Thursday, 13 February 2014

♥Romagyaru Clothes!♥

Hello everybunny! 
Recently I've been really into gyaru fashion, specifically romagyaru (& kogal, but that's for another time ww).♥ As I've made the decision to move away from the large focus of my fashion being on lolita (and possibly even moving even more away from "kawaii" fashion), I've fallen in love with gyaru. I already wore himekaji at times; mainly outfits inspired by the brand Bobon21 which I love dearly. c: This post will be about two gorgeous romagyaru pieces I acquired recently from the brands Liz Lisa & Mon Refrain. ^^

What I bought♥

 I spotted this top on eBay when I was searching for Liz Lisa things.♥ It was an auction, but there was also a "buy it now" option. If you chose that, the seller would include a dress! Of course, I had to choose that option so in the end I got a gorgeous top and dress for around £32 including shipping.♥ The top fits really well and it's so pretty and flowy, I adore it!♥♥ It's supposed to be a baggy fit, though I think it's a little baggier than intended on my bust, but if we have a super hot summer again then this will be perfect for the warm weather.

The Liz Lisa logo is so pretty haha. ; u; I'm so happy to own my first LL piece!♥

 This dress is from a brand called Mon Refrain. I've only heard it briefly before and never looked into it, but getting this dress has really made me want to find out more.^^ It also came with a gorgeous shawl and still had all the tags attached.♥ It fits me absolutely perfectly, I really love it.♥♥

  I've always loved roses, so I was so so happy to see that the print was roses.♥ It's really delicate and pretty.



Butterfly top → Liz Lisa
Boots, Shorts, Wig → Taobao
 Tights → SpreePicky
Bear ears → Bodyline

 The top is so flowy and comfy to wear!♥ I decided to match it with my tweed shorts, but I'm sure it could look pretty with a layered miniskirt or long flowy maxi skirt too. Sadly I don't have any that I could try it with right now, but hopefully I will in the future!
When I first spotted it in the auction, I had a feeling it would work really well with my boots! ^^ I'd really like to get more gyaru style shoes soon.

I think this has sparked a big love for flowy butterfly tops. I never thought something like this would suit me but I feel like it works really well, I love it!♥ I have my eye on a few more.^^

When I made my bodyline order, I added a pair of the bear ears that they released recently.♥ I think they work pretty well with the outfit.^^ I'd like to try lots of clip in hair flowers and a flower crown sometime, maybe when I get a more floral butterfly top. c:

  I also wanted to see if my fake piercings would work, and I think they did. c: I've been practicing my gyaru make a lot, I'm really enjoying using false lashes.^^



Dress, Shawl → Mon Refrain
Tights → SpreePicky
Shoes → New Look
Wig → Taobao

The sleeves on this dress are super cute, because you can pop then over your shoulder a little, or have them as straps.♥ The shawl is lovely too, it's so so long, but I think it's supposed to be that way.^^;; I'm just worried about it touching the floor and getting damaged. Other than that, I feel like this dress fits me so so well.♥ I think that the empire line really suits me? I'm going to try to look out for more empire line dresses & shawls in the future.♥

The little handbag is my Liz Lisa x MyMelody handbag that came with my Liz Lisa mook.^^ I might make a post about it soon.♥ This dress and shawl reminded me of Dahlia Hawthorne from the Ace Attorney series, which is why I decided to wear the red wig.^^; Sadly I couldn't get her exact hairstyle (that would have been pretty funny) but I like how the flowyness goes with the shawl and dress. ; u;♥

For this outfit I decided to use some pearly (haha...) lipgloss.^^ I don't usually wear anything that stands out on my lips like really shiny lipgloss or lipstick or tint etc. but I thought something subtle might go with the dress and shawl. c: ♥


 ♪Silly Bonus♪

Since this outfit was inspired by Dahlia Hawthorne from the Ace Attorney series, I took some selfies with a slightly evil expression haha.^^;

  I feel like I just murdered someone and got away with it though haha...;;

Which outfit was your favourite? c: I can't decide on which I like more, but I'm really really looking forward to warm weather when I can wear these when I go out.♥ Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!♥ 
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. You look gorgeous. Thank you for posting about Mon Refrain especially. I had never heard of that brand, but I'll definitely have to check them out now.

    1. Thank you so much!♥♥ And you're welcome! I haven't had much luck finding out about them but I do hope you manage to find out some things!^^

  2. You look so cute! These clothes sit you so well and the wigs are very pretty~ Do more gyaru themed posts please ^^

    1. Oh gosh thank you so much! ; u; I'll be doing a lot more gyaru coords in the fture, I'm really in love with it.^^♥

  3. the evil expressions oddly suit you haha

    1. Aww thank you haha!♥ It was so fun to try them, I should be more evil in the future!♪

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