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♥Recent Buys! Nov/Dec 2013♥

Happy hey everybunny~!♥ ∩( *・ω・*)∩♪ I hope you're all well.♥ Before I do more reviews and such, it's time for another recent buys blogpost! ♪ Though this time it's a little different, because I haven't bought everything here, some things are things I'm getting for Christmas!♪(*´∀`*)☆ I'm so very excited~♥ I'll put those things last ww Prepare for lots of piccies! I hope you look forward to seeing everything below reviewed over the next month or so!♥
 First up are some things I ordered from SpreePicky! They actually arrived the other day (along with some lovely extras ahh~!), and I'll be reviewing them over the next few days!♥ Here's a little preview ♪

♪Sailor outfit in purple♪ Buy it here! ($39.99 with free shipping)

I originally ordered these in purple, but they were sold out. ;; So I chose pink instead!♥
Buy them here! (Only white and black versions available $32.99 with free shipping)


The following are from Jlist! A couple things I've had my eyes on since they appeared for preorder... ;w;♥

 ♥♥Sailor Moon compact gachapon set!!♥♥ I was so so so happy to preorder the set! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ I fell in love when I first saw it!♪ Each compact is 5cm tall and even opens up~! I think I might try to turn them into necklaces.♥ These are still on preorder♪

I always have too much stationery ahh~~ but I couldn't resist a Sailor Moon notepad with all the weapons on the cover ww♥ This has now been released along with other super lovely stationery and it's on its way to me!!


CuteCanKill released new products the other day~! ♥ When she released everything, I went through the shop to see what had been released and bought some super cute accessories!♪

♪♪Holographic angel wing clips~♪♪

♪♪Holographic clear angel wing rings~♪♪
I'm always wary of buying rings and such, because a lot of metals react badly with my skin.. but these are enamel so I had to get them! It's not often that I find jewellery that will be forgiving with my skin. ;w;


Taobao time~! This is going to be a huge huge haul so please bear with me.♪ When it comes to reviewing everything, I think I'll do it all in two parts so there's not too much in one review?

Maybe you're thinking I got the pink version, but I got it in navy! ♪♪ I think the print shows up better haha... I'm thinking of perhaps getting the pink another time though!♥

The shorts were sold out -crycry- And I wanted those since I was planning a boystyle sailor outfit..;; So instead I got this playsuit!♥ It would be cute with a blouse underneath of the sailor top over it!♪

For some reason the big bowtie doesn't come with the top, so I had to remember to buy that too!♪

This might not immediately seem my style, but I think it's really cute and cosy for the winter!♥

I thought I would get a pastel wig after all my natural colour wigs but... nope! ww I saw this and thought it would be super cute with some of the other things I ordered.. ; v; I think I might cut the fringe when it arrives though♪

I don't think I could ever have too many cute thighhigh tights...♥♥

Musical note socks to go with the boystyle sailor outfit!♥

I didn't really have any reason to get these apart from the fact that they're Monokuma haha...;;

More socks for boystyle!♥♥ I got the lilacgrey ones.♪
 ♥♥Sailor Moon sweater!♥♥ I saw it on tumblr a couple months ago but had no idea where to get it and then I found it on Taobao~♪ Sadly it was sold out in pink, so I got it in purple.. ;w;♪ I can't wait to wear it, it looks so so very comfy~♥

I thought it would be cute to get a cute winter dress to go with the boots my parents are getting me~ ;w; ♥ I'm really into fluffy collars and things like that right now♥♥

Another wintry dress!♥ This actually comes in three parts → sweater dress, chiffon dress, and furry collar!♥ I chose the white version!♪

Now onto presents!! O(≧▽≦)O♥♥

My parents are getting me some cute boystyle things! (They're okies with the cute things I wear, but they like to get me toned down things that are both cute and practical! ww)

Over knee wedge boots!♥ The bows are removable, so they can also be plain.♪

Short with braces ahh~! I got these in the greyish tweed. (right) and oh gosh they're so cute!♥

 This is a top to match the shorts and boots!♥ It's a sort of flannel shirt, I think. So hopefully it'll be nice and cosy! I'm hoping the tie is removable so I was wear lotsa different bowties ww..

From the lovely Dreamer~♥

♥♥♥An Infanta boystyle set!♥♥♥ -runs around in circles- (and so my quest to be a cute ouji begins ww..)
I'm not getting it in brown though, I'm getting it in navy and making a navy x baby pink coord!♥♥ I'm so so so very excited heehee~♥

From my awesome bro and sis...

The pink blouse on the left~!♥ It's to go with the boystyle set that Dreamer is getting me ;w;♥

And of course, to top it all off... (literally ww) the beret!♥♥
(I have a bit of a beret obsession right now... I need all of them ww)


And finally... from Bodyline and CDJapan...

well, that's a secret for now!♥ Maybe you could guess? I'll reveal them another time! ♪♪

That's all for my shopping♪ ( @w@;;;) Expect to see less of these now though, because I'm saving for my studying in Japan. I'm already around a sixth of the way there! Please cheer for me as I do my best to save.♪ m(_ _)m (Hence, no AP lucky pack ww this saving is serious!!) Thankies ever so much for reading, everybunny!♥ I hope you'll look forward to seeing reviews of everything, as well as some super wonderful sponsored reviews I have coming up!♥ (Oh gosh I'm really so excited!♥♥)
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night~!♥

♪hug & chu♪

Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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