Tuesday, 28 January 2014

♥Recent Buys January 2014!♥

 Hello everybunny! ♥ I hope your week is lovely so far.♥ So far this month I've been busy getting lots of goodies hooray!♪ I'm not sure if I'll do blog posts on them all, unless you'd really like me to haha.^^; By the way, if you're ever interested in upcoming blogposts, you can find a list in my sidebar! It's not in any particular order though. Some of these are things that are here already, and some are things I'm waiting for in the magical mail!♪♪ As you will see, I'm trying different styles, and not just "kawaii".♪ I'm not moving away from it totally, but I'm enjoying experimenting with other styles.^^

♪Simple Clothes♪

I went to the Primark in the city to get some boyish clothes because I wanted them quick and I didn't want anything complicated... ; v; If you're not in the UK maybe you're not so familiar with it? It's a cheap clothing store, sometimes they sell really cute things but a lot of the stuff is really lame apart from the onesies. It's also usually super busy and really scary with so many people!! OAO;;; So I went at a time when it was super quiet like "sneak sneak" so I could comfortably shop without going wobble wobble and kaboom. QvQ♪


It's been quite a while since I bought anything simple ; v; When I get some spare time between sponsored reviews, I'll make a post of my boyish outfits!♪


I bought a selection of mini cup noodles from a seller on eBay! ; v; I have a weird hobby of trying different cup noodles haha..^^; I will be reviewing these in a few weeks when I next see Josh! We're going to have a mini noodle party and try them together.♥


I bought some more makeup when I got the boyish clothes in the city.♪ Shopping at super super quiet times is really very convenient and not so daunting. Qv Q♪

I bought these from Claire's for £8! Each Princess has a different flavour lip balm.♥ I only wanted one lip balm but got this set because Claire's sells single lip balms for £3.50!;;;

I treated myself t lots of new makeup.♥ I already have all of my basic things, but I've been wanting to try out some different makeup recently because I really want to improve!


I've been wanting to try false lashes for a long long time!♥ These are super cheap ones from eBay. Since I've never tried falsies before I didn't want to spend money on super nice ones and end up ruining them. ;; My friend also recommended I buy better glue and a false lash applicator! Prepare for a silly post of me attempting to wear them haha... ; v;


Kumamon Dagashi snack & candy selection!♪♪ I saw this on eBay while I was searching for Kumamon instant ramen, but there weren't any flavours that I like. ; -; Luckily I found this! Do you know who Kumamon is?♪ He's the uber famous mascot of the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan! There are lots of other yuru-kyara like Barysan and Funassyi and they're all so funny and adorable! ; v;♥



This is a Liz Lisa top that I stumbled upon on eBay! QvQ♥♥ I'm really into romagyaru and himekaji right now.♥ The sundress is "mon refrain"! The auction was only for the Liz Lisa top, but if you chose the buy now option, the seller added the sundress.♥ I really really can't wait to wear these. QvQ♥♥♥


My sister wanted me to order some things for her on CDJapan, so I also had a look around to see what I could add to the order and found this!!♥♥ It's a Liz Lisa mook, and comes with a Liz Lisa x MyMelody handbag & charm! ; w;♥♥ I'm so excited to get this.♪


♪More Snacks!♪

I won't say much about these because I'll be doing a yummy review of them! OvO But take a look!♪



I ordered all of these but I think I'm going to make another order this week haha... ; v;

I bought these in light brown to go with some of my romagyaru things! ♥

I really need a jacket for my ouji coords so I got this in black. c:

I got this cute basic top in white.♪

I really like this top! But not the weird tie. ;; So I'll remove that.^^;

And lastly, the super super lovely ouji shorts! ; v;♥♥♥ I bought these in black x white.♪

Thank you so much for reading!♥ I hope you look forward to all the upcoming reviews and outfit posts.♥ If you have any suggestions for styles or outfit themes for me to try, please let me know. ^^♥ I'm hoping to get some pastelgoth and kogyaru things soon.♥♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. where did you order all the food from? all those kit kat and melty kiss candies ;_;

  2. I love that blouse, but I always thought they were just selling the tie thing!! xD


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