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♥Japanese Kawaii Magazines~!♥


Phwee~!♪ Happy heyo everybunny~♥ I hope your week is starting well!(*^O^*) My cold still hasn't gone away.. but I'll be tough~ yeah~! ᕦ(òωó)ᕤ Today I'll be showing you the wonderful magazines I ordered from CDJapan!♥ I feel so lucky to have them... (*QωQ*)♥♥ Of course, since they're in Japanese I can't understand much.. but they're really cute and fun to "read"!♪ Since they're aimed at children/young teens, I can understand a few things, and I've learned some new things too~! So I've found that they're good for reading practice~ -nodnod-♥

**There are going to be lots and lots and lots of pictures!**


My magazines arrived in a box~! It was a little heavy with them all ww..

I see Ruby from Jewel Pets~!♥♥

The mazagines were packed in twos, apart from Jewel Pet Fan, and they were also wrapped in bubble wrap! They look kinda chunky, don't they?♪ That's because each magazine comes with super cute free gifts!♥

♥Jewel Pet Fan!♥

Jewel Pet Fan is like a fan magazine for Jewel Pets~!♥ As a Jewel Pet fan, it was important to get this magazine! ww♪ There's a box on the back with the gift inside~~ The magazine was 880yen (@0@;;) and although this magazine is so so cute♥ and so are the free gifts~♪ I'm not sure I'd buy it again unless I had money spare, because 880yen is a lot for a 74page advert for all things Jewel Pet (^O ^;;;;).. I could save the money and get the Jewel Pod Diamond Premium or something heehee~♪

Here's the cover, along with the gift box & gift~!♪ It's a Jewel Pod style mini tin♥

If only it was a real Jewel Pod hyaaa~~♥ This just makes me want a real one more... (actually all of this is very very clever marketing, isn't it? ww Well, it's working! (@O@;;;) )

Inside cover and more free gifts~!♪ Because it's a Japanese magazine, it reads right to left, even though a lot of the text is left to right western style~ Pretty Rhythm and Aikatsu! on the inside cover~♪♪

Jewel Pet holo stickers♥

These are stamps!♥ You pop them out...

And once they're popped out, you fold them!♪ (you'll see at soon~)
Memo paper!♥ You tear along the lines and each piece is an individual memo♪

 The other side of the memo paper~♪

 Here is everything inside the tin! (*^O^*) You can see the stamps are folded~♥

A double page on Sanrio Puroland~! Hwaaa~~♥♥ It's on my list of places to visit when I go to Tokyo next year!♥♥ Sadly Josh won't be able to go with me, but I bet it would be a really good place for a cute date~!♥

This was cute~ it teaches you how to do a dance!♪♪



 Otomodachi is a magazine aimed at young children~! There are fun and edicational parts~♪ I think if you're studying Japanese and you like things like PreCure, Sanrio etc. this would be a really fun for reading practice~!♥♥ It's also super good if you only know hiragana but not katakana, because the katakana have furigana (little hiragana) over them!♪

The front cover and free gift~!♪ They're little blocks, and inside the magazine there are stickers that you can put on each side to make the characters ww

What's this at the top?! Otomodachi seems to be aimed primarily at girls but that doesn't mean it can't have Power Rangers and Ultraman too~! (*^O^*) This made me happy heehee~
More free gifts~!♪ A pull out mini activity book, a pop out shell-shaped fan, and stickers~! Including the character stickers for the blocks~♪

You can put this pop out house together for the character blocks~

Advert for Anpanman!♪ If you don't know who he is, he's a bread mascot!

Power Rangers~~! Pew pew♪

And Ultraman! I'd like to watch this someday ww

The Tanabata story!♥ It's written right to left, the traditional way.

Hiragana practice!♪♪

"Otomodachi Plaza" is a thin magazine that came with Otomodachi! It seems to be aimed at parents and has mini comics, recipes, and instructions on how to go through Otomodachi with your child and how to make the house for the block characters♪ Pretty cute~


♥Disney to Issho!♥

Diney to Issho basically mixes all the super kawaii Disney things into a children's magazine~♪ There are quite a few pages advertising Japan-exclusive Disney merchandise, so I need to find out which website sells these things, and then I need to find a shopping service to buy them for me ww~ (or not because I have to save up for MCM Expo♪) Also, this magazine was 880yen like the Jewel Pet Fan magazine, so I won't be buying it so often ww

Front cover and free gift~!♪ It's a heart shaped Minnie Mouse box and stickers!♥

Close up of the case and stickers~ the ones on the left are squishy!♥

Tokyo Disneyland~!♪ I'll be visiting here and Tokyo Disney Sea next summer too~ it looks amazing! -crycry-♥♥

Pages of Duffy Bear and Shellie May... ; ______ ;♥♥ Take me to Tokyo Disney Sea! ww

Merida!♥ So pretty~ *O*♪

-squeee-♥ All the princesses!♥♥

 There is a whole section on hairstyles inspired by Disney characters!♥ Maybe I should try them and make a blog post about them~?♪♪


