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♥MCM October 2013 & Weekend in London!♥


Heyo everybear~♥ I hope you've had a wonderful week~!♪♪ It's getting kinda chilly now, so I guess it's about the right time to start getting the kigurumis out again.♥ I've had quite a stressful week.. I had to go see the doctor and one thing and another. I'm not sure if I should go into detail...(ノω・`。;;) Maybe I should make a blog post to explain things soon, as well as explaining my name change and such.
But anyway! I went to London a couple weeks ago with Josh, for a super fun London & MCM weekend!(*^▽^*)♥ It was lovely, and I also got to meet many people! I was also in the Harajuku Fashion show at MCM on the Sunday~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°



While I was on the train to London, I posted a photo on instagram, and Abi chan(Abi-pop) commented saying she was heading into London too~! So we ended up meeting at Victoria station.♪ It was the first time we met in person, so as I always am with meeting people, I was very nervous. OTL She bought me a milkshake from Millies Cookies which was so very kind of her!♥ And I gave her one of the melon pan my sister had baked and packed for me. We talked about a lot of different things including our Japanese classes! There were lots of people around at the station, and one guy asked if I was Barbie! @O@;;;; There were lots of people sneaking photos and also not sneaking photos and just standing there taking photos ww
A little later, Josh turned up and we talked for a but then headed to the tube together. We said goodbye to Abi chan and then made our way to the hotel at Stratford Westfield!(The huge shopping centre) It was amazing~!♪

A little later we went into the shopping centre to have a look around and then we went back to the hotel to get changed for our meal out.♥

 Fancy couple♥

 We ended up going to an all you can eat buffet in Chinatown, it was delicious! I did my best to eat a lot, though I just had mainly vegetable things and only a little chicken. ;; I was still proud of how much I ate, and so was Josh!;; Aftwerwards we had a little walk before heading back to the hotel where we sat up playing Pokémon together!♥



We decided to go into the city to explore! 

 I kept curling my hair over the weekend heehee♥

Though it was very rainy and windy...;; We took the tube to London Bridge so we could head to the Tate Modern.♪ When we left the station, we looked behind us, and the Shard was there!! It was mahoosive... 

 Y'know I'd say it was really an evil hideout but that's just me.

It actually took longer than we thought to get to the Tate Modern, and when we were inside it was unconfortably crowded. We saw a lot of interesting pieces of art but decided to leave after a while because I needed some fresh air away from crowds. ;; Then we headed further into the city to go to The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason!♥ Fortnum & Mason is a very very fancy department store and since early this year, Josh and I had been wanting to go there for an ice cream sundae date.♥ Josh had an ice tea, and I had a lemonade and lemon sorbet float~♥♥


 There were little Fortnum & Mason sugar... squares?♪

This was our sundae~!♥♥ The "Rota Plaustri"♪

 There was chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, shortbread, mini marshmallows, strawberrys, chocolate sauce, and strawberry sauce~♥♥

Afterwards, we looked around the shop.♪ The men's section looked like a place where Sherlock would buy things, but then we saw Vivienne Westwood ties and decided Moriarty would shop there too heehee. We then went to Hamley's and walked past Saville Row on our way~ so many suits! Everything was incredibly fancy and also incredibly expensive so we hurried along to the toy shop. OTL It was very disappointing though, because it was too crowded and I got upset so we left and went back to the hotel so I could feel better. ;v; I rested for a while and we played Pokemon and then we went to the shopping centre to go bowling~!♪ 

Casual evening outfits~ our tops match!♥

First we got some gelato (mango and raspberry!) and a milkshake and shared a fancy seat near a window together♥ We started downloading Ace Attorney 5 too ww~

Sadly, bowling was fully booked. OTL So we lurked around the shops for a bit and found Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth cosplays in Topman ww

Guess who's getting a Phoenix Wright suit jacket for Christmas!♥

Afterwards we went to Yo! Sushi for a quick and cute evening meal, and then went back to the hotel to play Ace Attorney 5 and more Pokemon♥



Sunday was a very exciting day because I would be modelling in the Harajuku fashion show!♪ I was actually going to cosplay during the morning before the show, as Monomi from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 but... I had a really sudden dip in my confidence and decided to just wear my seifuku.;; Here are some cosplay pictures from when I tried it on though!

Josh and I checked out of the hotel and managed to get to MCM in one piece! Unfortunately, the DLR line that went to the ExCel Centre was down that weekend so there was a replacement bus. It was super crowded and Josh thought it might make me anxious and unwell before we even get to the convention so we held hands and walked in the fresh air so I could relax~! At the convention centre, we got in really quickly because we got early entry tickets, and we looked around all the stands~♪ There was so so much this time! I bought Rilakkuma exercise books and sticky notes for my studying! I also bought some cute stickers♥ 

After a while I got changed into lolita and headed to meet up with everyone! Amii (fairy-tips), Grace (vial-of-villainy) and Kiri were there!♥), and Josh went to spend time with one of his friends and play Pokemon.♪
Here's the outfit I wore~

Sadly I decided to not bring Usakumya, because last MCM there were a few times where he almost got damaged.. ; -;

 All the other models were so wonderful and gorgeous and inspiring! I felt like a total newbie compared to them haha. I was really very nervous ;v;'' But they were all lovely, so I shouldn't have been so worried haha... @v@;;; I felt a little dizzy so during our break before the show I met up with Josh and his lovely friend Rachel (who is so very kind oh gosh QvQ♥) and we got froyo♥ Then it was time to head back and get ready for the show! 

But before that... selfie with Amii~!♥♥

The thing I was worried about most was the walking part, I thought I might trip over or get my poses wrong or my face would lookie totally awful! But I did my best to smile and just have fun♥ My heart was beating very fast but the end, but I think I did very well! Josh and Rachel were watching, and my friend Cazzie and her friend were watching too! I'm so grateful that they came to cheer for me m(_ _)m
Here are some photos! Photography: Anarchy Photography | Editing: Roxie Sweetheart

All of the models, and Kiri presenting!♥♥ You can see me and my giant twintails at the back~~ @O@;;

Solo posing was very scary, but I'm really pleased with how I did!♥ I think the flash made me lookie very pale haha~ @v@;;;

Another photo, taken by my friend Cazzie~♪

After the show, I spent some time with my friends and then I went to meet up with Josh. ;v;♥ We looked around a bit more, but I started feeling quite ill so we decided it would be a good time to head home. ><;; Sadly when we parted ways at the tube station, we forgot Josh was babysitting my Pokemon and he went home with my 3DS XL and Pokemon bubbies ww. He's been looking after them though so it's all peachy! I get to see them again this weekend ;v;♥

Sorry for such a long post, but I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures in London!♥ I'll be visiting Josh's dorm this weekend, so I won't be doing much blogging. Though I will be making a blog post about my recent Taobao order, which is huuuuge~!♥♥ I can't wait to get it♥ (Some things have to be saved for Christmas though because technically my parents bought them for me ;w;'' ) And in a couple weeks, I'm hoping to spend another weekend with my bro from the US! Not my real bro, but he's like a bro to me ww ;w; Thankies so very much for reading! And a huge thankies to everyone who has given me their kind words and support recently♥

Have a wonderful day and a dreamy night~!♥


Love, Elizabunnii♥

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