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♥Sponsored Review: Sweet Spirits♥


Happy New Year everybunny~! ♥♥ I hope 2014 has started wonderfully for you all.♪ I've had a happy start, though I've been quite ill and busy with various family arrangements.. (*´; ω ;`*) As a result, I must apologise for my lack of activity, and the lateness of this post. m(_ _)m I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, which I'm a little scared about... ; -;'' Hopefully things will be peachy though.♪


Today's review is a sponsored review for the super kawaii and colourful store Sweet Spirits!♥
I'm very happy and honoured to be one of the new sponsored bloggers for the store! (*^ ^*)♥♥ 
Thankies so much for kindly sponsoring me and sending me such cute items♥(*´ω`*)

Click the image to visit the store, or click here to visit the Sweet Spirits facebook page! ♪
If you like the Sweet Spirits facebook page, you can keep up to date with releases and also see new discout codes~♪♪
Sweet Spirits sells many cute accessories for styles such as fairy kei, creepy cute, and lolita such as rings, necklaces, hair clips and bracelets.♥
Shipping is worldwide, so you can purchase wherever you are.♪♪

My package was sent out on December 15th, and arrived on December 23rd, just before Christmas!♪


The envelope was securely sealed and arrived without damage!

Everything arrived in cute decorated bags! A large and small magnet were also included.♥

Here is everything I was kindly sent!♥♥ (*^▽^*) It's all so cute, I was so happy when I opened the bags.♥

These are the magnets, the graphics on them are gorgeous! (*^O^*)♪

This transparent Barbie bow is super cute! I love love Barbie, and the beads inside are really cute! It's quite different to any other accessory I have.♪

There's a clip attached securely to the back of the bow and thanks to the Barbie cabochon on the front, it can't easily be seen! Sadly because of how heavy it is, it wouldn't stay in my hair easily, but it stays on clothes and headbows that I clip it to!♥

This cherub bow is gorgeous.♥ It's very well made and I love the addition of the little gold star.

This bow is exactly like the cherub bow, except it has a bunny and a little gold bow attached!♥ It also has a bow tie, which is super cute ww♥♥

The bows each have a small clip, which is great because they don't show at all when worn!♥ (Clips that are too big bother me...;; ) They're very secure and sit in my hair very comfortably. I might try wearing one as a bowtie sometime.♪

 Maybe you already know (or.. you probably do so sorry for repeating but...) I love space themed things!♥ I also love that this necklace has a cute plastic chain that matches the lilac melting moon~♪♪

The melting moon is made of glittery resin and has a solid background.♪

There's a little rocking horse decoration on the chain!♥ It matches the ring I got~♪

The clasp of the necklace has a tiny lilac moon!♥ It's such a lovely detail.

At the back of the necklace, you can see where the moon is attached to the chain. It's attached very well and feels very secure!♪

This necklace is so so very gorgeous! (*QωQ*) ♥♥ I'm quite into gold and creamy colours at the moment, for outfits when I don't quite want to do fairy kei or super kawaii etc.

The rocking horse is so pretty ahh ; ω; ♥ The saddle and rocking part are painted gold and there's a cute little gold heart on the horse.♪ It's made from lilac resin with blue glitter in.

There's a little Eiffel tower and lilac heart on the chain!♥ It's a really really lovely detail.♪

The rocking horse is securely attached to the chain, and the little attachment part is a star!♪ When worn it won't be seen, but it's still a nice little detail.

Lastly is a cute little rocking horse ring!♥ It's made from glittery light blue resin with some larger pieces of glitter inside. It's simple but very cute!♪

The ring is adjustable and the ring is attached to the rocking horse very well.♪

Worn Photos♥

For this review, I put together two outfits to go with the accessories!♪ The first is very fairy/mahou kei, and the second is more gyaru/himekaji!♥ I hope you like them.♥♥

♥Cute Outfit♥
♥Outfit Rundown♥ 

Accessories (bow, ring, necklace) → Sweet Spirits
Sweater, Tights → Taobao
Sailor bloomers → SpreePicky
Shoes, Chest bow → Bodyline
Magical girl badge → Pinkly Ever After
Headbow → Angelic Pretty
Bracelet → Chocomint

Because the Barbie bow wouldn't stay in my hair because it's a little heavy, I attached it to one of my Angelic Pretty headbows!♥ It makes it stand up perfectly.♪ It's possible to clasp the necklace so that it looks more like a choker! I thought it looked quite mahou kei that way.♪ The lilac also perfectly matches my Sailor Moon sweater!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ♥♥

I think the accessories would work in a more casual outfit, so maybe the sweater without the bow and badge with pink jeans or a more casual skirt, with the Barbie bow attached to a tote bag!♥

The ring is adjustable, but fits very comfortably anyway!♥ It's cute and noticeable, but not too big either so it doesn't get annoying of uncomfy.

Here is the necklace worn longer, instead of being worn like a choker.♪ It's very lightweight, and not to long either.

Photo with Snoopadoo my Gloomy Panda, because she matched the outfit a little ww♥

♥Elegant Outfit♥

♥Outfit Rundown♥

Accessories → Sweet Spirits
Three piece dress, Boots, Wig → Taobao

I thought that the necklace and bows would be really sweet in a more elegant outfit inspired by gyaru and cult party kei♥ The bows both clip very nicely to the wig and also my natural hair.♪ They work better on the wig than my natural hair though because my hair is too light. ; v;" The necklace is very light and sits comfortably over the fur collar or underneath it. 


The bows sit very nicely on the wig, they don't move around annoyingly even when I'm walking around! I wouldn't put them up against the wind though ww;; 

 Close up of the bows!♥ They're so pretty~!♥♥

Close up of the necklace too~♪♪ 

I'm glad the ties on the collar are black, it makes the necklace stand out more♥

Full outfit shots.♥

Thankies so so much for reading my review!♥ I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed seeing the lovely accessories! (*^O^*) Once again, thankies so much to Sweet Spirits for sponsoring me and sending me such lovely products to review♥ m(_ _)m
Upcoming reviews include my 2 part Taobao haul, another two sponsored reviews, another accessory review and some recent buys!♥ (I need to catch up after being ill recently and such.. ; v;) I hope you look forward to seeing them! (*^ ^*)♥♥ I'm also working on a new ameblo/Candy to practice my Japanese.♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybear.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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  1. Lovely review Eliza!! Adorable items for an adorable girl~ And the gyaru look suits you very well! ^^


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