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♥Review: TaobaoSpree Haul! Part 2 → Boyish Style♥

Good evening, everybunny! c: Actually evenings are getting shorter now, it's nice that it's staying light.^^ Maybe you remember making a Taobao review last month? If not or you're new (in which case welcome! ; u; ♥♥) you can see the shopping service review & review of the feminine clothes I bought here!♥ Instead of going over all of the shopping service and order details again, today I'll just review the clothes.^^♪
♥What I bought♥ 

Last time was girly clothes, this time is boyish clothes!^^♥ 

I had my eye on this seifuku for quite a while! I was really happy to buy it. c: The collar and cuffs are made of a more silky/satin fabric than the main blouse, but it's not an ugly sort of shiny luckily.^^

 Sadly when I bought the top, the navy shorts were sold out! ; -; So I rescued the situation by getting this onepiece.^^ The back is shirred, and it has front and back pockets.♪ I don't think I'd ever wear it like it's meant to be worn haha. ;; It's quite baggy on me.

There are gold coloured buttons down the front.♪

The starry piano pattern is really cute!

You can just about see the back pocket.^^ It's not as big as the front pockets but it's still a decent size.♪

The bow for the seifuku was sold seperately, I'm not sure why, but it's very cute!^^ It also droops in a cute way. c:

I thought these socks would be cute with ouji coords! Though I haven't got one yet that they match really well. ;; They were really cheap though.^^ Hopefully my legs can get thinner soon so they fit better too. ;;

I bought these socks to match my navy seifuku.♥ I thought the musical notes would look really cute with the piano keys.♪

This was actually bought for me by my parents as a Christmas present!^^ It's made from a cosy fabric that's pretty thick, so it's great for colder days.♥

The pattern is really pretty!♥ I love the mix of browns and blue.^^

It also came with a simple tie that's made from a similar material to the shirt. c:

These were also from my parents!♥ They're so so cute. ; u; These are made of a super cute tweed fabric and are lined too! The braces are elastic, with faux leather ends.

Here's a closeup of the fabric and button!^^


I've also included an extra secret outfit that's maybe not so secret ww.. 


Seifuku, Socks → Taobao
Wing hair clips → Cute Can Kill
Shoes → eBay

A simple outfit, but it's really comfy!♥ Sadly, the seifuku (both the top and onepiece) are preeetty big on me. ; u; But in a way, the baggyness is cute? ;; Even though it's pretty baggy, it's still comfy! Sadly the bow goes a little wonky at times so I had to rearrange it. I'd like more boyish seifuku though!

 Closeups.♪ I love how big the front pockets are.♥ I can fit my phone and purse in them.^^



Top, Shorts, Boots → Taobao
Jacket → Primark
Glasses → eBay
Bear ears → Bodyline

I love love love this outfit! /)///v////)♥♥ It's really comfy and cosy, and cute for the winter. ; u; The jacket is actually my sister's which is why it's too big, but I think having it a bit bigger suits the outfit?♪ The top fits absolutely perfectly!♥ Sadly the shorts are just a little too big and would sit awkwardly if the braces weren't holding them up nicely.^^ When I got these pieces for Christmas, I decided I really liked wearing earthy tones.^^♥

The pockets are nice and big too, and they can fit my iPhone nicely, to give you an idea of the size. c:

Closeup. c: Sorry for the bright light though. ;; It was really sunny when I was taking these! ;; I love the boots because they make my legs look longer haha... TTvTT;; I've actually ordered some more over the knee boots, but in beige ww.♪

 The shirt has a nice amount of ruffles, so it's cute but not too over the top.^^ I'm glad the braces match the shirt pretty well too. c: ♥

 These selcas were taken back when my hair was still bleachy.^^; And when my hair had more layers. ;; The last time I got it cut, the guy didn't put quite enough layers so when I get it cut next week I'm going to make sure to ask for lots of nice fluffy layers! >u <♥


♥Bonus Outfit!♥

Josh bought me this ouji set for Christmas, so I think it still counts in this review because it's from Taobao ww. ; u;


Beret, Waistcoat, Knickerbockers → Taobao (Infanta)
Blouse, Shoes → Bodyline
Bag → Angelic Pretty
Socks, other accessories → offbrand

Qv Q♥ Ouji!♥ I love wearing this style, but sadly I don't come across many ouji things that I like. :c I really fell in love with this set though!♥♥ And I was really happy it was in navy, too.^^♥ I also love jabots, so I'm also really happy that this set and my blouse go together. ; u;♥ The knickerbockers kept falling down, so I had to grab some braces and wear them underneath the waistcoat ww!;; The beret is also quite big, so I clipped it on with mini bows and hairpins.

The circus print is really cute! ; u;♥ The little rosette pin was originally on the beret, but it didn't really work so I attached it to the waistcoat. ^^♪


Thank you so very much for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed my boystyle outfits! c: ♪ Later this week I'll be posting another sponsor review (a new sponsor of mine♥) and I hope you'll look forward to some reviews this weekend, including a review of another new sponsor!♥
By the way, I have a like page on facebook now.^^ I made it for my outfits, blog updates and sponsor promotions.♥ You can find it here.♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. the infanta set is so cute! love the whole coord!

  2. I love your blog, but I think you should put the links corresponding month of each product so that we can buy things we like and trust you.

  3. omg amazing XD yes i agree with the above comment people do like to search taobao blogs etc.. for the links to help them buy cute things too lol~


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