Monday, 19 October 2015

♥Big Ank Rouge Haul!♥

 Hello everybunny! How are you?♥ Sorry it's been so long! I was going to post some things during my holiday but I ended up forgetting, sorry!;; Blogging will continue as normal now, and I have plenty of posts ready to do.^^♪ A few months ago I got a really big Ank Rouge haul!♥ I ordered some things at slightly different times due to pre orders, but got most in the summer sales♥ I've seen a few things in the Autumn/Winter collections that I quite like, but I think I'll wait for the sales to get those.^^♪

Moon feather OP in navy♥

As soon as I saw this, I had to get it! ;; v ;; I love starry/space themes so much♥ I was so happy when I tried it on, it fits almost perfectly ><♥ I wore it out to the aquarium when I was on holiday and it was so pretty and cute ;; v ;;♥♥ 

Pretty collar embroidery ; v ; I love the embroidery that Ank Rouge puts on the collars of blouses and dresses, it's so pretty. ><♥

The star lace is amazing!♥ Ahh it's so cute ;; o ;;♥

Moon Feather skirt in pink♥

Sadly the print doesn't show up quite so well in pink as it does in navy, but its still a really pretty skirt♥ It's also a really nice length.^^♪

The star buttons are adorable ;; v ;;♥

More of the cute star lace ; 7;♥

Fantasy Night OP in navy♥

This is another adorable print that I just couldn't resist!♥ In the stock photo it's worn on its own, but I prefer to wear sleeveless dresses with a blouse or cutsew♪ There's also room under the skirt for a light petti for some poof^^♥

The tulle around the edges is pretty, but I think this would be uncomfy.. so I'm glad I prefer to wear these sorts of dresses with something underneath.^^;; 

The print is gorgeous ; 7 ;♥ I love it so so much♥♥ 

Fantasy Night skirt in pink♥

Just like I got the navy OP and pink skirt for Moon Feather, I did the same with Fantasy night♪ 

This print works better in the pink colourway than Moon Feather does, which is a shame because Moon Feather is also very pretty. ;; v ;;

Moon top in cream♥

I made the mistake of taking this on holiday with me and it was much much too warm ahah;;; It's not actually too thick, but it's too thick for Texas weather. OTL But it's a really nice top! It's cute under the Fantasy Night OP and cute with the other starry things I got!♥♥ (I'll do outfit photos soon!♪)

The lace and the cut out moon are so pretty! *^* This top was actually pretty popular, when it was initially released it sold out so quickly ;; Luckily I pre ordered it when they re released it.^^

Twinkle blouse in white♥

Even though I had already bought the moon top, I really wanted this cute blouse too!♥ I love the blouses that Ank Rouge makes, they're so soft and comfy.^^ They also fit pretty well too!

The starry lace around the collar is the same as the lace along the hems of the Moon Feather skirt and OP.♪ 

There are starry buttons too!♥ It's a lovely simple blouse with really cute little details.^^♥

Angel wing top in white♥

I wasn't going to get this but it was so cute and on sale!♥ It's really cute under cardis with the collar sitting on top.^^ It's a little like the moon cutsew, but a bit lighter.♪ It's really nice in casual outfits.^^

The purple lines help the collar stand out a little.^^ It actually stands out more on the other colourways, but I felt that this colourway would work better with the things I have in my wardrobe. ><

Angel wing OP in pink♥

I wasn't sure about this at first. >< I've never tried a dress like this before and was worried it wouldn't suit me, but it's really cute with my platform shoes from Miauler Mew♥♥

The angel wing embroidery is super cute!♥ It's also a really comfy dress, I think it'd be cute with a faux collar or worn over a turtleneck top. >v<♥

Lace collar OP in pink♥

I ended up getting this dress too♥ It's really cute! The material is a little thick like the angel wing OP.^^ The print is super super cute! I love it ww ♥

The lace collar is really cute too!♥ I think this dress is just a little cuter than the angel wing one because it has a collar ahah^^; I like things with collars ww ; v ;

Rose Bouquet OP in pink♥

I'm so glad I got this! ; 7 ; The print is so so lovely and the shape is lovely and the lace is lovely too! ;; v ;;♥ This was going to come on holiday with me, but the Moon Feather OP won because the fabric is a lot lighter ahah. ><

It's... so lovely! ; o ; And really comfy too, a little big >< but still comfy♥

If a print has roses on then I'm sold www It's a similar weakness to starry things ww

Love Letter OP in cream♥

I wasn't expecting to get this dress ahah ; v ; When it was first released, I didn't like it, but it grew on me! Luckily it went on sale so I picked it up.^^ It's similar to the Moon Feather OP and Rose Bouquet OP! I love this style, it's a slightly lolita dress shape, but not as big and doesn't need a petti♪ Though they do look cute with light pettis to give them some poof :3

The collar embroidery is really cute! ; v ;♥♥

The print and the printed ribbon are really pretty! I think the black colourway was the most popular since the print stood out more, but I prefer the cream.^^

Frill parka in white♥

I kept debating whether to get this or not but then I decided to just get it!♥ I'm really glad I did, too, because I wore it almost every day on holiday www It's really cute to just pop on over the top of things.^^ I like to have my shoulders covered to avoid sunburn, so this was perfect! It was light too, so it didn't become uncomfy♪

It has pockets too! And they're roomy enough for my phone!♥

Ribbon tie blouse in white♥

The ribbon tie is removable, so the blouse can be worn with or without it.^^ It's a lovely simple blouse and goes with so many things that I own :3 ♪ It's super cute and comfy like the twinkle blouse.^^

The ribbon tie also has lace with a rose design behind it, a little like a jabot^^ I love it! ♥ Though it's also nice that I can mix and match other ties with the blouse.♪

The collar has a slight frill around the edge which is cute!♥ 

Thank you so much for reading.^^ There will be an outfit post or two coming soon!♥ Definitely outfit posts with the clothes from this Ank Rouge haul and clothes from the Ank Rouge haul I got in Japan♥♥ I've also bought quite a few Disney clothes from Secret Honey by Honey Bunch recently, which I can't wait to show you!♪ I'll do my best to make a post or two this week.♥

Have a lovely day^^♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. Everything you got is so adorable! I love the designs from ank rouge <3
    I look forward to your outfit posts!

  2. The first dress from Ank Rouge is my favorite~! I actually was going to buy it <33


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