Friday, 3 July 2015

♥Sponsored Post → Tokyo Otaku Mode!♥

Hello everybunny!♥ How are you? I hope you're well.♥

Today I'm excited to bring you a post about a store Tokyo Otaku Mode, with which I recently became a j-fashion affiliate!♪
It's a store that sells various goods from Japan, including plushies, character goods like figures, cute homeware, stationery, and fashion!♥ The best thing is, all of the brand goods they sell are official and straight from the brands themselves.♪ You might find this store useful if you want to buy J-Fashion, but you're not confident with buying from Japanese sites or if you don't want to use a shopping service. They also ship worldwide!
You can check out the j-fashion selection by clicking the banner below♥

The brands that they currently stock include Liz Lisa, Swankiss, KOKOkim, Listen Flavor and Lunatic Lemony Lollipop!♥ 

There's also a super cute promotion currently going on until July 8th.♪ If you buy one Liz Lisa product, and one Amuse plushie (like Alpacasso & Pote Usa Loppy♪), you get 10x points with your order.^^

Here are some of my favourite things that they are currently selling♪

Liz Lisa JSK♪ I actually have this! It's really cute!♥

Another very cute Liz Lisa JSK with a pretty piano & floral print.♥  I have this too, but in blue.^^

Liz Lisa x LL Gals JSK.♪ It's a JSK that was designed in collaboration with the LL Gals.^^
Swankiss heels.♥ The ice cream is so cute!♥

Liz Lisa Pansy necklace♥ It's very delicate and pretty, it would look cute over a blouse or with a fairly low cut dress or top to show it off.^^

 Liz Lisa Sunflower print set up♥  The skirt and top for this set are both available.^^ It features a cute sunflower print & sailor collar!♪

These are my personal favourites that are currently being sold, but of course there's a quite a large range! There are often updates with new products too.^^♪ I'll do my best to update when there are new products & promotions, either here or on my twitter @Elizabunnii ♪

Tokyo Otaku Mode J-Fashion

Thank you so much for reading!♪ I hope you'll find it useful to buy j-fashion from Tokyo Otaku Mode if you have trouble ordering directly from Japanese stores.^^
I received my sponsor package yesterday, so I'll be reviewing the products here sometime over the next week.♥

Have a lovely day!♥

Love, Eliza♥


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