Tuesday, 14 January 2014

♥Sponsored Review: Panda Shop!♥


 Happy Tuesday everybunny~! Actually Tuesday is almost over, but let's look forward to Wednesday. ♥ I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. c: Today I'm super happy to bring you a sponsored review for the adorable Panda Shop! ♪♪

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Panda Shop sells lots of  kawaii handmade accessories such as necklaces, decoden cases and rings!
Thank you so much for sending me so many adorable things to review. (*^O^*) ♥


My package was sent out on December 17th and it arrived on December 23rd!♪

The enveloped arrived undamaged and safe!

Inside were two little bubblewrapped packets, so they were protected from damage.

Both of the packets contained a lot of super cute items!♥ I couldn't wait to open them up and see everything. ♥♥ Each packet also contained a cute business card.


Here is everything I received!♥ Six rings, two necklaces and a hairclip. ♥♥

First up, the star necklace!♥ I love it soooo so much. ; ω; ♥ It's a cute biscuit star! The texture is so realistic, like a real chocochip cookie! It's also glittery.♥ The necklace has a metal chain, so I was a little worried about wearing it. If you also often have bad skin reactions to different metals, try painting the chain with clear nail polish!♪ I've done this with a lot of metal chain necklaces I have. (*^ ^*)

The back has a few little marks here and there, but it's not seen when worn anyway.♪ The pendant seems securely attached too.

The castle necklace is also really pretty!♥ The pastel blue is adorable.♪ I think my favourite out of the two is the star because.. space!♥ But the castle is so cute and I love fairy tale style things almost as much as I love space. The back is a little untidy, but of course it doesn't matter too much because it won't be seen when worn!^^

 This cookie clips is adorable omigosh~! >ω<♥ It's looks so so real! (Don't eat it if you buy one though ww) Just like the star, this is glittery too!♥♥ The clip is very securely attached and it sits comfortably in my natural hair, so it will also sit nicely on thicker wigs.^^

These rings are also so so very adorable! ; ω; ♥♥ There's a little castle, ice cream scoop, planet, marshmallow, cloud and biscuit! ♪ I think my favourites are the ice cream scoop and marshmallow ww The textures are really cute and realistic! (The marshmallow isn't squishy though, it just feels smooth like a marshmallow~)

The little cabochons are very securely attached to the rings, and the rings are also adjustable!♪ So I could get them to fit my small fingers ww I also painted the metal rings with clear nail polish. The backs of the rings are also really cute! You can see that a few of them have cute patterns.♪


Worn Photos♥

I went for a pink themed outfit, since the accessories are all pastel coloured and cute.♥ Though I think they would also go with more casual outfits! And of course they would match OTT outfits~♥♥


Both of the necklaces sit nicely near my seifuku bow.♥ They'll also look good over a sweater!

Sorry for my badly painted nails.. ; v;" I don't like wearing false nails OTL

 I'm thinking of changing the lilac in my fringe to pink this weekend ww..



I hope you enjoyed my review everyone!♥ Thankies so much for reading! (*^ ^*)♥ I still have a lot of upcoming reviews to do, as well as a new sponsorship or two to announce! (Definitely one, and maybe even two.♪) I also changed my room at the weekend, because I got a new bookshelf and my sister gave me a chest of drawers that she never uses!♥♥So maybe I'll do a room tour now that my room is sorted and looking nice ww.♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Thank you for this review!! Everything you got from this shop is super adorable! :3 I especially like the castle necklace~ the color is so nice ^^
    Would you be interested in following each other's blogs? :0
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. Awww you're too cute~



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