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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 21 (Tokyo Disney Resort Day 4! Tokyo DisneySea!)

Hello everybunny~! It's time for one of the final Japan 2014 trip reports, and the last day we spent at Tokyo Disney Resort.. ; 0 ; Thankfully, this day at DisneySea was more comfy than the last one! 

On the train in the morning, Josh saw a moth on the floor of the train carriage and rescued it~! He loves moths. :3

Here we are again~! After another long queue www It's so so worth it though~ so worth it~ ><♥

The weather as gorgeous but so so hot ><;;

It was really fun to see Mickey & Minnie and the band~♪

Most of the crowd headed towards Toy Story Mania, which we guessed was pretty packed, so we decided to skip it again >< Instead we headed straight to Journey to the Centre of the Earth to grab a fastpass then join the standby queue♪ 

After Journey, we explored some parts of Mediterranean Harbour while we headed to the lottery machine to try to win tickets for Big Band Beat♪ Sadly, we didn't win this time. ><;

Even if you're not a fan of rides and such, this park is so amazing just for the views & food♪ I love all of the theming ; v ;♪

While we waited for our Journey fastpass window, we decided to go on the Indiana Jones attraction♪

It was better than I expected! :3 We weren't quite sure what to expect ww but we both really enjoyed it♪ I'd mention my favourite parts, but spoilers ahah..

Then we wandered round to Mermaid Lagoon.^^ It's so pretty~!!

Inside there are lots of attractions but they're all aimed at children, so we just wandered through to the gift shop www There was a show area, but it was temporarily closed in preparation for a new show♪

This store was adorable♥ It was in the mouth of a sleepy happy whale ww♥

Time for more Journey!♪ 

After another round of Journey, we heard lots of music near the Harbour, and it was the show Minnie's Tropical Splash~!♪ Our view wasn't amazing and we didn't catch a whole lot of it, since we weren't planning on seeing it.^^;; Because we went home early on our first day at DisneySea, we wanted to spend more time exploring the park, plus there's a chance you'll get wet with this show ww Luckily not from where we stood though. :3 The small part that we did catch looked really fun though~! We weren't planning on seeing Legend of Mythica either, but I really regret not doing so since it closed a couple weeks later, I believe. ; - ; There was one show we stopped to watch though, but that will come later♪

Tropical Splash looked really fun~ if only the weather wasn't so boiling OTL

This is where is bought a huuuuge amount of Duffy & Shellie May & Gelatoni goods when we were here on the Tuesday ww♪ You can also buy Duffy, Shellie May and Gelatoni goods at Scrooge McDucks Emporium♪

Time to go to Cape Cod Cook Off~!♥ This is where you can watch the My Friend Duffy show! ;; v ;;♥ You have to buy something to eat from the restaurant, so Josh got a burger and I got a dessert ww :3 Since it was so busy, they were showing people to seats and there was a queue for people who want to see the show, and a queue for people who weren't fussed about seeing it. Of course, we got into the show queue~!♪ Here are some photos from the shows~! It's not as good as seeing the actual show, but it's still pretty adorable~! ;; v;; ♥

We got both the souvenir cup & souvenir plate desserts~♪ The summer fruits dessert as so yummy!♥ I mainly got it for the cup, but I'm glad it was yummy too.^^ I asked Josh if he would eat the Duffy face dessert since it was coffee flavour♪ He really enjoyed it! I don't like coffee at all ww

There's a little break between each of the shows, so there's time to eat if you don't want to miss anything♪

Both the shows are adorable~!♥ You should definitely make time to see them if you're a fan of Duffy & friends~! I hope at some point they'll add a show with Gelatoni!♪ Also, this is the place to get the Duffy & friends souvenir cups & plates♪

Our next fastpass window was ready~! Time for Stormrider♪ We had absolutely no idea what it would be like or what sort of ride it was, so we were excited to find out!

Stormrider was so fun~! It's sort of like Star Tours, in that it's a simulator ride.♪ Sadly it's no longer open and is being replaced with a Finding Nemo ride. ; A ; Don't get me wrong, Finding Nemo is adorable but.. Stormrider.. OTL Oh well. :/ I'm glad we were able to go on it while we could~!


We then headed over to Arabian Coast and went to Sultans Oasis to get yummy sundaes~! Oh gosh they were so yummy ><♥ Mango jelly and shaved ice and soft serve!♥

Arabian Coast is so pretty! All the ports have amazing scenery and theming, but I think Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast are tied for prettiest. :3

We decided to lurk around Mysterious Island for a while, since the cave areas were nice and cool and out of the sun www

Then it was shopping time~ we had a wander around a few of the shops in Mediterranean Harbour and American Waterfront♪ One day, one day I will get Duffy and Shellie May plushies in the big size ;; - ;;♥

Josh decided to get some Oswald goods~! So cute. :3 ♥

After some shopping, we went to grab a spot in a seating area ready for Fantasmic! I think it was over an hour before the show was due to begin, but our feet were so tired and spots seemed to be going quickly! We had a great view of Mt Prometheus♪

It erupted while we were waiting for the show~!♪ The show is performed after dark♪

I think out of all the parades and shows we saw, this was my favourite, it was amazing~!! Duffy was adorable. Really really adorable. But this was just amazing! I'm so glad we made time for this show ;; v ;; If you're at DisneySea and staying late, definitely make time to see this~!♪

And that concludes our DisneySea days~! We were so tired ww We decided that next time there was no way we would go from Ikebukuro to Disney Resort and back, and instead we would get a hotel nearer to the resort www If you're in Tokyo and have a couple days to spare, one for each of the parks, or one day spare for Tokyo DisneySea (since Tokyo Disneyland is similar to other Magic Kingdom type parks around the world and DisneySea is totally unique to Japan♪) then definitely try to go~! It's amazing ;; v ;;♥

Thank you for reading~!♪ The next post will be the last trip report of this particular holiday. >< But luckily there are more holiday reports to come soon~!♪ 

Have a lovely day~!♥

Love, Eliza♥

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