Sunday, 29 September 2013

♥Recent Buys 2!♥

 Happy weekend everybunny~!♪ September is coming to a close.. I didn't do a lot this month, but that's good because October is going to be incredibly busy!♪ Recently I bought more cute things~!♥ Though not as much as last month, because I needed to buy a 3DS XL this month ww~ Also, I got CoroCoro too because it's on subscription~♥♥ 
Let's take a lookie at everything!♪


 I was so happy after my magazines from last month~!♥♥ I couldn't buy as many this month, but I got Chara Parfait (Comic and Puzzle) and Pucchi Gumi again~! They were my favourites~♥♥ I also bought Ciao!, which is magazine filled with cute manga and cute gifts~! There's also a lot about Aikatsu! apparently~!♥ I can't wait to see what this magazine is like~♪ My review of the magazines from last month will be up very soon!





A smaller Taobao order than last time~ I was going to get another wig or two, but decided it might push up shipping costs too much. (^ ^;;;) I'm really hoping to buy at least one more next month though~! Now I've started the whole wig thing I can't stop ww~

 Josh and I really love bulldogs, so I bought two of these~!♥♥ One for him, one for me~ and if the measurements are anything to go by, I'll be able to wear it as an almost dress-top with a cute tutu underneath~♪ 

This is to match the bulldog top~!♥ I need red shoes and socks and a tutu now ww~♪

I've been wanting this cute top for a while now~♥ I find it so much easier to find tops I like rather than skirts and shorts I like though... OTL;;

Winter ahead means I need jackets~! This lookies pretty thin so it'll be really good for layering during the cold months, and a nice light jacket during spring and summer~♥ 

Remember the kitty dress I won~? I bought tights to match it~!♥♥

Just a simple seifuku top~♪ I don't have one in blue yet and this one is really cute!♥ Though on the measurements for the XS...  it says the bust is 90 cms! I'm expecting this to be quite (very very) baggy ww..

I bought this in white~!♪ It was really cheap and it'll be nice to have a simple but cute skirt in my wardrobe, plus it'll go with the blue seifuku top~!♥


 This month's spend wasn't so crazy, but that's a good thing~! ;; I'm running out of space and my furniture still hasn't been sorted out yet.. ;; Not to worry though~!♪ I hope you enjoyed this brief post~!♥♥ Thankies so much for reading~♥ There will be another post or two over the next few days, including my magazine reviews~! (*^ ^*)
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥


Love, Amai♥

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  1. I really want that Creamy Mami sweatshirt that you're ordering off Taobao. Is there any stores like Ebay that sell it? Or any other trusted English webstores that you could buy it from? Thank you~


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