Saturday, 4 October 2014

Recent Purchases: September!♪

 Hello everybunny, merry spooky month!♪ I hope you're well and perhaps also full of festive cheer? c: Sorry I haven't posted as much as I've hoped to lately, I've been lacking motivation. OTL I'll do my best to get around to posting holiday posts as soon as possible. ; v ; This month I wanted to get a few things in ready for the soon to arrive cold weather, anda also before I need to start saving for lucky packs!♪ And... also catch up on the Bobon21 releases that I missed because of my holiday! Not that I regret missing them, I loved going to Tokyo ww. At least I'm up to date with their releases now, and I tried a new way of buying from DreamV. Hopefully this method is going to work well, but we'll see when everything arrives! If it does indeed save money and hassle, I'll detail it in my review. c:
If you haven't seen my previous posts like this, they're a little preview for upcoming reviews, outfit posts and maybe other posts!♪

♥Mini Holiday - Theme Park! :D♥
I'm not sure if this totally counts, but my boyfriend and I booked a weekend at Thorpe Park (for next weekend, actually)in the new hotel for Fright Nights! *^*♥ I'm actually really wimpy and pathetically squeamish, in fact Josh is a bit of a wimp too, so it should be a laugh wahahaha♪ But if we want to avoid the horror mazes, the main coasters will be open until 10pm so we can ride them in the dark www As we're in the hotel, we also get early ride time, it's glorious. I'm looking forward to doing the trip report haha.♪♪ However, even though we booked it about 3 weeks ago, I didn't bother to look at what food they have in the park until yesterday and realised that vegetarian/very light options aren't really a thing in the park, but hopefully all will not be lost.^^;; Josh will be fine, he'll scoff steak and burgers and everything... everything! Maybe I'll live on dessert like I did in Tokyo ww♥

♥Tokyo Otaku Mode♥
I was searching for the Attack on Titan Alpacasso, and was shopping around to find a good price and found this store! Well, I also found the new Girly Kids Arpakasso (kinda magical girl-ish ww) and.. also cute new Shiba plushes from AMUSE ;; v ;;♥♥


He looks like Boo ;; o ;;♥♥♥

♥Closet Child♥
I was having a browse on Closet Child's Jesus Diamante section, because I went into the store in Shibuya while I was holiday to look at pretty dresses, noticed the prices, wandered to the sale section, noticed the prices, and sobbed on the inside. OTL The clothes are gorgeous though ww I was so incredibly happy to see the dress below, especially since it was almost $500 originally. *^*♥ It's perfect for flappie!♪


My last purchase didn't go so well because of a silly shopping service, but I'm experimenting with yet another method this time and hopefully it'll prove more successful! I haven't actually got any coats for this winter, so I thought it'd be a good idea to pick one up!♪ But then I thought about things, and decided I should probably get a coat for cute clothes as well as one for toned down/flappie stuff!

Colour → baby pink
I figured this would be best with my cutesy things, as most of them are pink and/or have puffy skirts!

Colour → camel
And a coat for my more toned down things (I bought quite a few on holiday c: ) and my flappie dresses.♪

Colour → bordeaux
I've been really into the "bordeaux"/burgundy colour recently, and thought this cute cutsew will kick off my collection. -`v-

I've been wanting boots like these for so long OTL I might get the baby pink ones soon if they're still in stock.

(It wouldn't be a purchases post with it ww OTL)
Recently Bobon21 re-released some of last year's winter pieces that I didn't have the opportunity to buy, so the re-releases were very welcome! I also bought pieces from the August, early September & late September releases.♥ I'm not sure if anything here is from the July release.

For my tastes, it was a bit too "Father Christmas" in the red colourway.

This works as a cute choker too.^^

Hopefully this'll look drop-waist enough for something flapper-ish. c:

This wasn't a re-release or recent release, but I've been eyeing it for ages and just had to get it this time. OTL

I'm planning something cute & boystyle with this.*^*♥

I did prefer the cream colour, but sadly that was sold out.

Booty-warming shorts.♪

Not so booty-warming but still very cute shorts.♪


I've been wanting this for ages but never actually bought it, but I thought I could make a cute 50s style outfit with this!

This isn't striped, nor is it a sweater, but it does have a turtleneck. (//shot for making Spongebob references)

Bobon21 released a tartan skirt absolutely ages ago, and I'm not sure if this one is the same, but it's very similar!

I bought this to go over my flapper dresses! The ones I bought on holiday are all cream.^^♥

♥Misc. Taobao Purchases♥

I'm not sure this dress needs any explanation.;; v ;;♥

It's hard to see, but this blouse has Mickey Mouse head silhouettes and anchors on! My boyfriend said it reminded him of Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea where we met Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Duffy Bear, so I had to buy it. ;v;♥

Sweater vest!♪

I've been wanting a nice & simple toned down skirt for a while now.^^

This sweater has Mickey Mouse head silhouettes on the front so it was kind of obligatory like the blouse ww.♪

The lapel pins are super tacky but thankfully removable.♪ Hopefully this will look really cute with the Bobon21 plaid shorts and some other thing in some cute boystyle outfits!♥

 The waistcoat goes with this skirt, so I thought I may as well get the set.^^♪


My friend Amii was selling her KOKOkim salopette in pink! I'll be making an outfit post very soon.^^

I also bought this Bobon21 cutsew from her.♪ I was wearing it a few days ago and realised I need more cute & casual things, especially when I plan on going on lots of theme park trips in the near future. ;;

I saw Abipop selling her TRALALA cutsew, and since I've been hunting for cute cutsews it was perfect!♪ Plus, I love TRALALA♥ I bought some TRALALA Penderie pieces on holiday and they were such a perfect fit ; - ;♥
Thank you for reading!♥ I'm very excited to be having cute & toasty outfits for winter, as well as (finally) some more cute boystyle things!♪ I still need to do all my holiday haul posts and such...OTL They will be popping up as soon as possible! ; v ;♪ I need to get them done soonish because then I've got Thorpe Park Fright Nights to blog about ww♥
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. I just went on your blog on my computer for the first and these little bubbles with hearts and stars are so addicting *u*

  2. Wow all these clothes look so cute! :)
    - Sarah

  3. Can't wait to see all the things worn, they're so super wow *^*

  4. Such a cute haul! I've been eying up that pink dress for a while... I was going to get the red but like you said, it was a bit too Xmas-sy for me ><" Can't wait to see you wear it <3

  5. All of these things are so cute ^^

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