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♥Review: TaobaoSpree Haul! Part 1 → Girly Style♥

 Hello everybunny! ♥  January seems to have passed by very quickly, it's almost over already! ;; It'll be nice to get the slow and dull month out of the way, and I want to get saving for Japan ww♪ But now it's time for a review!♪ It's been a while since I've done a Taobao order, and I actually ordered everything way back, I've just been putting a lot of reviews ahead of this one, sorry. ; o; I've split it into two parts because I ordered so so much haha, so today is the shopping service review and the cute & girly outfits!♥♥
Shopping Service♥

The shopping service I used was TaobaoSpree!♪ I always enjoy using their service, it's super friendly and they respond very quickly! ^O^ Here is a timeline!♥
I placed my order on November 9th.
On the 11th (TaobaoSpree weren't working at the weekend) in the morning, I got a reply from Susan telling me what things were in stock and how much I needed to pay!♪
I sent the payment that afternoon, but then on the 12th Susan told me other things were out of stock so I had to choose alternatives. She also let me know that the size of the boots I ordered would come up small so recommended I order the size up. c: She then bought everything for me.♥
On the 20th, sadly another thing turned out to be out of stock. ;; So I changed to something else and also ordered some extra things! Susan kindly added them to my order.♪
On December 3rd, I was a little worried about my order so I emailed Susan in case there were any problems or emails I had missed. 
She replied to me on the 4th to tell me she was still waiting for some of my things to arrive. ;; She said hopefully they would arrive the next week!
She emailed me on the 13th to say that everything should arrive that day or the next, so they would arrive before Christmas!♥ (I had ordered some presents and my family had put some things on the order for my presents!♥ They were kinda like "Alice you're obsessed with this shop site so you can have things from here" ww..)
On the 14th, Susan let me know that everything arrived, and showed me photos!♥ I was super super excited!♥♥ She also gave me the shipping price and asked me to confirm my shipping details.
I paid and confirmed my shipping details later that morning!♪ She emailed me a couple hours later with my tracking number.♪
Everything arrived very happily on December 18th! Crazy fast shipping ww♥♥

 The package was so big! On the right is Martin for comparison.♪ It was securely taped up when it arrived.

There were so many clothes in the box!! ♥♥ There was a free gift too, but I'll show you that in part 2.♪♪

Everthing unpacked from the box!♪ It was all wrapped up and nothing was damaged.♥


I've been wanting to try more himekaji/romagyaru things, because I find that a lot of lolita swamps me and doesn't fit so well. ; -; This is one of the extra things I ordered!♥ The long sleeves and collar really won it for me, and I thought it would look really cute with the boots my parents bought for me! *^^*♥ The bow on the front is removable, and the lace around the bottom is kind of crocheted. The ends of the sleeves are elasticated, so they puff! It's a lovely cosy and pretty and good quality piece!♥

This is the other extra thing I ordered! ♥ It's a three piece, which includes the underdress, chiffon dress, and faux fur collar.♥♥ The underdress makes a cute top, since it's so short. ;;  All of the material is so soft and lovely. The chiffon dress has little flowers attached to the front.♥ It's really good quality and very well made, there was just one loose thread on one of the hems of the chiffon dress.
The collar ties with a ribbon, and it's really thick and cosy!♥

This jumper was the main reason for doing this order, I was just going to get this and some Christmas presents but the order grew a lot ww... I had seen a photo on tumblr a few weeks before and reverse image searched (because there was no shop link) and managed to wriggle my way to the shop!♥ Luckily the photo was a photo from the shop so it wasn't too hard to find. ^^; I can't remember the name of the shop, but I'm pretty sure SpreePicky still stocks them! (Use the code "Elizabunnii" for 5% off any order over $30♪)

It's really thick and cuddly! The heart is embroidered on and the ribbons are sewn on really neatly.♪ It's really well made and the print is good quality!♥

My brother and sister bought me this to go with some other presents I would be getting for Christmas!♪♪ It has small thin cuffs that make the sleeves puff out!♥ The collar is very cute and simple, and there are no flaws.♪ The little pattern on it is... little anchors!^^ The fabric is quite thin and chiffon like, so I can work it into a few different styles.♪ (As you'll see with the next part compared to this part.c: )

 These amazing boots were from my parents as a Christmas present!♥ They're really good quality and are made from a cody and slightly stretchy suede material. The bows are detachable by surprisingly strong velcro, so the boots can work with less cute styles.♪ I had been wanting boots like this for quite a while! ; v;

I really wanted a casual and cosy but cute dress and this caught my eye.♥ It's a onepiece, and the skirt part is attached to an underdress which is attached to the jumper part at the top. The quality isn't as lovely as the other pieces, but it's still really nice.♪ The only problem I would say is that the fabrics are a little thin. It's a good thing that it has the underdress part!^^

This is a really really strange waistcoat shrug poncho thing that you can wear in lots of different ways depending on how you button it up!♥ It's probably more suited to the next part of the review but it's in one of the outfits here so I thought I'd pop it here.♪ I was really confused by it at first, but it's quite fun to wear, and cosy! It's pretty thick too, and good quality.

Another thing I bought was a long wavy red-brown wig with long clip on twintails!♥ Sorry I don't have an unworn photo of it. ;; But you'll see it a lot in the outfits!♥♥ It's a lovely wig though.♪ When it arrived it had a very long fringe, so I cut it and shaped it so it looked better!


