Friday, 24 October 2014

♥Sponsored Review: Pinkicon!♥

Hello everybunny!♪ I hope you're having a fine October. c: It's now only a week until Halloween! I have a couple of costumes to show you, but first, I'm very happy to be bringing you a review for Pinkicon!♥♥ Pinkicon is a store that sells circle lenses, cosmetics(from brands like TONYMOLY & Etude House♥), false eyelashes and wigs! A few weeks ago, they contacted me about doing a circle lense review for them, but since I can't wear lenses I asked if they'd like me to review something else from their store and the kindly offered me false lashes! ; v ;♥ They even let me choose which type I'd like to review.♥ It was a little difficult though, since they all seemed so pretty. ><♥ 
Here is the set that I chose:
Click the picture to go to the product page.^^ 
I'm also currently running a giveaway for Pinkicon, you can find the giveaway information here! Please note it finishes on the 31st.♪
♥The Product♥

Everything was sealed securely in a bubblewrap envelope. c: I'm not sure when they sent it exactly, so I'm afraid I can't advise on shipping time. ><

Here is the lenses box, and a mini catalogue with information about the other lashes in the "Magic Magic" series.^^♥ The packaging is so pretty! ; v ;

The back of the packaging with instructions for how to apply the lashes(though it's in Japanese;; ).♪ I use a special false lash applicator which makes applying easier for me.^^

A peek at the lashes in the series. c: There are "Circus" false lashes, and "Lovely Cat" false lashes.^^

Another cute leaflet page ww♪

I picked the "Lovely Cat" lashes, which are a little more natural than "Circus". c:

Pinkicon were also kind enough to send me false eyelash glue!♥ The packing for this is so pretty too! ;; v ;;♥♥ I have very sensitive skin, but I found that this glue was quite kind to my skin.^^

They also sent a super handy "Wear and Care" leaflet.^^

It also has pages about false eyelash types and recommendations depending on your eye shape.^^

The lashes are so so soft and natural!♥ The others that I have are quite hard and plactic-ish, whereas these are more... fibres.^^

♥Worn Photos♥

 (Top → TRALALA, Hair Bobbles → Sanrio Puroland, Salopette → KOKOkim)
The lashes were a bit longer than I expected!♥ They sit really neatly, as the strip holding it all together is quite thin. Actually, I was really happy with how neat my makeup went haha ;; v ;;

The lashes are really light and comfortable, and my eyelids don't feel terribly weighed down by them! c: My other more plastic false lashes feel a lot heavier than these.

Open eyes!♪ They long and pretty, but not so long or stand out-ish that they can't be worn casually. Given how comfy they are, I'd be happy wearing them in a day to day outfit as well as for something more dressy.^^♥

 I'd definitely recommend these lashes, not just because they're comfortable but because they're so pretty too!♥ There are also other styles, so you can choose a style that suits you.^^♪ It's so nice to have a more natural set in my collection.♥ I'm sure you'll be seeing me wear them with other outfits in the near future!♪ I have a feeling they'll go perfectly with the casual toned down pieces I recently bought. c:

Thank you so very much for reading, and a special thank you to Pinkicon for sending me the lovely false eyelashes and glue to review!♥♥ Please check out their store and also my giveaway!^^ I hope you'll look forward to upcoming posts. c:
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥

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