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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 9 (Akiba & Pokecen plus Milky Way Café Review)♥

Hello everybunny!♪ Today's post is mainly a review of the super awesome Milky Way Café♥ On this day we did a few things, but it was mainly shopping for me.^^; It was a nice relaxing day, apart from a very busy Pokecen ww. We decided to keep the weekends more open as we figured since it was the summer places would be more busy, so we planned things like theme parks for weekdays.♪ It worked out pretty well!

In the morning, Josh and Jen went to the Edo Tokyo museum and I quickly popped to Sunshine City to look around the shops a little. I mainly wanted to pick up some cute magazines I spotted when we were there before.♪ Even though it wasn't particularly busy, I really regretted going on my own. OTL I think it was maybe only a couple minutes after Josh and Jen went to get the train that I suddenly decided 'wait no this is a very bad idea' ; 7;'' It wasn't too bad though, I picked up a couple cute magazines and sat in a little café to read them for a while.

When I was heading out of the mall I spotted this super cute mascot!♥

Then it was time to go to Akiba to meet with Josh and Jen.♪ The station was really busy, and it took a little while to find them but it was all good! ; 7;''

We checked out a few of the game centres in Akiba, but they weren't really much different to the ones in Ikebukuro. These kissing alpacas were cute though ww♪

It was almost time for lunch so we grabbed something to eat.♪ I got a strawberry & cheesecake crepe♥ Two of my favourite things in a crepe ww♥♥ Crepes are super filling by the way, they're great for a quick lunch.♪

Josh got melon soda shaved ice. Yum.♪ But also takoyaki with negi. Ew. :c 

Once we were done with lunch, we checked out Donki which was... interesting I guess? There's tons of different stuff but it was a bit too cramped for me. Josh spotted a takoyaki pan but didn't get it, he decided he'd go back later in the holiday to get it. After leaving Donki we decided we were kind of bored with Akiba ww Personally I found that most things could be found in Ikebukuro. But then again if you're super into otaku stuff, you might think differently. Josh & I then made our way to the Pokemon Centre!♪

I was so excited this was the only photo I took oops. It was incredibly busy inside anyway, so I wouldn't have gotten many photos even if I hadn't been too busy looking at cool things. ; 7;'' This Pokecen isn't there anymore, it's now in Ikebukuro at the Sunshine City mall www It's now the Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo♪ I can't actually remember how long we spent at the Pokecen, it was a while though.^^; Then it was time to head back to Ikebukuro before going out to dinner.♪

Cute owls outside Ikebukuro station♥ 

We went back to the hotel to get changed and meet up with Jen again, and then it was time to head to the Milky Way Cafe for dinner!♪

 The food displays looked amazing!♥

We were seated near the window yay!♪ The view was awesome.


Everything was star themed, right down to the condiments ww♪ I love space themes! 

Drinks!♥ Jen & I got mango drinks, and Josh got a blueberry shake.♪

Star shaped glasses!♥ The drinks were topped with cream and a little star candy.♪ It was delicious!

The drink that Josh got was topped with ice cream and a star biscuit!♥


We hadn't had a proper meal that day, so we went for the savoury dishes.♪

 I couldn't see any veggie options on the menu so I went for what looked to be the least meaty dish, a seafood carbonara doria!♪ Doria is a baked dish that has rice on the bottom, then sauce on top! It's like gratin, I love it! I was so glad that I was able to try it.^^ Also broccoli! Hooray! It was super yummy, I really enjoyed it.♥

 Josh had a hamburger doria.♪ He said it was really good!^^

Jen had a takoyaki & penne gratin, it sounds like a weird combination but it also sounds pretty yummy! 
We were really full afterwards so we decided against getting a parfait. >< We wanted to go back again but never ended up having time ;; - ;;'' I hope I can go with Josh when we go to Tokyo again ;; v ;;♥

We wandered around Ikebukuro for a while and then decided to head back to the hotel. On the way, I went with Josh to Mister Donut.♪ We thought it'd be cute to have some late night snacks since we were so full earlier from the doria that we didn't have parfait ;; - ;;

Cute box!♪

Cute doughnuts!♥

Mini selection♥ The one at the top was Calpis flavour OvO♥♥ I think Calpis doughnuts were a summer special because I can't see them on the website right now. >< Ahh they were so yummy too ;;

The doughnuts were so so good ; 7 ; The one on the right was also Calpis flavour♥
If you're in Japan, definitely try out the cute doughnuts at Misdo!♪
Thank you so much for reading!♥ More posts coming soon♪

Have a lovely day!

Love, Eliza♥

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