA.♥


Penderie trousers♪
These are super awesome, I've been wanting some trousers like these for ages but it's so hard to find trousers that fit me nicely.  >: Luckily these are pretty perfect ; 7 ;♥ And they have braces. Braces are always a plus.♪

 There are pockets! And they're a decent size too ; 7 ; Hooray! There are also cute little bows at the back♥

Stripe message skirt♪
When I first saw this print on the Liz Lisa blog I knew I just had to have it ahh ;; v ;; Cute Eiffel Towers, roses, pretty patterns, it's perfect!♥ I decided to get the set up (top & skirt) rather than the dress.♪ I prefer having the separate pieces for mixing & matching.^^

It's so pretty ;; 7 ;;♥♥

'The smile of an angel'♥

Stripe message top♪
The matching top is very cute too!♥ I wasn't sure about the neckline, as I usually prefer collars but it looks really cute!

The bodice details are really nice♥ I love the ribbons.♪

It has the same print as the skirt.

Floral bustier♪
This is actually from the Autumn 2014 collection, and was on sale so I snapped it up with the matching trousers.♪ They look quite strange, but I really really love them.♥ I was going to get the set in another colour but sadly they all sold out. OTL Anyway, this top is awesome!♥ It may seem risqué but the trousers are super high waisted. :D


Floral high waisted trousers♪
These are quite possibly the most awesome trousers I've ever owned ww♥ The Penderie trousers I bought are very lovely, but these are just amazing www♪♪

I love the print, it's like a watercolour painting♥


I'm so glad the back is adjustable ; 7 ;♥

If the fact that these trousers are floral and high waisted wasn't enough, they also have a cute little peplum and decent sized pockets.♥♥


Trousers → Penderie
Blouse → Liz Lisa x MyMelody
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Wig → Lockshop

I feel so dapper in these trousers ahh ; 7 ; It's been a while since I got anything super dapper. OTL I've been wanting to get back into ouji for ages but it's so hard to find nice ouji things in colours other than black & white & navy. :/ Basically, I love these trousers. Very much.

I need some fancy brogues to match them or something ww (and I need to nick my sister's tweed jacket hah) But really, these are so so great, they fit perfectly too.♥

Dapper pose♪

More dapper.♪ 


Skirt → Liz Lisa
Blouse → Liz Lisa x MyMelody
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Handbag → Ted Baker
Necklace → Lizmelo
Headband → Bobon21
Wig → Lockshop 

 Sukapan & heels are great because they make my legs look long ww ; 7 ;'' I'm glad that even though this sukapan has a pretty print it works in a simple outfit with just a blouse & some accessories.^^

Another lovely thing about this skirt is that it matches my favourite handbag.♥

With the blouse tucked in.♪ I think I personally prefer it untucked though but I like the slightly lazier look ww



Top, skirt → Liz Lisa
Handbag → Ted Baker
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Wig → Lockshop

Here's the set-up!♪ The skirt & top are really pretty together.♥ The fabric is really light so even though it has long sleeves I'll probably still be wearing this as we get towards summer.♪ It's light like chiffon but it's not quite chiffon. It's a little odd but super comfy to wear and really soft too.♥

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't so sure about the neckline, but when I tried it on I really liked it! The frill is really pretty.♥


Bustier, trousers, shoes → Liz Lisa
Turtleneck → Ank Rouge
Headband → Bobon21
Wig → Lockshop 

This outfit is so comfy ; 7 ;♥♥ I'm so so glad I bought this set, it's amazing. ; v ; I put a turtleneck top underneath the bustier, but I tried it with no top underneath but a denim jacket over it last night which also looks very awesome♥

I'm not even sure if I can put my finger on why I like this so much ; 7 ;'' My sister asked if I was wearing pyjammies when I showed her this outfit. Maybe it's because it's like pyjammies. Pyjammies really are great.


When in doubt, pull a silly face.(* ' 7'*)b
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked the outfits.♪ I'll be posting a couple more outfit posts very soon. c: A really big Ank Rouge haul & another Liz Lisa haul.♥

Have a lovely day!♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. These are such adorable outfits! <3 I love the skirt~
    And the pants are super high waisted :o They look good with the top~

  2. Awww these items are so adorable! ^_^

  3. i love these so much! they look good on you! c:

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