Sunday, 16 March 2014

♥Sponsored Review: Violle Ville!♥

Hello everybunny! c: ♥ How are you? I hope you've had a lovely weekend!♥ I went to a lolita meet yesterday, and I'll probably do an outfit post for my coord tomorrow.^^♪
Today I'm bringing you a small but super cute sponsored review for the shop Violle Ville.^^♥ A few weeks ago the lovely owner contacted me about sponsorship, and I was super happy to be sponsored and do a review! c: ♥♥
Click the banner above to visit the store!^^ You can visit the facebook page here.♥

Violle Ville is a cute accessory store selling products like necklaces, rings, phone covers, earrings etc. many products are cute & pastelly, and perfect for styles such as fairy kei, pastel goth, aomoji kei and such.♪ There are also some products that would work really well with sweet lolita!^^


 The owner very kindly sent me two super cute products!♥ Click on the pictures to visit the pages!♪ 
 A seashell ring in pink.♪ It remind me of an ammonite! ; u; I'm a big loves of dinosaurs and fossils and such.♥♥
A pastel pony necklace.♥ The details are really cute! Plus I love the matching chain. ♪

The products arrived in a sealed strong paper envelope, and the box inside was wrapped with a lot of bubblewrap and came with a super cute business card!^^
Inside the bubblewrap was this cute little box!♥

The necklace and ring were safely inside. c: The box had a puffy layer of sponge material like most ring boxes, to keep everything safe.^^

 The necklace is really cute!^^ The pony is quite thin and delicate, so I'm making sure to be delicate! (I'm always super careful with accessories because I'm clumsy but maybe you would feel it's not so delivate.^^) The chain is a nice length, and it's attached securely to the pony's back.^^ The heart on its body is really pretty, as well as the rest of the pattern.♥

Here's a closeup!♥ There are a couple of imperfection spots, but they're not visible unless you're up super close and I sincerely hope someone wouldn't have their face that close to me haha.. I love the colour because I have a lot of lilac clothes, but none this dark so it will stand out against them!♥

I love this ring so much! ;v;♥ It actually made me think "I really want to go beachcombing and fossil hunting at the cliffs near here!" but sadly they're an hour away by car and I can't drive yet. /yet/. The ring itself is really neatly made, and the colour is super cute!♥ It's quite small, so it will be nice worn casually.♪

You can't see it fully, but the ring is adjustable! The shell is also securely attached to the ring, it's neat too!♪

 ♥Worn photos♥

Like I said earlier, the pony stands out from the lilac that I wear!^^♥ The purple on the chain is a nice subtle shade. I love that it finishes where the collar of this top starts! ♪ By the way, it's from Milklim and comes in various colours if you want to pick up your own.^^

The ring sits nicely on my finger and isn't uncomfortable to wear.^^ Its small size makes a cute accessory for when I'm not in the mood for anything large! Since it's metal, I put some clear nail polish on it so it doesn't react with my skin, I also did that to the pony necklace chain. I'm allergic to some metals, so just alittle clear nail polish usually stops them reacting.^^ I also tend to put it on any new metal jewellery I get, just in case it reacts.


Necklace, Ring → Violle Ville
Dangly star → Chocomint
Bone clips → Nerdy Little Secrets
Cutsew → Milklim
Dungarees → New Look
Hello Kitty tights → Taobao
Creepers → eBay

It was pretty warm when I took these photos, so I went for a casual spring outfit!♥ I'm so happy that it's becoming warm enough to wear my dungarees again, I love them!♥ The accessories add a cute little touch to a casual outfit that would be good for a nice walk or trip to the beach.^^ The necklace sits really nicely, it's noticeable, but because of how light it is it sits in place comfortably. c: ♥ I'd really recommend Violle Ville, the jewellery is really cute and not too over the top, so it will work as standalone pieces in a casual outfit or as a piece in an OTT outfit!^^♪


Thank you so so much to Violle Ville for being my sponsor and sending me such cute products to review!♥^^ Thank you so very much for reading, too! c: ♥♥ I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoted reading.♥ Over the next week I have a couple more sponsored reviews to post, as well as an outfit post maybe?♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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