Tuesday, 25 February 2014

♥Sponsored Review: Fuzzy Moon!♥

 Hello everybunny!♥ I'm so sorry that this review is late. :c I was planning on posting it towards the latter part of last week, but I was really unwell and then I was visiting Josh at the weekend. ; u; It was fun, but I didn't feel totally great over the weekend either. ;; Anyway, I'm very happy to be bringing you another sponsored review today!♥ This time, it's for the ultra cute store Fuzzy Moon!♥♥ 

Click the banner to visit the storenvy!♥ You can also check out their facebook page here .
 Fuzzy Moon is a relatively new store selling adorable accessories that would suit fairy kei, OTT sweet lolita, pastel goth and other kawaii styles.♪ I was so very happy when the owner of the store emailed me back in January, asking if I would help promote her store! I was very honoured and excited to be able to work with another wonderful store.^^ She also asked about collaborating for a monthly feature! You can find out more soon.^^♪♪

The package arrived safely and happily and was securely sealed!♪ The products were wrapped in bubblewrap so they were safe from any damage.^^ Fuzzy Moon is based in the UK, so it arrived in just a couple days!♪

I was very excited when I saw what was inside!♥ I couldn't wait to try it all on.♪ The business card was also very cute!

My photo doesn't really do it justice. >< But it's super pretty, and the detailing is gorgeous!♥

The cat ear headband is really cute and fluffy.♥ It's very well shaped and sturdy, and the little earring (on the right ear in the photo) is securely attached.^^ It's also great that the ears are evenly shaped, and the fluffy material makes it comfortable to wear. c:

The packaging is adorable! In case you can't read the text on the packet, it says "wishing you peace and happiness".♥ Inside is a unicorn horn clip and star ring! 

The star ring has little pieces of star confetti in, it's so pretty!♥ It's very soft and smooth, too!♪

The ring is adjustable, so it's very confortable and sits very nicely on my finger.^^ There are no catchy parts on the ring, so there's nothing scratchy. c:

The ring is fairly big! I'm not so fond of oversize rings, since I find them inpractical. ;; This one is big enough to be noticeable, as you'll see in other worn photos.^^

 Lastly, here is the unicorn horn clip! The resin very prettily goes from purple to pink, and has lots of glitter inside!♥♥ Some of the edges aren't totally smooth, but they're it's still very cute.♪

The clip on the back is very securely attached, so it doesn't wobble while worn!♪ It also doesn't show while worn either. c:
♥Worn Photos & Outfits♥


Cat ears, Star ring → Fuzzy Moon
Shoes → Bodyline
Sweater, Shorts → Offbrand
Tail keyring → eBay
Top → DreamV
Tights, Wig → Taobao

The cat ears meant a cat themed outfit was definitely needed!♥ (Sorry for my chubby legs ; -;'' I'm not feeling great about them at all lately OTL) Cat headband, sweater, shorts, tights and tail!♪ I love cute but casual & comfy outfits like this.♥ The ring and headband add a little more OTT cuteness to the outfit!♥

 The ring stands out just enough and is lovely.♥ It would work with other styles too!♪

The earring on the cat ear is adorable!♥ It's a lovely little touch and because they're different colours to the band, they stand out just enough!♪


Unicorn horn clip, Star ring → Fuzzy Moon
Wig → Taobao
Top → Milklim
Shoes → Bodyline
Bubble skirt → Handmade by my mummy c:
Tights → HolleyTeaTime
Melty moon two way clip → KawaiiGoods

It goes really well with all the lilac in my outfit! I love the magical feel it has, so it needed a magical themed outfit to go with it!^^♥ It feels fairly casual compared to other magical themed outfits I've done. c: It's nice that these accessories can be worn with more easy to wear & casual outfits for when you don't feel like going all out!♥

It goes nicely over the hair tie, though I thinner one might have worked better. ; u; Even as I took photos and walked around, it stayed in my hair and didn't wobble around or come loose at all!♪

I decided to wear the unicorn clip like a real horn! Of course, it wouldn't have worked on the front of my head so it makes a cute accessory for the mini ponytail.♥

It could be difficult to wear it in a casual way, but I matched it with the bow tie for a slightly more casual look!

I hope you enjoyed this review!♥ Thank you so so much for reading, and thank you so much for Fuzzy Moon for kindly sending me these lovely products to review! It's been so fun to try out the accessories, and I hope you look forward to future collaborations between Fuzzy Moon & I and the special feature I'll be bringing soon!♥♥^^ 
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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