Tuesday, 3 November 2015

♥Liz Lisa Outfit Collection ~Fairytale Looks pt 1~♥

Hello everybunny~! I hope your week is off to a lovely start♥ Today's blog post will be the first of two! Or perhaps more ww.. There have been lots of Liz Lisa releases with a fairly mature look this year, but thankfully there have been lots of cutesy releases too~♪ I love the pieces that are cute, fluffy, magical, and princessy!♥ Things that make me think of something that a fairytale character might wear♪ So here are some of the Liz Lisa pieces that I've bought this year in some himekaji  outfits♥♥


Rose print jumperskirt♥ I wanted it in the pink colourway, but the beige is cute too, plus it matches lots of my clothes.^^ There was a matching top but it was 3/4 sleeve but I didn't end up getting it because I like either long or short sleeves, I'm not such a fan of inbetween ww;;; 

The border print is so cute~!♥ It has perfume bottles and roses♥ The only downside is that it's quite pale ><

Lace & ribbon cardi♥ I bought this in pink before the Liz Lisa x MyMelody Spring release in the hope that I'd get to wear it with the dress if I managed to get it www Luckily I did~! Plus it's a nice staple to have in my wardrobe♥

I love the scalloping down the front♥ It's a little different to other cardis, since it's not knitted.♪

The lace is really really cute~ and also soft! So it's not uncomfy~

Ribbon pattern top♥ I picked this up when I was last in Japan! I love top & sukapan sets~♥ This one is particularly cute ^o^♪ Usually I don't like sleeveless things but this is so frilly and puffy and cute I don't mind ww♥♥

Cute details!♥ The little bows are so cute♥

Ribbon pattern sukapan♥ I have quite a few Liz Lisa sukapan, and I have to say these are really puffy!♥ I love them ; 7 ;♥

Print details♥ Flowers & ribbons, two of my favourite things ww♪



Jumperskirt → Liz Lisa
Blouse → Ank Rouge
Shoes & bag → DreamV (Dear My Love)

The best thing about this jumperskirt is that it has a lolita-esque shape without being big and heavy and without needing a big petti~!♪ The outfit is quite simple but I think it's still quite cute ;; v ;;♥ I'm glad I own quite a few brown & beige things, there's a fair amount in my wardrobe to match the jsk with.^^♪ It is a bit big, but it's not too noticeable!;; I have to keep pulling the straps back up because they keep slipping down though. I did consider pinning them to the blouse but I don't want to damage it since the material is quite thin. ><;; 

I love this jsk ><♥ I really should wear it more and try it with some more outfits at some point♪

With the shoulder bag♪ It's just the right size for carrying essentials♥ Except swords and wands.. I'm not sure it would be big enough to hold swords and wands for defeating fairytale baddies..;;

I really like how my hair was here  ; v ; The only problem with having messy hair is that when it looks nice, I'm never quite sure how I got it to look nice ww OTL


Jumperskirt → Liz Lisa
Blouse → Ank Rouge
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

Here's the jumperskirt with a long sleeved blouse♪ I'm not sure if I prefer it with long or short sleeves.. I quite like both!♥ I tried a headbow with the short sleeved outfit, but I felt like it worked better with the long sleeved blouse.^^;; It's quite a doll-like outfit, I love it! ;; v;;♥


The bows on the collar of the blouse are really cute♪ The collar also has lace edging.♥


Top & sukapan → Liz Lisa
Flower crown → Sanrio
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

The sukapan is so so puffy! I love it!♥ And I don't feel too bad in this top even though it's sleeveless! ;; v ;;♥ I feel quite cute ahah ;; o ;; ♥♥ The sukapan slip down a bit sometimes, but apart from that it fits fairly well. :3 But to be honest I don't care because I love it ahah ; 7 ;♥ I wore it a few times in Japan, and also a couple times when I was in the US ww♪ It's a super cute outfit and it's easy to just throw on with some cute shoes and a hair accessory♥


This is the Hello Kitty flower crown that I got at Universal Studios Japan! :3 ♪ I love it soooo much ><♥ I feel like these selfies turned out pretty well ahah~><♥♥

I took these selfies just after the last time I had my hair cut, it was done so well ;; o ;; I hope it gets cut this nicely when I go at the weekend! ><♪


Cardi, top & sukapan → Liz Lisa
Flower crown → Sanrio
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

The cardi looks cute with the set too~!♪ Actually, this cardi goes well with most things I have ; 7 ;♪ It's very lovely♥ It's also a little comfier to wear in warmer weather than other cardis, since it's not a knit.♪ 


Thank you so much for reading~!^^♥ I hope you enjoyed the outfits, and I hope you'll look forward to seeing the other outfits I put together with Liz Lisa pieces soon! :3 ♥ If you want to see some of my most recent outfits, you can see them on my twitter account @Elizabunni ♪

Have a lovely day and evening~!♥

Love, Alice♥


  1. That first jsk is just so cute! *u*
    Your outfits are always the most adorable thing ever <3

  2. Lovely outfit~! I love you fashion style <33


  3. Aaaah~ I'm so jealous! OuO I wish I had enough money to buy cute stuff like this! ^o^


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