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♥Japan 2014! Adventures in Tokyo!♥

Hello everybunny!♥ I hope you're peachy & well.♪
Hooray! I'm finally writing up my holiday posts!♥♥ Sorry for the delay.. m(_ _)m For this post, I'll do a quick overview of each of the 23 days I spent in Tokyo in case you don't want to read each of the trip reports I'll post.^^ I'll be posting one of each day (with reviews of places and such), plus a big haul post and some smaller haul posts of clothes I bought, along with outfits.♪ It'll take quite a while to get through, but I hope you'll enjoy reading!


It was really daunting to go on a long flight and such, as the only flight I'd been on previously was an hour long flight to Germany ww. My sister kindly helped me get to London, and then I just had to sit on the tube for ages and meet up with Josh and Jen at Heathrow!♪ The flight there was okay, but it was difficult to sleep...;; It was fascinating though! I'll write a blog post about all the travelling and such, as it was pretty fun!♪
..That is until we got to Tokyo and had to get from one side of the city to the other in the heat with heavy suitcases www
Travelling home was much much easier and comfortable!

♥Where We Went♥

Day 1 → We spent our first day in the area that we were staying in, Ikebukuro! The train station was super confusing (it's so busy and it's like a maze!), but we found our way to Sunshine City to do some shopping, visit the aquarium and go to Namco Namja Town! We then went to the Animate store and some game centres.♪ We also did our first purikura of the holiday!♥

(I think Sunfish are adorable, I was so happy to see one! ;; v ;; )

Day 2 → On the second day went to Ueno Zoo to see the pandas and other cute animals, and I picked up the Tokyo Disney Resort tickets for Josh and I.♥ After I picked them up, we went to Asakusa, but decided it was waaay to busy and then we went to the Tokyo Skytree!♪ It was something like 40 degrees (celsius ww), ridiculous haha!

Day 3 → In the morning, we went to check out Harajuku, which kinda smelled weird and was a little disappointing (e.g stolen art and such spotted in shops on Takeshita dori ;; ). So Josh and I headed to the theme park Toshimaen while Jen headed to Shibuya! Toshimaen was amazing, it's a theme park & water park! But... I got hideous sun stroke in the water park. OTL (Which killed our plans of going to two other theme park/water parks Summerland and Yomiuriland)


Day 4 → We woke up at 4am, got to Shinjuku station but hadn't a clue where to find the bus.. OTL Thanks to an awesome staff member at the station we found it and it was full steam ahead to Fuji-Q Highland!! *^*♥♥ We were very close to front of the queue to get in, and then had 12 hours of awesome rides! The best part was, we managed to get on all the rides we were hoping to go on! (I didn't even care that I was feeling ill from the day before haha OTL)


Day 5 → Lay in because we rolled in super late the night before ww♪ Then to AEON Mall to have a look around and go to the Gundam Café (there are a couple in Tokyo, but I'll explain in the trip report why I wanted to take Josh to this one! >v<♪) and then onto LALAPort Mall for. . . Tokyo Bay Pokemon Centre!♥♥ Which was amazing ww♥

Day 6 → We decided to have another relaxing day because the heat was really getting to us.^^ In the morning, we had a relaxing visit to the Meiji Shrine which was beautiful.♪ Then we went back to the hotel to rest during the midday heat and in the evening Josh went out to a comedy club, and I went with Jen to Shibuya!♥♥ We had fun shopping together, she took me to the Grimoire Almadel store which was gorgeous, had a relaxing time in the Rilakkuma café at Tower Records and had fun in Shibuya109.♥


Day 7 → To Sanrio Puroland!!♥♥♥ It was absolutely amazing! ;; v ;;♪ The park was so beautiful, and the shows are wonderful.♥ It lacked rides, but there was plenty to do, even Josh enjoyed it.^^♥ The food was really cute and yummy, and I got to meet Kitty-chan twice. >< ♥♥ There were so many cute photo opportunities too!♪


Day 8 → We headed out in the morning to the Imperial Palace Gardens.♪ Whilst it was pretty and peaceful... there wasn't much "garden". ;; I was looking forward to seeing different types of plants and such, but it was very bare. OTL We decided that there wasn't much point in hanging around, so Josh and I went to Roppongi Mori Tower for... Pikachu Café and the Pokemon X&Y Movie Exhibit!♥ It was all on the 52nd floor of the tower, and it was incredible.♪ We queued for over an hour to get into the café but it was so worth it!♥

