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♥Bodyline Haul Review!♥

Happy weekend everybunny!♥ I hope you've had an absolutely lovely week.^^
Today's review will be about my Bodyline haul, and is going to be very photo heavy because I bought quite a few things! ; u; ♥ Everything took a while to arrive and it was split into three packages. @v@;; I think customs are tightening up at the moment too, because I had to pay customs on a Bodyline order for the first time!
Warning: As well as lots of photos there will be an incredibly unnecessary amount of pink. Really, really, unnecessary and completely excessive. If you prefer my less pink & frilly outfits, I suggest you wait a couple weeks for my DreamV stuff to arrive. OTL (Though at the bottom there is an outfit with no pink! c: )
♥What I bought!♥ 

I bought two skirts, two jumperskirts, a onepiece, a bolero and a wig!^^

This skirt is super cute! ; u; It also fits me really well.^^♪ It's made of quite a thick fabric, it's a little like corduroy? It sounds strange but it's very comfortable.♥ I think it would be a bit heavy for summer though.

The lace on the edging is really pretty! There's also a layer of fabric underneath the skirt that peeps out at the bottom.^^

Print closeup.^^ It's so pretty♥ I love how simple it is. c:

It also came with a small bow which has a pin on the back. I love the pearly beads! ;v;♥

This jumperskirt is so so very cute!♥ The colour is perfect ; u; ♥ It's nowhere near as heavy as the skirt, the fabric is a lot lighter so it would be comfortable on warmer days depending on your choice of blouse.^^ The chiffon parts at the top of the skirt are really princessy! ; u;♥

I love the heartshaped buckle!♥ The heart lace seems quite cheap but it's adorable nonetheless haha OTL♥♥

The bodice is super cute too, I love the pintucks! You can't see very well, but the buttons are heart shaped!♥ The rose lace is really pretty too. c: The back has lacing as well as shirring.^^

The lace at the bottom of the skirt seems quite cheap too, but thankfully it's quite pretty and not horrible.^^ I love the frilly parts that go around the skirt!♥

This is the other jumperskirt I got!^^ The heart on the bodice is absolutely lovely and so is the scalloping on the bottom!♥♥

The lace panel running along the skirt is a little odd because it's see-through! Luckily my petti is pink so it doesn't look odd underneath.^^

The bow has cute lace with a daisy pattern!♥ It's attached by a pin, so it can be moved or just not worn. c:

Close up of the heart!^^ It's edged with heart shape lace (well, sort of lace haha c: )♥

This jumperskirt also came with a headbow!♥ It makes me sad that Bodyline doesn't make so many matching headbows for their dresses. ;-;

This onepiece is so so so very cute, but is sadly much too big for me. ; o; So my mum and I are going to take it apart, take it in at the seams, take the pockets and bottom frills off and shorten it! Basically we need to remake the dress so it will fit. ; u;'' It's a really mahou kei dress, I wouldn't say it's very lolita at all.^^;;

Close up of the frills and one of the bows!♥

The pockets are so sweet!♥ I love the big gingham pattern.^^

The front of the sailor collar... (which is absolutely adorable)

..and the back! Which is even more adorable with the little heart. ; v;♥ As you can see, there's a small amount of shirring and lacing on the back! c:

It came with a hat, which is a little odd because I can't get it to look quite right on my head haha. ;v;

Here are some bows it came with!♥ (Though the big bow is from the bunny skirt)

I've been needing a decent cardi or bolero to go with my lolita things for such a long time, so I'm super happy to have finally found one!♥ It's fairly simple, and it also goes with everything I bought as well as most of my other dresses and my other pink clothes(of which there are many)!^^♪

I love the lace! ; u; ♥ So many flowers!♥♥

Sadly, this bunny skirt is too big for me as well. ; u;'' This one will be made into a himekaji skirt so more taking apart and sewing back together haha ; v;''♪

The big gingham pattern is on this skirt just like the onepiece.^^ It's really sweet, and the lace is pretty cute too!♥

Adorable bunny pocket ; u;♥

♥Worn Photos & Outfits♥ 

I must apologise because I haven't included worn photos of the onepiece or the bunny skirt because they really don't fit. ;v;'' Once they've been altered/remade, I'll make a post about them.^^♪


JSK, Blouse, Headbow, Shoes, Blouse → Bodyline
Bag, Crew socks → Angelic Pretty
Wig → Lockshop
Necklace → HollyTeaTime
Dangly star accessory → Chocomint

I'm so happy that this jumperskirt fits me pretty well!^^♥ I'm glad it has lacing, though it could use some waist ties. ; u;'' Since I wore my Squirrel Party onepiece with the long sleeved blouse, I've found my love for lolita again, and found a way it suits me. ;v;♥♥ I like that this is quite a simple coord! I'm not a fan of piling lots and lots of accessories on, or unnatural coloured wigs. ;; (I will wear lots of accessories if it works for an outfit, but I prefer not to haha ;v; ) 

