Saturday, 14 September 2013

♥I won a giveaway~!!♥


 Heyo again everybunny~!♪ I hope you don't mind me making another post today heehee~ (*^ ^*;)♥ 
Recently, I won a giveaway hosted by PastelCutie~!♥♥ The prize was a cat dress from Brave Store~♪ 
(The dress is still available in the shop, and you can use Jane's discount code "PASTELCUTIE" for 10% off~!)


I've actually been wanting a dress like this for ages~~!♥ So when I got a message from her on tumblr congratulating me on winning, I was superly surprised and happy~!♥♥ I've seen a few people with these, and they always lookie so pretty and cute~!(*^O^*)

The measurements for the dress are as follows:
Bust: 88cm (Mine → 76cm)
Waist: 70cm (Mine → 58cm)
Length: 77cm
 It also has a side zip~♪ (But I can slip mine on and off ww)


♥ Here's how it looks on me~!♥



Dress → Brave
Shoes, Petti → Bodyline
Wig → Taobao
Handbag → River Island
Tights, Hairbows, Jacket → Offbrand

I did a kitty ear hairstyle to match the cat theme~!♥ I love this hairstyle, I should do it more often! (*^ ^*)♪ The dress is quite big on me, I was thinking it would be shorter after seeing photos of it on other girls heehee~ but it actually looks really cute with a light petti underneath~!♥♥ When it gets colder, I'm sure matching a white blouse or cutsew with it will make it warm and cute!


Even though it's a little big, it's very comfy~♥ The material is soft and the gauze-ish sort of material at the top isn't scratchy or irritating~(^O^)b As the top around the cat face is see-through, I think the best thing to wear underneath is either a plain white bra or even better, a plain white strapless bra so it doesn't clash~
The bow is detachable, so you can pin it anywhere or even just not use it if you wish~♪ I gave my cat a bowtie~!♥

This is the petti that I wore underneath. It's very light but still poofs a little~♪

I love this wig and hairstyle heehee~ (*QvQ*)♥♥


So a big big super thankies to Jane and Brave Store~!♥ I'm so so happy that I won the giveaway, I love the dress so much~! (*^ ^*)♥♥♥ Again, thankies so much~!♥
And a big thankies to you, too~ thankies for reading! ♥ I hope you've enjoyed this blog post, and my outfit!♪♪ Tomorrow I'll be reviewing my Bodyline shoes as well as doing a small outfit challenge at the same time!♪ Have a supersweet day and a dreamy sweet night~!♥

Love, Amai


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  1. How cute ^///^
    I wish I was as lucky as you. I never won a giveaway so far ._.


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