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♥Sponsored Review: KawaiiGoods!♥


 Happy happy holidays everybunny~!♥♥ Wow next week is Christmas and even though I have no decorations or anything (and my family hasn't got the tree up yet) I'm really looking forward to all the snacks my parents have bought and spending a day in my Panda kigu and opening some super awesome presents ww.♪ So in short, I'm not really in a festive mood, more the mood for hibernation. OTL ♥
Today I'm super excited and happy to be doing a review for the uber cute...
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The lovely owner of the store, Claud, contacted me on my facebook about reviewing some of her products, and of course I was happy to do so and I felt so honoured to do a sponsored review! m(_ _)m♥♥♥ I was really excited to get the review package, which she sent out on the 12th December. She also gave me a tracking number! So I was able to follow my package as it was on its way~♪♪ On the 19th, it happily arrived! So it took just a week to get here, which was wonderful!♥

So first of all, a super big big thankies to the lovely Claud for sending me such lovely things to review! (*QωQ*)♥♥


The envelope had no damage at all!♪

Inside was a box, which contained the products!♥ It's super good because they were safe inside.♪

Ta-daaa! A lovely bundle of kawaii!♥♥

Each product had its own little bag, and the necklace was inside a sparkly little pouch.♥ Claud also included a really really cute illustration sticker, a lovely note, and a card!♥♥ I can't wait to get a sticker album to put the little illustation sticker and the rest of my collection inside!♪

The note is so so sweet~(*´∀`*)☆ Reading it made me so happy!♥

Here's a close up of the sticker and card!♥

♪So what's in those magical bags~?♪

♥A winged unicorn two way clip♥

The unicorn has such a cute bowtie!♥ I love how the wings shine in different colours as the light catches them.♥ The resin is also sparkly and glittery and the unicorn's eye also shines prettily.♪

The wings, bowtie, and clip parts are all attached very securely! You can also see in this photo that the edges are very neat.♪

♥A melty moon two way clip♥

Oh gosh this is just so so cute!♥♥ I love space themed things!♥(*≧▽≦)

If you look carefully next to the pink star, you can see smaller stars imprinted in the resin.♪♪ There's also a little heart jewel.♥ I love love how the resin is gradiented from pink to purple, and is sparkly and glittery like the unicorn!♥ The melty parts are also very neat.♪

The pearl chain is very pretty, and also secure!♪ The little star at the end is super cute~

Here's the back of the clip! Both clip parts are very securely attached, and like the unicorn clip, the edges of the resin are smooth and not jagged in any places.♪

♥A fluffy moon two way clip♥ 

This is adorably fluffy heehee~(●´∀`●)♥ and the colours are so soft and pastelly.♥♥

The bear and bow details are so very cute.♥♥ The little bear has a bowtie!♥

It was hard for me to get a good photo, but the safety pin is transparent and pinkish~!♪

Since the clips are attached to the fluffy part, they don't feel as secure as the clips attached to resin, but they still seem fairly secure!

♥A pink heart unicorn necklace♥

I was very very happy when I saw the white chain! I think it's paint or something similar, but either way it's not metal so there's no chance it will react with my skin.♪ (My skin reacts badly to some metals ;o; )

Just like the melty moon, the necklace has a lovely pink to purple gradient!♥ The resin is also sparkly, and has cute larger pieces of glitter inside as well as stars and stickers!♥♥ The unicorn is super cute! Well.. everything is super cute!♪

If you look closely, there an indented heart about 1cm in.♪ It's not very noticeable, but I thought it added a nice little touch. The chain is securely attached and the edges are smooth and neat.♥

After looking through all the products and taking photos of them, I could't wait to try them on!♥♥ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
Here's a photo of the cards that the melty moon and fluffy moon clips were attached to.♪ I thought they were really pretty ww.♥

Wearing the Products♥

Outfit Rundown♥

Accessories → KawaiiGoods
Seifuku top, Tights → SpreePicky
Skirt → My mum made it for me!♥
Shoes, Headbow → Bodyline
Wig → eBay

All of the lovely accessories made me feel so magical~! So I decided to go for a magical schoolgirl look (like the one on my previous review!) but with my new magical girl skirt!♥♥ I clipped the melty moon two way clip to my seifuku bow, and clipped the unicorn two way clip to my headbow.♪ They both stayed in place perfectly.♥

The accessories would also go really well with fairy kei, pastel goth, and lolita styles!♥ This time I chose to match them with a mahou kei outfit, because of all the lovely lavender tones!A colour themed outfit, like in PreCure and such! (⌒▽⌒)☆ But of course you'll see these pop up in my other outfits heehee♪

It was really fun taking magical photos ww...♪

It's cute! The unicorn's horn pokes between the headbw like "Justice!" and "Cute power!"♪

This time I wore the necklace and wore the melty moon clip in my hair!♪


It's the teeny star!♪ This clip is really comfy worn, even though it's on my wig. I tend to not wear my star dangly clips in my hair because they're quite puffy and I find it a little awkward, but this moon is nice and flat so it doesn't bother me!♥

The necklace is big enough to be noticeable, but not too big and heavy! I prefer big, noticeable necklaces like this because you can see it! ww~ I've never been fond of wearing jewellery that's teeny and tiny and can't be seen... (so as a result I very rarely wear necklaces) OTL I think I'm the sort of person that would like to be proposed to with a big custom made pink glittery resin ring that cost £30 tops ww...



Time for the fluffy moon!♥ Even though it's bigger than the melty moon, I found it's lighter. ♪
I don't think I could ever be as tough as those girls who are able to pile lots of pretty things on their heads (I tend to get a headache after only a short while.. ><;; ).. so for me, these clips have the right amount of kawaii for an outfit and aren't heavy or uncomfy!♥♥

**Sneak peek at a certain sweater ww...**

These clips are super good because the alligator clip parts aren't visibe when they're worn! Visible clips really bother me ;;; It also sits really nicely on my wig.♥♥


And lastly... here's all the accessories in one outfit!♥♥ I'm... really super happy with how it turned out heehee.. ( ;///ω///;)♥

The unicorn actually stays on my fringe really securely, it's wonderful!♥ I often don't like putting clips on my fringe like that but this stays in place.♪



All of the sparkles put me in a little more of a festive mood ww~☆ I hope you enjoyed the review!♪ I had lots of fun wearing all the cute accessories and taking fun photos.♪ Once again, a big thankies to Claud, the owner of KawaiiGoods, for sending me such lovely things!♥
Coming soon are two more sponsored reviews, December's Kawaii Monthly review, Christmas haul, and my 2 part Taobao Haul. (⌒▽⌒)☆ Not necessarily in that order though heehee.♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybear.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


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