Lots of frills! c: ♥♥

Ahh in this photo you can see the puffy chiffon parts.^^♥ When the dress arrived I forgot that there was chiffon so it was a really nice surprise!♥

Here is the outfit with my bolero!^^ They match together so well! ; u;♥ Plus the bolero is really comfy.^^ I won't need it as it gets warmer, but it's lovely for Spring.^^ I think when Winter comes around again, I'll need to wear my coat. c: ;;

It's really cute because the bodice peeps out a little and the bow at the base is like "hello!".♥

The cuffs of the bolero are so lovely, there's just a little lace at the edge.^^


JSK, Blouse, Headbow, Shoes, Bolero → Bodyline
Crew socks → Angelic Pretty
Wig → Lockshop
Necklace → HollyTeaTime

This outfit is very similar to the last, just with the other jumperskirt, please excuse my lack of creativity. ; u;♥ I'd try it with short sleeves but then the dress looks even more like it's drowning me. @v@;; This jsk also has lacing and shirring at the back, so it fits pretty well!♥

I'm not sure if I prefer this jsk or the other one. So... I love them both! ; u; ♥ I'm looking forward to

The heart is so lovely!♥ I'm glad it looks like a heart when worn as well as unworn, and not just a strange panel of shirring. ;v;''

Worn with the bolero!♥ This is the outfit I wore to the most recent meetup with my local comm! ; u; I'm looking forward to more meetups!♥♥


Selcas with my wig! ; v; I might do a full review of it soon maybe? c: It's super soft and comfy too.^^♥


Skirt, Shoes, Blouse, Headbow, Wig, Bolero → Bodyline
Crew socks → Angelic Pretty 

I absolutely adore this wig! ; u; Though I accidentally ordered it in the caramel instead of blonde haha..^^;; I suppose I'll just have to buy another. c: ♥ This skirt fits so so much better than the other skirt, and is a much better length!♪ It's a little roomy on the waist but luckily the waist ties work fairy well.^^ The bow is supposed to go on the skirt, but I like it better as a headbow! c: ♥ The wig came with a fringe cut in, so it doesn't need any styling.♪

I'm really looking forward to trying those wig with himegyaru!♥ I need a himegyaru dress and some accessories but at the moment I need to save for Japan, and the only clothes I can buy are ones for my trip there ww ; v;♥ (Unless I sneaky-buy some accessories sometime ww)


Onepiece, Wig, Shoes, Blouse → Bodyline
Crew Socks → Angelic Pretty
Hair bow → Rara's Jewels

I've had this onepiece for a couple years now, but I've never worn it properly because it's so big and I never really had anything to go really well with it. ; u; But now I feel like I can put together a decent himelolita coord!♥ I need some new bow shoes though, because my old ones are now very very loved and I only wear them out when I don't want to risk ruining my nicer shoes. ; u;'' This outfit needs a few more accessories too, I think.^^;; But I really really love it! ; v;♥♥

This dress is so very big, but thank goodness for waist ties, long sleeved blouse balancing and safety pin magic. ; u;♥

I love love love this wig! QvQ♥ It's so princessy.♪ I was actually really surprised by the quality! I was a little wary since it's Bodyline, but I wasn't disappointed at all! c: ♥


♥Quick Bonus Outfit - Rundown♥

Dress, Bow, Boots → Taobao
Wig → Bodyline

Really simple but I just wanted to try this wig and dress together! ; u;♥ Though now it's getting warmer, this dress, boots and wig all worn together will be much too hot! ;;
 Even though two of things were too big, I'm so very happy that the other things are so nice!♥ Plus, I'm really glad that mum and I can alter the pieces that don't fit into things that do! c: ♥ Thank you so very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post & the outfits.^^♪ I really enjoyed putting all the outfits together, and I'm looking forward to wear lolita more often. ^^♥♥ My himekaji dress and flapper dress both arrived today, so I'll try to review those during the week.♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. ;A; omg this post is so so so so SO cute!!!
    I love all of your coords!! (*≧ω≦) everything is just so so adorable <333

    1. Thank you so very much! ; u;♥ I'm so glad you like my coords!♥

  2. You make bodyline look like such good quality! Can't wait to see how you guys remake the other pieces!

    1. Ahh thank you so much!^^ I'm really looking forward to remaking things, hopefully I'll get time to do it soon.♪

  3. Awww, you looks such a kawaii! ~~

  4. You look really cute! :)

  5. this is cute. :3 you can tell its from bodyline though...the quality isnt that good..but you were it nicely.oo

    1. Thank you so much.^^ I was pretty happy with the quality, it's not too far off my AP pieces, I think the main difference is they don't crease so easily. c:

  6. You looked really cute in all the looks, but I think the way you coordinated the strawberry skirt is my favorite. <3

  7. You/re adorable! By the way, what's the code for the one piece?


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