Saturday, 14 December 2013

♥Review: Kawaii Monthly! (Nov 2013 Box)♥

 Happy Saturday everybunny~!♥ I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!♪ 
I've been meaning to do this little review for a few weeks now, but haven't found the time among other things. ;; I'm glad I have some to do it now!♥ I've been taking photos for another review all day but it went dull and the lighting was no good for photos... (* ; O;)
So today I'll be reviewing a little service called "Kawaii Monthly", which is run by Oyatsu Cafe!♪ Each month you pay $18.99 and get sent a box of 5 kawaii things.♥ Since I'll be saving a lot for my Japan trip over the next few months, and as a result won't be able to buy so many things, I thought it would be nice to get something small and cute like this each month!♥♥ You'll never know what you'll get until it arrives, so it's a lovely surprise.♥

By the way, Oyatsu Cafe is a super super cute Japanese snack store which also sells some other interesting things.♥ I'll hopefully be reviewing some of the Pokemon snacks with the lovely Dreamer when he visits me in a couple weeks!♥♥


I had a mystery package to pick up one day, and I was really confused as to what it could be! The free shipping doesn't include tracking, so unfortunately there's no way to track the package.;;

The package was sealed up nicely~! There was no damage to it either, so it had a safe journey!♥ At this point, I still couldn't figure out what it was ww..

Inside was some thick crumpled paper to protect the... Little Twin Stars bag! Then it clicked what it was heehee♥ I had completely forgotten about it, so it was such a lovely surprise!

Everything was packed super cutely in the LTS bag!♥♥ Little Twin Stars are some of my favourite Sanrio characters!♥

They included a cute newsletter in the package, with little explanations of each gift! It was cute an informative, and it was nice to know a little about each of the things included.♪

This is a cute sakura design letter set!♥ It's absolutely gorgeous. It was hard to get a really good photo of the effect on the envelopes, paper and stickers, but they seem to have fibres or something similar in! There are 4 envelopes, 8 sheets of paper, and a sheet of 4 stickers.

This is onsen bath salts! The leaflet says "Onsens, or Japanese Hot Springs each have their own aroma and style. These bath aroma mixes have been modeled after the most famous Hot Spring in Japan" Souns exciting! I bet they're really calm and relaxing, which is perfect for me. ;w; ♥

When I was looking through my box of goodies, my sister appeared and saw this little soup bowl and got a sparkle of sistery evil in her eyes. My sister loves to cook and also loves the style of traditional Japanese cooking ware so I didn't have much choice but to give this to her! With her though, it's with a loving home, and I'm looking forward to seeing what she cooks to put in it.♪

These are just amazingly delicious, and the packaging is so cute too!♥ They're honey & grapefruit flavour and just so so yummy~♪ I shared them out with my family and now they all want me to buy more, especially by little brother ww (I'm glad Oyatsu Cafe stocks these haha @v@;; )

I was super super excited to see this!!♥♥ It's adorable, and the perfect size for my bus money, so I'm going to get lots and lots of use from it.♪ 

I thought I'd take a picture of the label, because as you can see, it's an official Sanrio product!♥ It makes me happy that everything from Kawaii Monthly is completely official & genuine.♪♪ 


I'm so so excited for the next package! In fact I think it will be here sometime soon! So I hope you'll look forward to seeing all of the things I'll be reviewing next time~♥♥ I also hope you'll look forward to all the review I have coming up! I'm super excited to make some more sparkly blog posts~♪♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night, everybear!♥♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Awe this looks so cute! I've been thinking about ordering a box from them but I'm still a little undecided - did you purchase any further ones?

  2. Hello elizabunii! I'm following quietly your blog since a year now and tonight I decided to drop a message.
    It's really long to explain it, but actually your blog change apart of my life and makes me happier. I'm a french girl and always wear casual clothes because it's like every people do. But I never see clothes that make me really happy to wear them. Thanks to your blog I bought my first himekaji dress 2 months ago. I was really happy to wear it. For now I'm waiting my first package. Thanks to your blog I found out a style that makes me happy and I could never say enough thankyou ! Thanks a million.



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