♥Pucchi Gumi!♥

Pucchi Gumi is a magazine filled with different kawaii characters and series like Tamagotchi, Pretty Rhythm, Aikatsu!, Jewel Pets, MofuMofu... and maybe you can guess the next two? I'll put them in romaji instead of the english names ww~~ Doubutsu no Mori and Tomodachi wa Mahou!♥ This is one of my favourites, so I'll deffie be getting this each month!♥♥

Front cover and free gift~!♪ Ichigo from Aikatsu! is on the cover~~!(*^O^*) I'm hoping to cosplay her sometime!♥♥

The free gift is a light box~! A toy was recently released called "ComiTab", which is like this but bigger~! You can use it to trace things like manga and characters from magazines and then you can colour them~♪ It sounds pretty neat! Again, clever marketing in the form of a "taster" as a free gift ww~

More free gifts on the inside of the cover~♥ BonBon Ribbon stickers and catalogue, and an Aikatsu! poster♥

The poster is a huuuuuge checklist of all the Data Cardass cards~♪ 

The first comic is... Aikatsu!♥♥ But when I got this magazine, I had no idea what Aikatsu! was, I hadn't even hard of it! ;; I suppose because it goes alongside an arcade game that's exclusive to Japan, and the fact that it's a very happy and upbeat "magical girl" and "idol" type series that's actually aimed at girls, it hasn't garnered much attention? Whereas series such as Madoka Magica, idolm@ster, K-ON! etc.. are actually seinen meaning they're aimed at guys 18+.... Maybe the fact that they're aimed at an older audience means they also get more attention online.. so we hear about them more over here... anyway I'm thinking way too much about this, it's a conversation for another day! ;;; Just know that it makes me sad that nice, purely happy, non-depressing series don't get as much attention! ;;

Tamagotchi~!♥ I think they're focusing a lot on Tamagotchi P's!♪ 

A fashion page~!♪♪ I wish I could find out what brands these are! In the little coord descriptions, some of the items of clothing are size "110-160cm"!♥ I'm just about short enough so there's a chance they could fit~!♥

What was "Tomodachi wa Mahou"~? Friendship is Magic~!♥ Pucchi Gumi, starting this issue actually, is serialising an MLP manga~! (*^O^*) I'm actually really proud of myself, because I could read it all and understand a lot of it!♪

Waaaah more Tokyo Disneyland OTL ♥♥

Doubutsu no Mori~! Animal Crossing!♥♥

 More free gifts~!♥ Memo paper, and tracing paper to go with the sample ComiTab!♪♪


And woaaaah~!♥ Super cute Barbie comic ww~♪


♥Chara Parfait!♥

Chara Parfait is my other favourite~ so I'll deffie be buying this again next month too!♥♥ It's very similar to Pucchi Gumi in its demographic, but has more comics, and a lot about really cute videogames!♥ Unlike the other magazines, this reads left to right.♪

Front cover and free gifts!♥ The pens are double sided, so there are 10 colours~♥ 

The pens have some of the characters on~! You can see Hoppe chan, the slightly uhh.. "odd" looking nameko mushroom character (seriously google something like "nameko mushroom mascot" and you'll get what I mean ww), and Awawa chan~!♥

It came with a DVD!♥♥ Everything is in Japanese, but it had an episode of Hello Kitty, trailers for shows including the japanese version of Monster High, and trailers for videogames~!♥ Too bad a lot of the games are exclusive to Japan... OTL Someday I hope my Japanese skills can be good enough that I can play some~♪

This is Hoppe-chan!♥ I've never heard of it until now, but it seems so cute!

A recipe page~ (*O*;;)♥ It shows you how to make little fondant Hoppe-chan for fruit salads and other desserts~♥♥

I mentioned before that a lot of the magazine is about cute videogames~ there are pages with various QR codes~! Look! There's a QR code for a Mii of me! (*^O^*;;)♥♥

Animal Crossing QR code~ hwaa~♪♪ (Now I have my new 3DS XL, I might restart New Leaf and play it properly ww) They also seem to have a contest each month where you design a piece of Animal Crossing clothing, and if you win, they make it and print the QR code for everyone to use!♥♥

Another free gift is Animal Crossing origami paper to promote Chara Parfait's collaboration with AC to make an AC origami book!♥ You can make some of the characters~♥

 There's also AC memo paper~!♥

Hwaaaaa~~~ stickers~~♥♥ Also you can see the nameko mushroom on the top left ww... in the centre, there are Animal Crossing stickers!♥

Pokemon X&Y info~!♥ In here, the Pokemon info is super cute~♪ 

Another Animal Crossing manga~!♥♥


Phwaaah~~♪ So many magazines~!♥♥ They're so much fun to read, but then there's the burning sadness in my heart when I can't buy all the merchandise and games ww I'm really happy though, I read them a lot because they're so cute they just pick me up!♥ Thankies superly so much for reading~♪ I hope you enjoyed seeing the magazines!(*^O^*)♥ Have a lovely sweet day and a dreamy night~♥

Love, Amai♥♥



  1. Why can't the US have kawaii magazines like this???

  2. OMG I have the bubbles on my blog just like you do, heehee! So cute! I love reading your posts. You're adorable
    。◕ ‿ ◕。

  3. Uwaaa~~☆ all the pages are so cute! *____* I need to order some soon so I can practice reading Japanese~ ♪★*☆ヽ( ^-^)/★*☆♪


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