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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Days 10 & 11 (Rilakkuma Café Round Two | Sweets Paradise)♥

Hello everybunny! c: Here I'm going to put two days into one post since the only really interesting things we did were go to some awesome places to eat and lurk around shops ww♪ We had a week of awesome days out ahead so we wanted to get some relaxing in.^^ 

On the Sunday morning, we were greeted with a ridiculous amount of rain. Josh & I had woken up early to watch Pokemon Get TV (which was awesome by the way ; 7;) and we were hoping the rain would get less ridiculous. However, it was so ridiculous that we found Jen and all just decided to run around the corner to the 7-11 to grab breakfast and then hide away until things calmed down again. OTL

These were not friendly clouds ww..

Conbini are super cool because they sell meals and they'll even heat them up for you in the store.♪ Our nearest 7-11 was just on the corner of the road our hotel was on ww 

My very wholesome & healthy breakfast on the left!♥ Rice for breakfast is so filling ; 7 ; And on the right we have Josh who decided to have fried chicken and noodles and rice for breakfast. FRIED CHICKEN. If that wasn't enough, he also got a pork bun www..

When it was getting towards lunchtime the rain had eased off a little so we decided to go to Shibuya!♥ Josh is a fan of Rilakkuma so we went back to the Rilakkuma Café.♥♥ It wouldn't be fair for him to miss out, right? ww Sadly this time there was a massive queue. ><;; I was feeling really faint at one point. ;; - ;;

A little Rilakkuma joined us for our lunch♥

More Rilakkumas ww♥

'Hey kid, buy my merch. I'm watching you.'

'Can someone pass the menu?'

'Cheers - 7-♥'

We each got a dessert for lunch ww♥

So cute!♥♥

The cake was a little like cheesecake, it was super yummy.♥

The fruit were yummy with the chocolate Rilakkuma cake, but I thought they were even nicer with this cake!♥

Josh got Rilakkoffee too ww♪

After the Rilakkuma café, Jen went to Grimoire and Josh & I went to check out Shibuya109 Men's, though it kind of sucked because Josh was too tall for pretty much everything. :c Then we met up with Jen at Shibuya109 and did some shopping!♥ I got some things from Liz Lisa ; 7 ;♥


On the Monday, I wasn't feeling so well, so I decided to rest lots during the day. ><;; The next day we were planning a big day trip so I needed to be 100%! Josh went out shopping for a while on his own and was also kind enough to bring back some cute snacks ww♥ That evening we went with Jen so a really neat restaurant called Sweets Paradise.♪ It's a dessert & pasta buffet!♥ There are Sweets Paradise restaurants all over Japan, so if you're near one I definitely recommend trying it out.♪


There's a little vending machine inside where you pay and get a ticket! Then you hand the ticket to a staff member who shows you to your seat.♪

I'm not sure what the other Sweets Paradise restaurants are like but the Ikebukuro one has a rotating ice cream cone in the middle ww♪ The seats are also very cute.♥

At the buffet, there's quite a variety of things.♪ There's rice with a couple different curry sauces so you can make curry rice. Then there's a big selection of pasta dishes, and a little bell rings when there's a new dish. Along from the pasta is a huge cake & pastry selection!♥ There's also a fondue fountain, salad selection, sweet salad selection, soft serve ice cream machine with a variety of toppings, and drinks machines!♪ Whew, so much ; 7 ; I recommend having small snacks during the day before coming here so you make it worthwhile as there's so much to try. >v<♪

Creamy pasta and veggie rice!♥ I wasn't sure quite how vegetarian everything is, but there seemed to be a fair amount of visibly meat-free savoury dishes. (Sadly I couldn't tell if they were actually vegan or vegetarian, I could just see that there was no meat. OTL)

Dessert time! *^*♥♥ Omigosh everything was so lovely ww♥ Sorry my presentation is so bad ahah...;;

 More desserts ; 7 ;♥ After this I had some ice cream but forgot to get a photo, oops. ><;;

We got a selection of crackers to share between us, aren't they pretty?♪

All done! We attacked the buffet pretty well www If you have a big appetite (Example A: Josh) a buffet like this is super good value!

After Sweets Paradise, we went to Sunshine City for some shopping and also did purikura ; 7 ;♥

Thank you so much for reading!♪ In the next trip report we'll be going exploring in Hakone!

Have a lovely day♥

Love, Eliza♥

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