Friday, 10 July 2015

♥Recent Buys! → June/July 2015♥

 Hello everybunny!♥ How are you? I hope July has been lovely for you so far!♪ It's been so long since a recent buys post, since during the first part of the year I was saving for my holiday to Japan and such (there will be holiday haul posts up soon!♪) but now things have slowed down, so it's time for a quick post.♪ 
Well, sort of slowed down... I booked flights to the US last week for a two week holiday in September! :D ♥

♥From Liz Lisa♥

Piano blouse in blue♥ The collar has piano key embroidery on!

Piano jumperskirt in blue♥ After pastel pink, pastel blue is my next go to colour.♪ I love the roses on the print.^^

Cinderella castle & carriage blouse in beige♥

It has beautiful Cinderella castle & carriage embroidery on the collar!♥ The puffed sleeves are really cute too.

Cinderella castle & carriage skirt in pink♥ It's has castles, carriages, and roses!♥ So pretty ; v ;

Striped bustier in pink♥ This set is pretty cute and dapper! The stripes aren't so clear in the stock photos, so I'm hoping they'll be clearer in real life.^^;

Striped trousers in pink♥ I love the bow at the front! The pockets are the back also have bows on.♪

♥From Ank Rouge♥

Moon Feather skirt in pink♥ Sadly when I bought this, only the pink was available.;; It's still pretty, even if the print doesn't stand out so much.;; I might get it in navy if it's still in stock next week ww..

Bow tie blouse in white x pink♥ I have so many Ank Rouge blouses now, but this one is so cute with the tie!♪

Moon Feather dress in navy♥ When I spotted this dress was restocked, I had to buy it!♥ I love the space theme and the starry lace along the bottom. ; 7 ;♪ The embroidery on the collar says 'heavenly'♥

Moon top in white♥ It's a simple but super cute top with a cut out moon!♥ 

Fantasy Night dress in navy♥ Another spacey print! This one has constellations and stars on.♪ I can't wait to wear it with the moon top.^^ I think it will also be cute over a blouse. I don't think I'd wear it without a top underneath.^^;

♥From Bobon21♥

I hadn't bought anything from here in so long because nothing's really jumped out at me apart from these items that I bought. I was waiting to make a bigger order but decided to just go ahead with these ww♪

Macaron check waistcoat in pink♥ I love dapper things so I'm super glad I ended up getting this! ;; v ;; ♥ 

Macaron check skirt in pink♥ The pattern on this and the waistcoat is lovely, and I love how puffy it is! 

Summer tank top in pink♥ Just a cute & simple tank top to go over the blouse.^^♪

Alice in Wonderland chiffon sleeve blouse♥ I love the Alice embroidery on the collar, and the chiffon sleeves too!♪ 

♥From Secret Honey by Honey Bunch♥

Disney Alice in Wonderland dress♥ When I saw this dress was still in stock, I had to get it. ;; v ;;♥♥ I'm surprised I didn't see it at the Secret Honey store in Japan, since it was released just before I went.;;

The print is so pretty, I love it ; o;♥

♥Auction Gets♪♥

To give this some context, my little brother is really into YGO, and when I was younger I was really into too, but he got me into it again recently ww♪ We've been watching the GX anime together (we're almost onto season 3 ww) so... now I find myself buying merch ahah. OTL I've even built some new decks www - 7-;;

Judai phone strap♥

Jun phone strap♥ I also got a little Chazz figure too ww

I wish they had merch of more GX characters than just Jaden and Chazz and... whoever the other two are.;; We're not that far through the anime ahah;; But yeah, where's Alexis? ;; - ;; And why are there only two 5D's characters? OTL Oh well.;;

Kaiba phone strap♥ 

All of these are super cute so I'll get them all at some point.. -v- ♪ 

Thank you for reading♥ I can't wait for everything to arrive ;; v ;; A couple things are actually here already, so I can put outfits together soon.^^♥  Though I still need to put outfits together with my holiday buys. c: ♪ I'll be posting a review tomorrow, so I hope you'll like it.^^

Have a lovely evening!♥

 Love, Eliza♥


  1. Yay another recent buys post! I've missed these x3
    I can't wait to see the outfits! The items from Bobon21 are super cute <3

  2. How do you order from Ank Rouge? ^o^


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