Sunday, 22 September 2013

♥Bodyline Buys → Outfit Challenge!♥

Heyo yo yo everybunny~!♪ I hope you're well and happy~♥ 
I was going to make a post reviewing my new shoes from Bodyline sooner, but then the lovely SakuraKitten posted that she was selling a bunch of her old clothes~! To my surprise, she was selling 3 things that I've been wanting for a while now, but they've been out of stock...;; So I snapped them up as soon as I could!♥
Today's post is a review of everything, as well as an outfit challenge~!♪♪ I challenged myself to do something different with my outfits~!


Here's a quick lookie at what I bought!♪

From Bodyline website→

In pik-owh ♪

 In pik♪

From SakuraKitten→

In pink♪

In pul♪

The pink isn't shown here but this is the only stock photo I could find ;;


 ♥The Shoes♥

 I decided to buy shoes from Bodyline because they have my size and most of all the flat rate shipping means the cost isn't affected by heavy shoes~ yay~!♥

The shoes were packed into a plastic bag
-sweats nervously-
Luckily they were wrapped in plenty of bubble wrapped so they were safe!♪


 I've never even tried rhs on before, so buying these was a bit of a gamble haha ;;
I love them though~!♥ The flowers on the front are a bit odd, they're made of felt or something similar? They're clips though, so they can easily be removed! I think they'll take some getting useful, but I feel so tall when I wear them haha~♪

 I needed a new pair of shoes that go with almost every outfit since my triple bow heels are on their way out, and these are just lovely~! (I think when I have more money I'll buy another pair of the bow heels though ww..) They're a nice height and very comfy. ♥

And then the things I bought from SakuraKitten~~♪♪





♥Outfit Challenge!♥

♥The challenge is to put the Bodyline pieces to make outfits with something different! So for example using clothes I don't usually wear, or trying a different style~♥


♥Rocking Horse Shoes Outfit Rundown♥

Top, skinnies → offbrand
ShellieMay pochette → TokyoDisneySea (through eBay)
 Wig → Taobao
Shoes → Bodyline
Flower Crown → Miss Yama

I was going to do a Cult Party Kei sorta outfit, but I thought that would be too obvious! So I dug around my wardrobe and found my lovely floral skinnies that I never ever wear ww I'm sorry I lookie so chubby in this outfit.. ><;; The skinnies are quite unflattering but they're so pretty... ;____; I need to do a lot more exercise OTL I really did enjoy putting this together though, it was nice to try something different.♪




♥Little Bow Shoes Outfit Rundown♥

Dress, sweater, beret, socks → Offbrand
Shoes → Bodyline
Randoseru, wig → Taobao
Hairbow → Rara's Jewels

It might be pink, but the dress and sweater have been dug out from the scary depths of my wardrobe♪ The sweater is nice and long, so it gives the dress a dropped waist look~♪ So along with the bob and beret, I managed to make a look inspired by kawaii and the 1930s~!♥ (I love the 20s and 30s ;w; ) Though to make it better, I'd need a cute satchel or something instead of a randoseru haha ;;



♥Pink Tartan Playsuit Outfit Rundown♥

Playsuit, shoes → Bodyline
Socks, twintail bows → Offbrand
Wig → Taobao
Blouse → JillPunkxLoli

Spot what's different about this outfit!
Generally I keep away from thighhigh socks or knee high socks because of my chubby legs, but I think they really worked! I think here I have a sort of... idol look ww. But I can't dance or sing so I feel like a bit on an imposter haha. Just as a note, the hearts on the playsuit are pockets! Pockets! Pockets on a garment are always a reason to celebrate.♥ The playsuit is quite roomy on me, especially the bodice part, so I used some safety pins to try and pull it in a little. ;;



♥Polka Dot Skirt Outfit Rundown♥

Sailor collar top → Milklim
Eyeball bow → Kreepsville666 
Skirt & matching bow → Bodyline
Wig → Taobao
Bone hair clips → Rara's Jewels
Shoes, socks → Offbrand

