Sunday, 2 February 2014

♥Sponsored Review: SpreePicky Galaxy Seifuku!♥

Hello everybunny!♪ Happy February.♥ January passed by really quickly, didn't it? Today I'm bringing you another SpreePicky review, so a big thank you to the lovely SpreePicky team for sending me another lovely product to review!♥ SpreePicky is a super cute storenvy store selling clothes, wigs and accessories! They're mainly kawaii & harajuku styles.♥ You can see my previous SpreePicky reviews here & here. If you follow their facebook or tumblr, you'll be able to stay up to date with their regular giveaways!♥♥

Use the code "elizabunnii" for 10% off any order over $30! (*^ ^*)♥

A couple weeks ago, SpreePicky asked me if I'd like to review their galaxy seifuku!

The set is $65 with free shipping!♥

  I was super excited and so very grateful, I love seifuku. ; ω; Actually including this new one, I now have 7 seifuku!♥♥ I chose the blue galaxy seifuku in XS.♪ SpreePicky sent out the package on 21st January, and it arrived on the 27th.♪ Sadly I wasn't in to receive it, so I picked it up on the 29th!


The seifuku is super cute and really soft too.♥ The print is really clear too! For me, it fits just right and the skirt length is perfect.♥ I like my tops to be a little baggy at least, and not tight. ; ω; This seifuku comes in many sizes, from XS to XL! There is also a purple version, and a long skirt/long sleeve version. ♪

The top and bow are actually seperate, but I added it for the photo.^^; The fabric between the collar and be opened up (it's velcro! c: ) and there is a side zip!

The skirt has an elasticated waist as well as a back zip and button.^^ It sits very comfortably and the pleats are really cute! ; v;

I really love navy, and sometimes I find some galaxy prints have too many colours so they're hard to coordinate, but I love this! ♥ The bow tie isn't adjustable, but fits perfectly around the sailor collar.♪ It's pretty cute how the back part of the bow is darker than the front. c:



Seifuku →SpreePicky
Wig → Taobao
Blazer → H&M
Bag → eBay
Socks, Legwarmers, Shoes → Offbrand

The seifuku is really comfy!♥ It fits really well, too. ; ω; I tried to do something kogal inspired!♥ I'll be getting a lot of kogal things soon.♥ I feel like gyaru styles work on me quite well? QvQ Or at least, I feel really happy wearing them!♥

I think it goes really well with the blazer and handbag! ; v; ♪ And the hi tops, somehow.^^;

Close up~!♪ I also bought these Hello Kitty glasses the other day ww.. they're easy to find on eBay. c:

I also tried false lashes for the first time, to try to do gyaru make!♪♪ I think it turned out pretty well.. ; v; I need to practice more though!♥

 I made my eyebrows tiny too!♪ I feel like maybe they suit me a bit more? ; o; I think the kogal style really works with this seifuku!♥ It would of course really suit oshare kei and more kawaii/cutesy styles, but I wanted to experiment and also jump the gun on trying kogal with what was in the depths of my wardrobe.♥


Once again, thank you so so much to SpreePicky for sponsoring me and sending me such a cute seifuku! I love it!♥♥ And thank you, too, for reading and also supporting me! ; v; I hope you'll look forward to more reviews and posts coming soon.♥ I'm afraid I'll be posting my circle lens review, because I tried to wear them this morning and after only being able to get one in, I felt really unwell and got dizzy and panicky. >< I'm so so sorry, I'm going to try them again next weekend though. ;;
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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