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♥JBox Package! Study Materials etc~♥


Super happy Saturday everybunny~! Even though it was Friday 13th yesterday, I actually had a pretty lucky day heehee~ I hope your day was happy and lucky too~!♥ Today I'm making a quick post on everything I recently ordered from Jbox~!  (There's also JList, but please keep in mind that's it's the 18+ version of JBox!)


♪What I Ordered♪

You might remember from my recent buys post, but here's a quick recap~!♪


♥CoroCoro subscription♥Pokemon Exercise Book♥
♥Learn Hiragana with Pokemon!♥Kanji Practice Book (240 characters)♥

♪I placed my order on August 17th. I chose Registered SAL shipping~ It says it takes longer but I've never had any really long waits! (And because it's cheaper, I can order more ww) I always always get "Registered" when I order things though, so I can track them! (They're also insured.)
♪On the 18th I got an email saying my order was being prepared!
♪On the 20th, I got another email saying that my order had been sent!(*^O^*) I also got my tracking number~
♪And then on the 5th August, the package arrived~!♥♥


 ♪Let's See Everything~!♪

Here's the package!♪ It was nicely taped up so everything was safe~

Inside the box was a pair of anime eye glasses and my books packed neatly into a plastic packet~♪

Here it is~!♥♥ Everything is so colourful♪

First up, CoroCoro~! It came with free gifts → a small manga book, and what seems to be a poster and trading card from a series featured in this volume~!♪
 (Prepare for many strange photos! CoroCoro always features really strange, funny, quirky series www)

When you open the cover... more free gifts~! One is missing from here though eheh...(^ ^;;;) I had taken the Pokemon poster out before I had a chance to take a photo heehee~♥

Here it is in all its glory on my wardrobe!♥♥ I'm hoping as I buy more magazines and things, I can cover it in lots of super awesome posters~!♪
(You might have seen this poster peeking out from behind my mirror in my last blog post www)

 I'm pretty sure everyone has seen these pictures now but ahh Pokemon~ (*QvQ*)♥♥

Kirby manga~!♥ (It's super cute~♪)

There's a page with a recipe for ice cream with mushroom shape biscuits in it! There's a really crazy guy with a cake hat on there too ww He lookies really excited for ice cream heehee♪

Animal Crossing manga~! It's got the kawaiiness of AC with the weirdness that comes with a lot of the series in CoroCoro ww~

This page... I actually haven't got a clue what's going on but I made it bigger so you can appreciate it more haha~♪ I'm so confused!

Super Mario manga~! You can also see some Isabelle ww

Pokemon manga~! Though this isn't the Pokemon Adventures manga, this one involves Red (I think?) and a what seems to be a moody Pikachu and rude Clefairy.♪

 And lastly, Doraemon~!♪
Of course, CoroCoro contains a lot more than just the series I've shown above! These were just the ones I recognised.(*^ ^*)

This is the Pokemon Hiragana book~!
It's a little workbook that teaches you how to write all the hiragana~♪ However, it doesn't teach you the translations. I got this as a gift for Josh since he's off to uni~! It'll be something nice to do when he's bored, plus Pokemon is one of his favourite things.♥ 

On the first page there are stickers and a pull out hiragana chart!♪
(And just as a note, the stickers have Solosis, Duosion, and Reuniclus~!♥♥ Three of my favourites~ my Reuniclus is called Pon♥)

Here's the full poster~♪

Here's an example of what the pages look like! Each hiragana has an accompanying word and picture of a Pokemon relating to the given word~!♥ (It's so cute~) So for あ, the word is "ame", which is rain! い is isu - chair, う is umi - ocean, and え is Erufuun - Whimsicott!♥ As "Erufuun" is usually written in katakana (エルフーン), it has little katakana next to the hiragana!♪

Each of the hiragana have a circle like this, or a little square next to them, which corresponds to a sticker from the front!♪ Of course, I chose this one because it's the silhouette for the Reuniclus sticker~ ♥

This is the exercise book I bought~!♥ It's really cute~♪

I'm not quite sure what this is, but it's on the inside of the front cover and on the first page. There's also something similar at the back. When I get better at Japanese, I'll be able to find out~!

Inside, the pages are plain grids for kanji practice~!♥

Here are the back covers of the hiragana book and the exercise book. ♪

This is the kanji practice book~!♪ It's aimed at school pupils in Japan, so there's no English (this is the same for the Pokemon hiragana book). So rather than outright learning Japanese-English, it's useful for practicing stroke order and keeping things neat~!♪ You'll either need a dictionary to translate, or use it alongside a resource that teaches kanji.

On the inside of the front cover, there's an introduction on how to use the book. There's also a pull out poster featuring all the kanji in the book, and which page to find them on~♪

Here's a view of the whole poster.

Before the book introduces kanji, it takes you through both hiragana and katakana.♪

Here's an example of the kanji pages~! First it has the kanji, and how it should be written. Then in hiragana and katakana, it has the ways in which each kanji can be read. It then takes you through the correct stroke order step by step, and then there's space for practice! (*^ ^*)


And that's everything I bought from JBox/Jlist~!♥ There are lots of other things I want to buy, but I have to save up first... (*^*;;;) 
I hope you enjoyed it~! It made a change from all the outfits, right?♪ Thankies so much for reading~♥ Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥♥ See you soon for more reviews~ yay~!♥

Love, Amai♥♥



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