I haven't really been able to coordinate this top in so long, so I'm so so glad I have this skirt that works really well with it~!♪ The bow could be attached to the skirt, but I saw my opportunity for a bow tie and took it.♥ (Plus the top looks quite plain without some sort of bow under the sailor collar) It's also creepy cute with the bone clips and eyeball bow~!♪ The waist on the skirt is elasticated, but sometimes it slips down a little because it's a little roomy and also a little heavy ww

Close up of one of the bone clips! They kept hiding behind my fringe. ;;



♥Bunny Jacket Outfit Rundown♥

Jacket, shoes → Bodyline
Hairbows, legwarmers, gloves → Offbrand
Top, skirt → Bobon21
Wig → Taobao

I'm hoping to get some boots to match this outfit for winter ww...
It's been getting pretty cold lately so I've been hunting around for a super cute or or something... anything cute and warm! This jacket was also on my "dream list" so... very very happy!♥ The heart on the front is a pocket, and it's big enough for my iPhone!♥ These legwarmers have been lurking in my sock drawer for months and I've never actually worn them... same with the gloves haha.. OTL This is my first kawaii winter outfit~ yay! I need to get some thick tights and long sleeve tops ready for layering! I think it's going to be another really chilly winter..;;



♥Bonus: Striped Socks Outfit Rundown♥ 

Top → Offbrand
Bloomers → Bobon21
Socks → Angelic Pretty
Shoes → Bodyline
Bracelet → Chocomint
Bow hair clip → Bowkuma

I was looking through my sock drawer and dug out these socks ww~ I got them at Frock On! in my Super VIP lucky bag~!♥♥ I think every Super VIP got a small brand gift and I was super lucky and got sock from my favourite brand!♥♥♥ I'm glad I realised that they match my bloomers!♥ I think they're supposed to be knee length though eheh..;; I'm glad they don't look too bad on my legs! (^ ^;;; )




I don't think I did too badly at the challenge~!♥ I superly duperly hope you enjoyed seeing the outfits~!♪ There are still one or two reviews to come~ mainly my magazine review~! www It's very exciting, I just ordered more magazines today too♥ They really help with learning Japanese, even though there's a lot I don't understand at all. ;; I hope you'll look forward to it~!♥ Thankies so much for reading♥
Have an absolutely wonderful day and a dreamy night everybunny~!

Love, Amai♥



  1. ahh, I always love your outfits. And I think you never look chubby :)
    Also, would you do a make-up tutorial on how to achieve eye make-up like yours? :D

  2. If you ever say you have chubby legs again I will throw myself out my window!! You have some of the nicest legs I've ever seen and I would sell my soul for a body like that! If your legs are chubby, then I must be a behemoth compared to you, haha!

    All that aside, you are one of the cutest girls I've ever seen, and you rock it! Keep being adorable :)

  3. I don't want to sound like a concerned mother or anything xD, but I think you may have some body image issues. I love reading your blog and you are absolutely adorable. You aren't even close to being chubby, like at all! ;_; It's alright to work out and things like that but at a healthy level. If you wanna just talk or you are ever feeling bad please don't hesitate to shoot me a message at <3

  4. I agree with Tabitha. While I believe you to have a divine body, you're far too concerned with your weight. It makes other girls feel awful in comparison as others are overweight. I love your blog, it's fun and cute to see these outfits that I'll never fit but yeah, I think you should consult someone if you really feel chubby.

  5. Ur perfect as u are I understand wanting to be healthy but u are far from fat or chubby u have a body Sooo many girls dream of having babe ur not fat at all we love u and ur perfect inside and out

  6. Ur perfect as u are I understand wanting to be healthy but u are far from fat or chubby u have a body Sooo many girls dream of having babe ur not fat at all we love u and ur perfect inside and out


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