Thursday, 6 March 2014

♥Kogal outfit & Cosmates review!♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you've had a lovely week so far.♥ It's not too long until the weekend!^^ Today I'm really happy to do a review of all of the kogal things I bought recently.♪ Most of the things are from Cosmates and eBay, but more on that in a moment!

Before I start this explanation, please forgive me if I'm not so good at explaining. ;v;'' I never feel confident doing this sort of thing but hopefully you'll find it helpful, even if it's just a little bit (please bear in mind I'm still a beginner^^;; ).♪ Of course, there are some really great resources out there which you can check out to learn more!♥ So, if you're wondering what exactly "kogal" is, it's a substyle of gyaru which involves school uniform! I love wearing "school uniform" style outfits, since they're really comfy and simple. ; u;♥ The main features of kogal are short skirts, loose socks and loose cardis! Of course, there are lots of variations too!♥ Many kogal have bags with lots of cute keyrings on, and from my experience of seeing bloggers on CANDY and street snaps in Popteen, Disney characters are super popular! Especially Duffy Bear and Shellie May, who are my favourites.♥
♥What I bought from Cosmates♥
This is everything I ordered from Cosmates!
Cosmates is a Japanese store that sells things like Japanese school uniforms, lolita fashion, maid outfits, cosplay, and other cute clothes.^^ My favourites are the school uniforms! There are high school uniforms as well as seifuku, both of which look cute for kogal.♥ The red packet is the waistcoat I ordered for my ouji coord ww.♪

First up, a cute plaid skirt! I wanted to go for pink first haha. ; u; But I ended up buying the wrong size! ><;; It's a 2L, and I'm a S/M! I'm not sure how I did it, I must have had a really clumsy moment! When I wear it I have to use safety pin magic and turn the waistband in, otherwise it's way too long!^^;; 
The fabric is really soft and comfortable, and the waistband is also adjustable (it didn't help me but if I had bought it in a size closer to my own it would have haha).♪ I love the pattern too.♥

Super important! A baggy cardi.♥ I bought mine in M and it's nicely baggy on me!♪ I think an L size would have been a bit too baggy. ;; It's lovely and comfortable like the skirt, and has sturdy pockets!♥ They're big enough for my purse and phone.♪ The cardi also came with a spare button.^^

This is pretty cute! It's the label on the cardi and sweater vest. In case you can't read it, it says "School girls, expand your dreams to shine tomorrow", cute!^^♥

I also bought a sweater vest! This is in M size too, and also has a nice amount of baggyness. Since it's still quite cold at times, it's nice to wear under the cardi for extra warmth. When it gets warmer, I'll just wear one so it doesn't get too toasty!

Of course, I needed a bow tie too!♥ There are so many different styles and colours of ties to choose from.♪

At Cosmates, you can purchase the "express" ticket, which means they're able to get your items ready for shipping quicker! So I paid for that so I didn't have to wait long for everything to be shipped to me.^^♥

♥Other things I bought♥

This is just a plain school blouse! Nothing special, but super cheap.^^ You can get a lot of different colour blouses, but I decided to just get plain white at first.

Loose socks! They're so so long!♪ But also incredibly comfy and warm.♥ Of course, you don't have to wear loose socks for kogal, I've seen snaps of kogal wearing knee high socks with cute patterns on, or even just plain.^^ These were pretty expensive as far as socks go. I bought them on eBay for about £20. But it was so so worth it! I think I need more though ww ; u;

I bought this bag on eBay for around £20 too.^^ It's cute and really practical! There are lots of pockets, sturdy straps, and a keyring with a purse attached, as well as a pocket for the purse! I also bought the cute tail keyring for £13.^^ It's super fluffy! I've seen a lot of gyaru with them. c:

My keyring collection has just begun! There's a Hello Kitty squishy doughnut and a MyMelody bell.^^

In the side pocket, there are more pockets for things like pens and coins. c:

♥Code! コーデ!♥
*Here's a brief explanation of "code", for if you're not familiar! You may have seen many people call their outfits "coordinates" or "coords"! In Japanese, it's written as "コデイネット" or more commonly "コーデ". Some people prefer to use the English words (I've noticed that on a lot of CANDY blogs, many people throw in English words, so maybe in some ways it's fashionable?), so "コーデ" turns into "code".^^ It's like a full circle. c:


