Sunday, 29 September 2013

♥I'm a Magical Girl~! [Fairy/Mahou-kei//Decora]♥

 Hey hey everybunny~!♪♪ How are you all~?♥ I hope you're really peachy!(*^O^*)♥ 
Over the last few days I've had a really icky cold... OTL But I managed to work up some energy to try a new outfit♪♪ I'm so happy~! It's a mix of decora and fairy kei and mahou kei♥ I haven't really worn fairy kei for a while because the weather has been so so hot~ and I've never tried decora before, so I hope I did well..m(_ _)m♥


  The main theme for the outfit is Mahou Shoujo!♥ 
I've been really inspired by cute girly anime since I got into Aikatsu!♥♥ (Get ready for an Ichigo Hoshimiya cosplay soon ww...) I'm really into things like Pretty Rhythm, PreCure, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura etc recently~♥ Just a HUUUUGE~ shoujo & magical girl series pop heehee♥ It's made me feel a lot happier, actually, so I hope that can keep up!♪ Anyways, it's outfit time!



Headbow → Angelic Pretty
Hairclips, Legwarmers → Claire's
Twintail bows → Rara's Jewels
Dangly Star, Star Ring → Chocomint
Wig, Bloomers → Taobao
Seifuku Top, Petticoat → Bodyline
Magical Girl Pendant Badge → Pinkly Ever After
Ice Cream Cat Sweater → Milklim
Star Bracelet (left side) → Candy Geisha
 Small Bracelets (right side) → Little Mizz Kitty
Skirt → Hand-me-down (possibly also handmade?)
Tights → SweetieCakes
Hi-Tops → Everlast
Wand → Magical DoReMi Merchandise

Phew! So much... @____@;; I've noticed it's a lot easier to put lots of hairclips onto a wig rather than natural hair~! Also somehow, I think it looks better too.. less flat.♪ I love wearing my seifuku tops under things like dungarees and sweaters, because the collar sits really nicely on top!♥ I think the only thing this outfit needs it a super cute pair of wings ww♪ There's also a tutu I'd really like, but I'll get that some other time. Have you seen the backpacks with angel wings that you can change~? I think one of those would look cute! Otherwise, it's a job for my trusty randoseru!♥♥

 I think the sparkles and bubbles and cute filter finishes the outfit off really well heehee~~ \(///v///)\♪
The whole outfit is also really warm in the cold!♥ I have a cute fluffy hood that would go really well with this if it was even colder~ brr~ >O<;; It sure is peachy that my phone case matches the outfit.♪♪

Close up!♪♪ The skirt is made from a fabric with My Little Ponies on~!♥ It sits really well on top of my Bodyline petti.♪

Another close up♪ You can see the Pinkly Ever After badge~ (*^O^*)♥


 Power: OFF♪ 

Relaxing with Captain Martin Alpaca~♪

Power: ON! 

Magical Girl Info~

Name: Amai
Occupation: Student
Unique Powers: Bubblegum and Cotton Candy powers!♥
(Bubblegum bubbles can trap people and explode~ boom! Cotton candy can heal~♪)
Generic Powers: Flying, boosted agility, can quickly analyse/deduce things. 
Special Items: Wand, Randoseru that never runs out of space, Magic Phone
Height: 5'1"
Weaknesses: Lacks strength, lacks capacity for delayed gratification (ww), cries too much, can think too much, clumsy.
Colour: Cotton Candy Pink
Favourite food: Bubblegum flavour jelly beans, mac n cheese, yakisoba.

(Sorry for my sucky editing skills.. OTL) These piccies were really fun to make though~♪

You can see the details of the tights here~♥ They'e so cute! (and comfy♥)


Being a magical girl is hard work, but very rewarding!♥ Too bad it's not an actual career choice ww... Back to studying for now haha~!♪♪ I've been really enjoying my studying recently though, which is great. :3 ♥ I hope you liked my outfit~!♪ And I hope you don't mind that I decided to go a bit crazy with it~ (*^O^*;;;)♥♥ Have a wonderfully magical day and a dreamy night~! Charge up those powers!♥

Love, Amai♥


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