Friday, 1 November 2013

♥Mini Taobao Haul~! (TaobaoSpree)♥

Happy heyo everybunny~!♥ It's been so long since I last made a post, I'm so so sorry! (Q^Q;;) I've been a quite ill and very busy recently..;; I hope you can forgive me m(_ _)m♥


When my Taobao order arrived, I was so so happy!♪ The shopping service I used was TaobaoSpree again~! They're very nice, reliable, and their service is fast! So I decided to go with them for a second time.♥ I've already reviewed their shopping service here, and this time the service was wonderful again♥ Here's a quick review to give you an idea of their lovely service again! (*^O^*)
I placed my order on the 27th September♪
Nancy was my agent again (she's so lovely!) and she contacted me on the 28th giving me the total price + commission + domestic shipping, and then she emailed back later to say she ordered everything~!
On the 4th, everything arrived at TBS and Nancy sent me photos of everything, it all looked wonderful!♥
I paid for the international shipping and then everything was shipped by EMS on the 7th!♪
Everything arrived on the 13th, and then I had to pick it up from the post office the next day~♪♪

Everything arrived wrapped safely in a bubblewrap envelope/package!♥

So here's a rundown of everything I ordered~!♥ (and how it all compares to the stock photos)♪

This plain skirt lookies a bit underwhelming when it's not worn but as you'll see in the outfit photos, it's really foofy!♥ The waistband is elasticated all the way around, and it's also very comfy.♪

These kitty tights are really flattering and comfy~ QvQ♥ They're not itchy and they're very soft.♪

Unfortunately, the stock photo for this top wouldn't load..;; However I can definitely say that it looks no different♪ The fabric is quite thick, there's a pocket (woo!♥) and also a side zip~

This top and headbow are adorbsies~ (*QvQ*)♥ The top is long and also quite thin, but it fits very well and the print is very clear♪ The headbow is really sweet and the bunny ear tie part has wire inside to shape it. It's also not permanently attached to the band so it would be removed to just leave the headband.

I was hunting this top down for quite a while and finally found it~!♪♪ The strange thing about it is that only the front has the print ww The back is completely plain for some reason. ^^;; The print is super cute and really crisp though.

Creamy Mami jacket~! (*^O^*)♥ It's really cute and light~! I can wear it just over something simple with the sleeves rolled up if it's a little warm, or layer up with it if it's cold♪ Like the other printed items I bought, the print on this is also very clear!

♥Outfit Time!♥


♥Outfit 1 ♪ (Sort of) Casual Pastel Style♥

Ahh I think this must be the first photo I've posted here of my new hair!♪ I got it all cut off ww~ I've also added lavender to my fringe now!♥ It's really fluffy and boyish!! I can't wait to try out more boyish fashion styles heehee~ but shh that's for another time heehee!♥♥

Top, Jacket → Taobao offbrand
Bloomers → Taobao Bobon21
Tights → Sweetie Cakes
Hairbow → Angelic Pretty
Legwarmers, Fingerless Gloves → Claires
MyMelody Bag → Tofu Cute/Dreamy Bows
Mini Bow Clip → Offbrand
Hi tops → Everlast


♥Outfit 2 ♪ Inspired by Junko Enoshima Upupupu♥

I was going to put these cat tights with my cat dress but then I decided to try a darker style!♪ After putting it all on I though it had quite a Junko-ish silhouette so I put my wig on to top it all off~!♥ Of course, I could never properly cosplay Junko because I'm flatter than asphalt and neither pretty nor gyaru enough ;o;, so here's an outfit inspired by her instead! (*^O^*)♥

Blazer → H&M
Top → Criminal Damage
Skirt, Headbow → Offbrand
Tights, Wig → Taobao offbrand
Shoes → T.U.K


 ♥Outfit 3 ♪ Baby Blue Seifuku♥

Even the seifuku top is pretty roomy on me, I think that makes it lookie cuter~!♥ It also works with my bloomers and new skirt! You can see that the skirt is a little foofy♪♪ I'd also like to try the top with some more knickerbocker-ish shorts for a cute boyish look.♪ The tie also comes untied, so I had to tie it myself!;; I think I did a sort of good job haha... ^^;;

Top, Skirt/Bloomers, Wig, Randoseru → Taobao offbrand
Socks → eBay offbrand
Shoes → Bodyline
Hairbows → Angelic Pretty


♥Outfit 4 ♪ Another Casual Pastel Look♥

 My bodyline petti is sitting just underneath my new skirt for pastel rainbow poofiness!♥♥ Because my Bodyline bunny jacket has a skirt part along the bottom, it sits nicely over the skirt and petti.♪

Skirt, Wig, Top → Taobao offbrand
Petti, Jacket, Shoes → Bodyline
Shy Bear Bag → Angelic Pretty
Hairbows → Rara's Jewels
Socks → eBay offbrand


 ♥Outfit 5 ♪ Sweet & Simple Casual Look♥

When I was sitting around after doing all the outfit photos I realised that I did actually have red hi-tops that would have matched this! Oopsie ;; But I tried a more red x white colour scheme♪ I think red lookies pretty peachy on me!♥ I love the cute little English bulldog... ;v;♥♥ Josh has this top too but he wears it with red skinny jeans and we kinda twin but in a couple way! (*^v^*) ♥

Top, Skirt, Wig → Taobao offbrand
Headbow → Taobao Bobon21
Socks → Offbrand
Shoes → Bodyline


I didn't buy so much this time but it shows that you can put quite a few different outfits together with only a little haul!♪♪ Which one do you think lookies best~?♥ I've kind of gone a whole month without really ordering anything ww so I think I'll be ordering a fairly sizeable haul this month and then stopping for a while once I start my new job so I can save for my studies in Japan. (*^ ^*) Last weekend I was at MCM Expo London, so I'll make a post about that over the next few days because I was in the fashion show~ (*QvQ*)♥

I hope you have a supersweet day and a cosy evening~!♥
♥Love love lotsa love!♥



  1. Wow its so cute, you look perfect in everything you got, and everything is super cute, I love little hauls, I can't wait for your next one~

    1. Ahh thankies so so much~!♥♥ (*QωQ*) You're so kind(*TTωTT*)♥


    any chance to see the front face? lol

  3. Hey, why all the things that you bought are gorgeous??
    where did you bought the creamy mami jacket and the plain skirt?


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