Sweater vest, Cardi, Bow tie, Skirt → Cosmates
Loose socks, Bag, Shirt → eBay
Shoes → Bodyline
Shellie May purse → Tokyo DisneySea (bought through a shopping service)

I bought some MyMelody and Hello Kitty stamps to decorate my photos!♥ I feel like I haven't properly decorated them in so long haha..^^;; At the moment, kogal is the style I wear the most since it's simple, comfortable, cute & warm!♥ I had to add my Shellie May purse to the outfit, I adore her!♥ When I was coming home from visiting Josh, I wore kogal and I found it really handy to keep my train tickets in the purse around my neck rather than in my bag! It saved a lot of hassle near ticket gates and such, and it's secure!♪ You can also see Duffy Bear on my bed!♥

♥TIPS♥→If you're not sure about wearing really OTT things while you're out, but still want to wear a cute style somewhere, I really recommend kogal.^^ It's easy to do on a budget too, since everything (in my experience) apart from the loose socks can easily be found wherever school uniform is sold (the ties and skirts might not be so interesting, but you can be creative and you might stumble on something adorable!). You can get similar bags in sports shops, or just use a faux leather bag.^^ I've seen snaps of kogal just using cute handbags while they're out. c:

My bag looks a bit empty in this because only my study books were inside..^^;; Luckily, it can actually fit a lot in!♥ In these two pictures and the one below, you can see that the bag is cute carried in different ways.♪ I've found that it's comfortable carried on the shoulder, on the arm, or carried by hand. c:

Though I wouldn't usually carry my bag quite that low because I wouldn't want the tail to get damaged. Luckily here it had a nice fluffy rug to rest on.^^;

Here's the outfit with the cardi too!♥ It's so so cosy.♥ I love that the sleeves are nice and long.♪ 

Details.♥ The bow tie is super cute, I love the pattern!

For this outfit, I decided to use my natural hair! I love the colour it is at the moment, though I might add some more honey blonde to it? At the moment it's very golden haha.^^; I styled my fringe across, and made the rest of my hair wavy!♥ Without styling, my hair is poker straight.. OTL I think it looks okay with the kogal look.^^ Long hair seems the most popular with gyaru in general, but I love having short hair.. ; u; I hope my hair works well enough!

I uhh... had a lot of fun with the stamps haha.^^;; I'd love to go to the purikura place in London with friends sometime!♥ 

Now my eyebrows are teeny, I have to pluck them more haha...^^;; I've also been practicing my makeup whenever I get the opportunity!♪ For this outfit I used the basics, pink blush, pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a touch of white eyeliner, false lashes and lipgloss. I also filled my eyebrows in a little to make them lighter and neater.^^

Last photos with Shellie May because I adore her.♥ I can't wait to go to Tokyo DisneySea and buy lots of Duffy Bear & Shellie May merchandise!♥♥


Thank you so much for reading everyone! As always, I appreciate your support so much!♥ I hope you enjoyed reading about kogal fashion and the tips I included too. Hopefully you'll find them useful. ; u;
This weekend I'll be taking photos for my Taobao review part 2! I realised the other day I still didn't get around to doing it. ;; Expect lots of boystyle! c: ♪ I'll also be taking photos for another lovely sponsored review.♥

 Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. so cute! I'm really tempted to buy a Cardigan now ; u ;

    1. Ahh thank you! ; u;♥ You should definitely get one.^^ They're so lovely and comfy!♥♥

  2. Lovely. A shame of the skirt size. It's look a lil crumbly just because you had to alter it a little because of the largeness. :c

    1. It is a shame. ; -; I was thinking about maybe altering the skirt but I think it would be quite difficult because of the waistband. ;; Next time I need to be more careful with sizing haha ; u;

  3. you're so cute and perfect.. i bet you'd be popular in japan

    1. Thank you so much! ; u; Oh gosh I'm not sure if I'd be popular but I've been considering starting my Japanese blog again soon.^^;

  4. omgggg i've had a set for kogal in my shipping service cart for the past 2 months, but now looking at your haul i definitely have to place the order!!

  5. Your kogal outfit looks so adorable! >w<
    I was looking at your adorable bag from Tokyo DisneySea and was wondering if it was difficult to order?

  6. Hey! I was wondering what product the skirt, cardi, vest socks, and necktie were, if you still have a link to those products! I am really interested in seeing what you bought because they look absolutely stunning!


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