Day 9 → In the morning, Jen & Josh went to the Edo Tokyo Museum and I went to Sunshine City to try going out on my own and to pick up some cute things from Toys R Us♪♪ I picked up a few cute things, but then headed straight to Akihabara to meet the other two because I wasn't feeling so great. ><;; Akihabara was okay, but not as great as I expected. We had a look around Don Quijote and grabbed a snack, then Josh & I went to the Tokyo Pokecen for shopping!♥ In the evening, we met up with Jen and we went to the Milky Way café in Ikebukuro.♪ Josh & I also went to Mister Donut on our way home to grab a light dessert ww. ; v ;♥


Day 10 → We were very tired, so we had a calm & relaxing day.♪ Josh & I woke up early to watch Pokemon Get TV, but we lurked in our hotel room for a few hours watching some more Japanese TV ww♪ In the afternoon Jen & I took Josh to the Rilakkuma Café (he didn't go the first time we went, and he's a Rilakkuma fan too so we had to take him!♥) and we went to Shibuya109 again.♥♥


Day 11 → Sadly I was very ill when I woke up on this day, but I told Josh not to worry and to make the most of the holiday and go exploring while I rested!♪ He had fun but found that he's too tall for most Japanese clothes. ><; I felt a little better around lunch time so we went out for a light meal at a nearby café called "Excelsior" (we wanted to try it because of the dramatic name ww). In the afternoon I rested some more because I knew that in the evening we planned on heading to Sweets Paradise and the next day would be busy!♪ Sweets Paradise is an all you can eat dessert and pasta restaurant ww.♥


Day 12 → Hakone was the day's destination!♪ It's an area south of Mt. Fuji! We got a "Hakone Freepass" which is a return ticket to Hakone, plus unlimited 2 day travel in the area for around £35. Sadly we only spent one day there but it was still really good value!♪ We went b bus up a mountain to a shrine by the side of a lake, crossed the lake by boat, travelled over a mountain by cablecar and got back to the station by another train.♪ I can't wait to show the amazing photos!♥ It was a very misty murky day but it made things really creepy ww♪


Day 13 → Josh & I went to Yokohama for the Pikachu Outbreakchu! event!♪ We were worried it would be hard to find, but as soon as we got off the train we saw Pikachu posters and people in Pikachu hats www♥ We saw a parade of Pikachus, went to the Yokohama Pokecen, watched a live Pokemon show, played Pokemon Bingo, went to Yokohama Cosmoworld (theme park, yay!♥) and went on what used to be the tallest ferris wheel in the world!♪


Day 14 → This wasn't a very busy day because Josh and Jen were a bit under the weather and... it was uber rainy too! >< So I decided that when Josh had relaxed and felt better, I'd take him to the Capcom Bar in Shinjuku for a birthday meal.♥ (His birthday was in June, but I'd been planning on taking him there and he didn't mind waiting♪) It was amazing, I'm so glad he felt better by lunchtime!♥ I'll talk about it more in the post for this day but... there was a lot of Ace Attorney themed things!♥♥ (Josh is a big fan and introduced me to the series and I love it! >v<♥) Afterwards, Josh went home because he was tired and didn't want to get unwell again, so I tried to do a little shopping on my own.^^ I bought some cute snacks for Josh & Jen and went to the Disney store in Shibuya.♥♥ I started to feel quite anxious, so I went back to relax. ; v ;♪

Day 15 → We had more energy on the Friday, which was great!♪ This time, Jen came with us to Yokohama too and we went to... the Cup Noodle Museum!♥ Sadly we couldn't get into the noodle making workshops because they filled up too quickly, but it was really fun & interesting!♥ Afterwards Jen went home to pack because it was her last day, and Josh & I spent some time at the Pikachu event again, did shopping, then met up with our friend Brian and went to Akiba together.♪ In the evening, we went to Sweets Paradise again, and did karaoke at Pasela www♪♪

Day 16 → Josh & I woke up early (4am) to say goodbye to Jen, and went back to sleep for a few hours.><; That day we went to Odaiba!♥ It was a public holiday and the queue for the Miraikan museum was huge and in the sun, so we spent some time at Diver City (where the Gundam is!) and went to the game centre there and had fun doing purikura and UFO catchers.♪ We then went to another shopping mall and then... to Sega Joypolis!♥ Oh my gosh, if you go to Tokyo, make sure to stop by here! It was a laugh. :D♪♪ In the evening we hit the game centres again ww♪

