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♥Sponsored Review: Nerdy Little Secrets!♥

Good evening everybunny!♥ How are you?♪ The weather seems pretty awful all over at the moment, so I was glad to see some sunshine today. c: I'm so very happy to be bringing you reviews of some wonderful products over the next couple of weeks!♥
 Click the picture to visit the Etsy store! You can also follow the facebook page here.♪

Today I'll be reviewing an Etsy store called "Nerdy Little Secrets"! It's an adorable store selling cute accessories to suit styles from pastel goth to fairy kei.♥ I think some things like the angel wing hair clips would even suit styles like cult party kei. ^^ I'm so so happy to be sponsonsored by such a cute store (I've admired it for a long time ; u; ), thank you so much to the lovely owner Kenzie for sponsoring me!♥

Everything arrived safely sealed up in a bubblewrap lined envelope, and inside everything was wrapped up too to make sure it was extra safe!♥ Each product was individually packaged. I was so happy when I saw what was inside!♥♥


She also included a cute note and business card. ; u; ♥ I love it when shops include these things! Not only is it super cute, but it's lovely and personal too.^^ the Cinnamoroll envelope is super cute too.♥

Here is what I was sent!♥♥
(click the pictures to view the product!) 


I love Little Twin Stars!♥ I was so happy when I saw Kiki & Lala on the necklace. ♪ It's made out of resin and has lots of glitter inside. There's some cute lace glued to the back which is really cute.^^ It's really great that the chain is plastic, it suits the fairy kei look and I don't have to worry about possible allergic reactions.^^;

Close ups!♥ You can see all of the glitter inside. The lace is neatly and securely attached and so is the necklace chain. On the back is also a pin so it can be worn as a badge! It would look really cute on a bag or cardi.♪

 These bone clips are really sweet, I love the colour and the glitter inside.♥ I feel like they'll go with a lot of the clothes I wear!^^ The clips are nicely stuck on and aren't wobbly at all, and the edges of the resin are smooth and not jagged. I found they stayed in my hair and wigs comfortably without moving around or falling out.♪

These are super adorable!♥ I love cute things like horn hair clips and bow clips, especially for my natural hair.♥♥ These are really well made and I love how shiny they are!

The clips on the bottom are very securely stuck on, though they wobble a bit when worn in my natural hair. They stay in much better when wearing a wig!♪ I think it's because my hair is quite puffy and layered, so there isn't a lot to hold onto considering they're heavier and a different shape to the bone clips.


The teeny little bones in this ring are just adorable! ; u ; The lilac colour is really pretty, and the ring is adjustable too, and sits on my finger very nicely!♥ The edges are very smooth and there are no bumps, and there's only one small flaw in that one corner is missing a little lilac, but it's only noticeable on the back.^^


Lastly is this adorable deer ring. ; v; ♥♥ When I saw it, I knew what the perfect outfit would be for it!♥ It's very neatly made, and is glazed (I think? Or at least it's lovely and shiny!). This ring is adjustable too!♪ No part of it feels wobbly either, even though it looks a lot more delicate than the other pieces.^^
Worn Photos & Outfits♥
(Thanks to winter, the lighting is really strange, so I apologise for notso great photos ; ____; )

♪Devil Horns♪



Ring, Devil Horns → Nerdy Little Secrets
Fake piercings, Hi tops, Glasses → eBay
Top, Chain, Skinnies → Primark

 I guess this is a mono themed outfit? (And quite a neutral look, like neither girly nor boyish.) ♪ Except for my hair, I added pink and lilac to it!♥ I love how the horns point up a little, it's cute! You couldn't see the pointyness so much in my other photos, so I'm glad the worn photos do them more justice.♥



Ring, Devil Horns, Bone clip (on bow tie) → Nerdy Little Secrets
Skinnies → H&M kids
Bow tie → Burtons
Creepers, Glasses, Fake Piercings → eBay
Top → Primark

 This outfit is leaning towards pastel goth.♥ I'm yet to try the style properly though ahh.. ^^; Again, the horns and ring match the outfit really well!♥ The top and bow tie both have teeny skulls on, so I clipped one of the bones clips to the bow tie.♪

The colour of the ring wasn't far off my skinnies.♥ It's really cute & confy to wear.^^

 If I had more boyish clothes, I'd love to try out using different accessories with outfits!♥ I feel sad that guys are often made to feel like anything except "masculine" accessories like watches and such are no good. ><;; I hope that in the future, guys can feel like they can try many styles and accessories! c: Of course, there are guys who already do this, but I feel like society should welcome fashion whatever your gender or identity etc.^^


Bone clips, Badge (on pocket) →  Nerdy Little Secrets
Seifuku → SpreePicky
Bag, Tail keyring, Loose socks → eBay
Cardi → Cosmates
Shoes → Bodyline
Wig → Taobao

 The clips are so cute with kogal too!♥♥ I just had to try it.. ; u; kogal is one of my current favourite styles to wear (sorry for my chubby legs though ; o; ).♥ It's super comfy & cute.♪ The bone clips make a cute alternative to bows, plus they match the seifuku & bag!
As you can see, the clips sit really nicely in my wig!♥♥


♥Wearing the clips differently♥

This time I tried one clip on each side!♥ You could use them with all sorts of cute hairstyles.♥

If this wig was less damaged (I've worn it a lot and it's quite loved haha...) I would have tried buns and twintails too.♥


Ring, Bone clips, Necklace → Nerdy Little Secrets
Skinnies → H&M kids
Jacket → Taobao
Creepers → eBay
Top → SpreePicky
Sunglasses → Claire's

Maybe if you're in the mood for something casual and comfy, but still pastelly and fun, you could try something like this! ♥ I've found that these accessories work really well in casual outfits as well as being a part of a more elaborate outfit (as you'll see ; u; ).

The mint necklace matches my top really well.♥ The lace isn't too overpowering so it works as a casual accessory!^^



 Deer ring → Nerdy Little Secrets
OP, Shoes, Blouse → Bodyline
Headbow → Angelic pretty
Pettis → JillPunkxLoli & Hell Bunny
 Accessories → Roxie SweetHeart, Chocomint, Sweet Spirits, Offbrand
Socks → eBay
Wig → Taobao

Here it is! ; u; Wearing lolita for the first time in a long while, but with long sleeves. I feel that it works much better so from now on I'll be going for a more classic sweet look when it comes to lolita. I feel more confident this way. c: When I saw the deer ring, I just had to coordinate it with this dress because of all the cute forest animals on the print, it goes perfectly!♥ If you look at the photos below, you can get an idea of how big the ring is.♪ It stands out nicely without being huge and uncomfortable.

 It matches the print pretty perfectly. ; u; ♥♥

It's a really cute and dainty ring. ♥ I think it would also be cute with styles like cult party kei, dolly kei and mori kei!

And lastly, a makeup shot!♥ I feel like I'm improving. ; u;


Once again, a huge thank you to Nerdy Little Secrets for sponsoring me!♥ Everything is so so cute, I really recommend the store because you can match the accessories with so many different styles. ♥♥ Each product is so well made too!^^
And of course, a big big thank you for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed my review, and I hope you'll look forward to future blog posts.^^ ♥♥ 
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Omg such adorable stuff! I really like the bone hairclips :3

    1. It really is super cute! I wear the bone clips with so many outfits!^^♥


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