Monday, 10 February 2014

♥Ouji Time!♥

  Hello everybunny!♥ Good evening! I hope your week has had a lovely start.♥ I've been quite unwell again over the past couple days, but I'm really trying to do my best to stay positive and peachy. c:
Today I'm bringing you a quick post about my ouji style outfits.♪ If you haven't heard of it before, it's like a boyish version of lolita fashion. The more "man" version is known as aristocrat and tends to use formal trousers and as you'd imagine "aristocratic" aesthetics, whereas ouji (or kodona as it's sometimes known) uses knickerbockers, and has a younger aesthetic.♥ Knickerbockers are puffy, long, tailored shorts which usually have cuffs at the bottom, they're not bloomers. I'm not an expert though! So please forgive me if my knowledge/style isn't perfect. I've really tried to do my research though. c:
I wanted to try ouji a while ago, because I felt that lolita didn't suit me so much. ;; A lot of the dresses are too big for me, and even my salopettes have a lot of safety pins in.. ; -; But I was really happy that I tried it! I feel like it might even suit me more than lolita? Anyway, time for outfit!♪
 A few weeks ago, Bodyline released some decent looking knickerbockers, so I had to snap them up! This outfit makes me feel a little like the White Rabbit with the glasses! I'd love to create a more White Rabbit themed coord in the future. ♥

Blouse & Jabot, Knickerbockers, Waistcoat → Bodyline
OTKs → Taobao
Creepers, Spectacles, Hat, Pocketwatch Necklace, Braces → Offbrand

The only problem with this outfit was the size of the knickerbockers and blouse! The knickerbockers kept falling down and the blouse is a bit baggy haha... OTL So I used my braces to hold them up!♪ Other than the fit, they're perfect. I really love this outfit, and I feel so comfortable wearing it. ; u; 

I wasn't sure which OTKs worked better. In the end, I went for the musical notes.♪

 Closeup!♥ I feel very lucky to have 0 chest. ; v; I was considering getting a binder, but I think I'm okay for the moment? I might invest in one soon, but for the moment I think I'm flat enough to do without.^^;

In my Bodyline order, I got a mini hat too.^^ I'm not sure if I prefer that or the cat-ear bowler hat, but both are cute head accessories, I think!

I went for 0 eye makeup, to see if it would make a more boyish look. I didn't wear any blush either. ; v; It was very strange! But I think I like it. I'd like to try this makeup style for my boy outfits from now on. c:

On another note, for a while I've been wanting a septum piercing but I was so worried it would be too painful or look silly on me, so I got fake piercings to experiment with. I really like them! Though I think I'm too chicken to commit to real piercings right now. ;;
Thank you so much for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed seeing my ouji coord. c: I really really want to get better at this style, I love it so much. ♪ I feel like it suits me a lot more than lolita did. ; u;'' I got a long sleeve blouse when I ordered these things so that might work better with my lolita things than short sleeve blouses. I'm going to try that next weekend.^^ I hope you look forward to future posts. ♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Your coord is really cute! I love the round glasses. I personally prefer the diamond socks. Can I ask how tall you are? I want to buy those shorts, but am worried they'll be too short on me.

  2. aah i love you in this style! i've had my septum done and personally it didn't hurt at all! just a quick pinch. your eyes do tear up a little tho >.<

  3. I love the outfit :3 Do you perhaps know the name/number for the bodyline stuff? I just love them and might end up buying them myself too hehe ^^

  4. the hair doesnt look that good but i love the outfit


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