Day 17 → Sadly this was the day that Brian went back to Seoul so we went souvenir shopping at Sunshine City, hit the game centres... again (www), and went to Maidreamin which was possibly one of the most awkward experiences of my life.OTL After Brian went to the airport, Josh & I went to Tokyo Dome City!♪ It's a shopping mall, the Tokyo Dome (sports arena), and a theme park rolled into one ww We also went to the Moomin Café ;; o ;;♥♥♥

Day 18 - Day 21 → Three words - Tokyo Disney Resort♥♥♥ We spent two days in each park, though we had to travel from our hotel each day because we decided it was too expensive to stay on site. Next time... we're staying at the resort because all that travelling plus the heat was too tiring. ;; The parks were incredible, and it was possibly the best four days of my life.♥ I loved it so so much, and it's such a shame that I felt quite ill due to the heat, so we have to go back in 2016.♥ (In 2015, we already have plans for a holiday in Hong Kong & also Seoul, and then Disneyland Paris later in the year♪) I will write about each day on its own because there's so much to talk about and the parks are amazing, the cast members and characters were so lovely and everything was so magical!! ;; - ;;♥♥ I got to buy so much Duffy merchandise, it's so precious to me! ; o ;♥♥ If you ever get the chance, visit DisneySea, it's amazing!♪

Day 22 → Or as I call it "It's the last day so spend spend spend while you can also buy suitcases so you can get it all home" ww OTL We revisited Tokyo Dome City, Shibuya109, and some other stores.♥ It was incredibly tiring, as even though we had mostly packed, we needed to make sure everything we bought on the last day fitted. ;; 

Day 23 → Travelling home... ; - ;'' Getting from the hotel to the train station was quite tricky, Josh & I had two suitcases each (we each bought an extra case haha..;;; ) as well as our hand luggage bag. ><;; But apart from that, everything was incredibly smooth!♥ We spent some time exploring Narita airport, which was quite fun.♪ My parents met me at Heathrow and they were very glad to see me and Josh again.; v ; Sadly Josh's mum couldn't make it to meet him but he had a smooth journey home too!♪

(Flying back into London and wow the Thames looks icky ;; )


 It was such amazing holiday, and even though some parts weren't so smooth mainly because of the heat (we've decided we're not going in summer again www) I had so much fun, learned a lot, and got to experience some wonderful things! ; v ; I feel like I achieved a lot, just by going out each day and doing something, and also managing to save up so much money for the trip!♪ I'm excited to write about each day and post more photos!♥ I haven't quite got everything I want to make outfits with all the clothes I bought, but I'll do haul posts (without outfits) as soon as possible.^^ 
I think my favourite parts of the holiday were Fuji-Q Highland, Hakone, Sanrio Puroland, and of course Tokyo Disney Resort!♥ I wish that Disney Japan things were more available worldwide like Tsum Tsum and UniBEARsity. >< I think there's Tsum Tsum in the US, but not the UK. ; - ; Hopefully one day!♥

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you'll look forward to the trip reports & haul posts!♥ I have a few reviews, another holiday post and some outfit posts to do soon too.♪♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Ahhh it looks like such a fun trip! ^.^ I've always wanted to go to Japan :3 It was probably expensive :o
    I'm looking forward to the haul posts ^_^

  2. You went to pretty much all of the places I want to go to when I go to Japan one day! XD
    The River Thames is really dirty, but after living in London all my life I've gotten used to it haha >_<
    Such a cute post, glad you had fun~

    minae |

  3. Hello hun! Wondered if you could answer a couple of questions and help me out? First of all I wondered if you speak Japanese? Is it necessary to know the language over there or is everything written in English with people able to understand English (it's there second language isn't it but I don't know how much English is actually used over there)? And secondly, I want to go to Japan as well but I have NO idea where to start or how much it is likely to cost. I pretty much want to do all the things you did as they are popular tourist experiences, so I don't suppose you could give me an idea on holiday cost excluding spending money? We talked recently about Thorpe Park, I really want to go to Japan soon but I'm kinda a bit brainless about holiday planning... so I don't suppose you could email me at and help me out? Sounds like you did a brilliant job and I don't think I have the same level of confidence as you!! I would really appreciate it!! Thank you~♥


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