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♥Weekend with Bro! Report!♥


Happy December everybear!♥ (⌒▽⌒)☆ Gosh, it's not long until Christmas.♪ I'm very excited! Though I'm not sure that my huge Christmas Taobao haul will arrive in time ww. I have many many blog posts on the way. (@ v @;;) I would have posted more recently, but I've lacked a lot of energy and still... ill, arrgh.. I will do my best to get more energy though!(`・ω・´)” Yes yes! Today's post will be fairly short, but there will be lots of photos, hooray!♥

I managed to get happy energy to spend the weekend (30/11-01/12) with my bro Brian from the US! Of course, he's not my real bro, but he's my bro ww ∩( ・ω・)∩ He visited England for the first time ever!♪ On the 30th, I visited him in London (where he was staying) and on the 1st, he visited the city near me. ( ^▽^)

In London we did loadsa shopping! I wore kawaii OTT (Headbow + mini bow, doughnut top and Milklim sweater, My Little Pony skirt and petti, and tights + socks) for the day, but I left very early and it was too dark for an outfit photo, sorry.. ;v; We went to places such as the Trocadero, Selfridges, Hamley's, and the giant Primark because you have to experience Primark in England. -shot- Hamley's was amazing but incredibly busy! ;-; I spent a lot of time in the Hello Kitty section, and a little girl was very interested in my outfit! Her mum said she thought I was the real Hello Kitty! I was very honoured and flattered♥ -blushy blush- (*´ω`*)

Before I had to go home, we went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! It was amazing, but very expensive and busy so we just looked around. I did try a couple of the carnival games though! ;w; ♪ There was also a giant ferris wheel, ice skating, a circus, rollercoasters, big fairground rides, a big Christmas market, carnival food... so much!♥ It would be perfect for a date though! So Josh and I are going to save up to go next year together on a happy lovelove winter date~(*´д`*)♥♥ 

Below are some photos that Bro took!♪


 On the Sunday, Bro visited me! We went shopping and I showed him around the city.♪ And and and... he tried Dairy Milk for the first time! So now I have to send him boxes and boxes of it ww. He also tried Irn Bru for the first time too.♪ For lunch we went to a really awesome restaurant called Ed's Easy Diner, I thought Bro would like it and I was right! He kept singing along to the Elvis songs ww, it was really silly.♪ It was also fun to learn about different things in the US! I want to visit there someday.♪

Eliza & Bro! 
We remembered to take a selfie just before I had to go home on the Sunday ww I decided to wear the hat he bought me because it matched my cat print shorts and sweater.♪
Sorry I lookie so tired, I was starting to feel unwell after such a busy day and weekend so when I got home I slept for hours and hours ww


Goodies from the Weekend!♥

After the two days, I had a lot of new things! I'm very lucky for the gifts that Bro kindly got me~ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Cat ear bowler hat! 
It's super dapper!♥ I also got a cute outfit, but I'll keep that for a super duper outfit post heehee~♪

I almost cried in the middle of the shop because Woobat and Axew are two of my favourites. ♥ (ノω ; *) I named them after the same Pokemon in my Pokemon X team → Axew = Sentinel (Shiny) Woobat = Aphrodite♥♥

This is the teddy that I won at the Winter Wonderland!♥ I haven't named it yet, I wonder what it should be!♪

Giant plushie Nala!♥♥ She's soooo big and squishy and she's nice to cuddle and calm down with... (*QωQ*)♥ She sits next to my pillow♪

This Hello Kitty notebook is from Hamley's.♥ I'll use it in the next semester of Japanese classes~♪

Big stationery haul from ArtBox in Selfridges!♥ 

Mini bear memo pad~O(≧∇≦)O♥

Alpaca sticky notes~!♥ I use sticky notes so much with my studying ww ( ; ω ;)♪

Stickers!♥ Including Alice in Wonderland stickers because Alice having Alice things is very fitting ww♪♪

♪Sticker sack 1♪

♪Sticker sack 2♪

♪Sticker sack 3!♪

And lastly, a very very cute letter set so I can write even more letters! (*>∇<*)♪

I hope you enjoyed this post♥ Thankies so very much for reading~ m(_ _)m 
I have another SpreePicky review coming up, recent buys (which I'm still putting together a little!), and a review for something else~!♥ I hope you'll lookie forward to them. (o´ω`o)♪ Feel free to also check out my new Pokemon and Affiliate pages which can be found at the top! I need to add a lot more to the Pokemon page though, because I have a lot up for trade.♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybear!♥ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 


Love, Elizabunnii♥

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