Before photo time, I just need to apologise for how lame these photos are. ; v; It's so dull at this time of year so it's quite hard to get photos with decent lighting. I'm really sorry m(_ _)m


Dress, Boots, Hairbow, Bloomers, Wig → Taobao
Tights → Offbrand

The dress fits super well, only a little roomy around the waist, so I'm so so very happy! QvQ♥♥ The style of it is so lovely and the fur collar is so cute and the length is just right.♥ I always wear bloomers underneath though, for booty warmth ww ; v; The bow on the front of the dress hid the buttons and embroidery a little, so I wore it as a hairbow! The boots are a lovely fit too, and I love that they're so long!♥♥ I have a feeling I'm going to get more boots like this ww.. The suede fabric is really warm too.♥ The wig is really good quality and is super soft, so it wasn't awkward when I brushed it.♪

Everything is so cute, I just love it so so much.♥ ; u; I think I'm definitely going to try more gyaru coords in the future.♥

I wore simple makeup with this coord, but I think my usual makeup would suit it too!^^ For some reason, that angle and different eyeliner style makes me look a lot different? Or at least, it seems that way to me ww.^^;



Boots, Blouse, Wig → Taobao
Skirt → Bobon21 (Taobao)
Handbag → Miss Selfridge
Hairbows → Rara's Jewels

Here is the wig with the twintail clips!♥♥  I love love love it, though it's very very heavy ; v;'' The blouse is very soft and comfortable, and is a nice amount of "too big" ww Because for more boyish outfits, I want to look even flatter and a tight blouse would hinder that of course.^^;  These boots seem to go with so much, so I'm going to get lots out of them and you'll be seeing them a lot ww.♥

I still kinda can't get over how awesome this wig is ww. ; v; I might have to get it in other colours.^^

 Simple makeup again. c: ♥



Boots, Tights, Onepiece, Poncho thing → Taobao
Bloomers → SpreePicky
Hair flower → H&M

 This onepiece was much much too big for me. ; v; The sleeves were a perfect length, but the dress part was much too wide and hung quite oddly. ;; So I got my puffy pink bloomers and decided to wear them underneath!

 The bloomers give it more shape and are also very booty warming. Actually this is a really good outfit for winter!♥ I'd just need a matching winter coat. ;;

 After all this time I still have no idea what to call this so it will be "poncho thing". It's lovely and cosy though. ♥



Dress, Collar, Wig, Boots, Bloomers → Taobao
Hair bows, Necklace → Sweet Spirits
Tights → Offbrand

This three piece dress fits so perfectly! Qv Q♥ The underdress is very short, and because the overdress is chiffon, I decided to wear bloomers underneath. ♪ It's really comfy, and the chiffon is very floaty and pretty.♥♥ The collar is so soft and warm. ♥ I'd like to try wearing the chiffon dress over other things. I'm not sure if it would work but I think it's worth a try!♪

 The chiffon dress has lots and lots of layers which are different lengths and have different angled hems, so it's all floaty and pretty. ♥♥



Sweater → Taobao
Skinny jeans → H&M Kids
Top → Offbrand
Gold chain → H&M
Sunglasses → Claire's
Hi-tops → Everlast
Cupcake chain → (Was a gift)
Rings → Panda Shop

I wanted to go for a different kind of girly style, and I've worn this sweater once or twice already with cute style outfits ww. It really suits a casual look.♥♥ I think it could be worn with a lot of different styles, casual and OTT! ♪

I think this outfit needs a really cute snapback or beanie or something. ♪ I tried to coordinate pink x purple as much as possible.♥ I'm not sure why I never thought of wearing these skinnies and this jumper together before ww..

Apologies for the messy hair, I got it cut before this and the guy cut it too short and it's a kinda weird bob thing so I attacked it with my straighteners and pink hairspray. OTL  I think I'm going to do my best to let it grow out and then get it cut with more layers and not so short. Maybe I wouldn't mind it being this short if there were more layers. ;;

Though to be honest, I'm not sure if this outfit counts as more girly or boyish. It's pretty neutral, which I kinda love a lot! C: ♥♥ The makeup for this is a simpler style I usually wear for my boy outfits.♪


That's it for the first part of my review, I really hope you enjoyed it!♥ Thankies so very much for reading, and I hope you'll look forward to the next two parts.♥ There were originally going to be just one more part but I didn't want to make this post too long. ;; I have a lot more posts coming up, as well as some exciting and lovely new sponsors to reveal!♥♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Omg I love everything especially the coat, wig (even tough you already had that) and sailor moon sweater <3 Wish you had links to the items tough =[ Well time to try to hunt them down on a googling spree.

    1. Thank you so much! ; v; Actually the wig is from Taobao too, I bought it with all of these clothes ww. Sorry I very rarely save links. ^^;

  2. All the coord you've made looks cute on you *o* <3


  3. you're so cute & pretty and your style is awesome! ♥_♥

    1. Oh gosh thank you so very much, you're so kind! ; v; ♥♥

  4. Cute post! Your cords are really pretty and so are you~!

  5. So cute, all of it! \( >w< )/

    If you don't mind me asking, do you have a link for the Taobao shop that has the Sailor Moon sweater? :o

  6. u can look thru ur order form and put the links. that's how i did it ^^

    great haul btw!

  7. omg where did you get your boots?

  8. Can I ask roughly how much the shipping costs were? I'm thinking of using TaoBaoSpree soon and I want to order roughly the same amount of stuff, I'm just worried what the shipping costs will add up to. :)

  9. Hi Eliza!!~ I just came across your blog and really love how sweet and cute it is :3 I wanted to order from Taobao too <3 I'd love to stay in touch, I've followed your blog <3

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽


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