Sunday, 2 November 2014

♥Japan 2014! Part 1 of 3: Clothing Haul! (Photo Heavy!)♥

Hello everybunny!♪ I hope you had a great Halloween.^^ Today I'll be showing you everything that I bought while I was on holiday in Japan!♥ We bought so much that we ended up buying two extra big suitcases to bring it all back ww ;; v ;;'' It got to the point that we had to stop shopping and only get what we really really wanted otherwise it wouldn't have all fitted haha... OTL Shopping in Japan is really fun! I enjoyed it a lot more than shopping over here.. the staff there were so kind and welcoming, and many of the stores were really pretty and decorated! Sadly I couldn't get many store photos because they don't allow them in most places. Because there's so much, I've decided to split the haul into three parts: clothing, plushies, and souvenirs! I hope you'll enjoy this haul post!♥

I wasn't planning on buying any but... it felt so nice to go out shopping in clothes stores where the clothes actually fit me!♥ Most stores had summer sales on too, so I got a lot for my money! Now that I'm back, I noticed that the brands don't have sale sections on online stores like their sale rails. In Liz Lisa, there was a selection of cutsews and camis, two for 3,000 yen or something like that.♪ I'll post outfits in a separate post.^^

I actually have two of these www♪ One of the days that I went, it was super rainy so they kindly put a special bag cover it so my clothes didn't get wet!♪
I've been wanting capris for ages, and so many shops seemed to have them! But.... these ones in Liz Lisa weren't just capris, they were pink gingham and high waisted.♥♥ It's just a shame they're a little big on my waist. ;;


 This top is really retro-ish! This is also a little big on me, but it's super cute so it doesn't matter ww.♪

 This dress really caught my eye because of the cut out embroidery.♪ It fits perfectly too!♥ It also has a cute poof to it.

 I had been wanting a sukapan and top set for ages, and this one was newly released when I was on holiday!♥ It fits perfectly, as does the top! It was really fun to try it out in the Liz Lisa dressing room too.♪


Matching top!♥ It's sort of sailor style, I guess that's why it caught my eye!♪

The day that I bought the sukapan & top set, Liz Lisa were having a promotion where if you spent over a certain amount, you got a makeup pouch! So of course, I bought a couple cute bows to bring the amount up ww♪

The Lalaport shopping mall at Tokyo bay has a super cute "Popteen" area!♥ And within that, there's a "Liz Lisa Fusion" store that sells TRALALA. Sadly we went here towards the end of our day and our feet were hurting soooo much so we didn't spend much time looking around, but I got a cute outfit!♥
This blouse is actually a little odd, because when worn, it sits strangely ww but tucked into something or worn under a cardi, it's really cute!♪

I love this skirt because it's cute and simple.♥ It goes really nicely when I'm feeling lazy but still want to wear something cute & pink ww♪

 Shopping bag from first purchase!♥ I never really paid much attention to Ank Rouge, but I feel in love with the brand while I was on holiday!♥ Everything is so cute.♪ I think sometimes seeing a brand in real life helps you to fall in love.

Shopping bag from second purchase!♥


There was a sale rail in the store when we went the first time, and like Liz Lisa, it had the whole "x items for x,000 yen". In fact, a lot of shops did this! It's really handy because you can pick up a really cute outfit for a good price.^^ One of the shop staff picked out this top and the gingham skirt and held them against me, and Jen was like "-nodnod-" so I ended up with these adorable pieces!♥


Here's the skirt!♥ More cute gingham.♪ I love the embroidery too.^^


This is very special because my boyfriend bought it for me. ; v ;♥♥ He loves blazers a lot, so he thought I should have a cute one!♪ I love it!♥ It's a little roomy on the waist, but looks so cute with the Liz Lisa set I bought!♥ It's also pretty fancy, so it's nice to have something formal & cute.♥

The small spot on the lapel isn't a defect! It's where I have my badge haha♪ Uhm.. I'm certainly not a crazy Ace Attorney fan, I assure you!♥

I had heard of Axes Femme previously, but never shopped there. Then Jen showed me the brand store, and I fell in love!♥ It was amazing, so many things perfect for flappie style.^^ I wanted to buy so many things, but I also wanted to save my money for other stores.;; In the store, they were playing electro swing, it was amazing!♪♪

I fell in love with this dress, it's so perfect! ;; v ;;♥♥ I can't wait to put an outfit together with it.♥ It's so bouncy and perfect for dancing ww♪

This top is really sweet, though I need a cami to wear underneath because it's quite see-through ww. The shawl is removable! So when I wore the dress above, I added the shawl too!♥

Another perfect flappie dress!♥♥ The detailing is gorgeous and just... so so perfect!♥ I was amazed that I could find dresses that would work well for flappie style while I was in Japan.♪ I'm hoping that next year, Axes Femme will release more flappie pieces for summer!

I also visited the KOKOkim store in Shibuya109.♪ I'm not a huge fan of the brand (there are so so many similar designs to other brands ;;;; ) but it was a really cute store, and the shop staff were really sweet.♪

I decided on a cute accessory!♪ A lot of accessories in other stores were pretty pricy, but this was only 700yen.♪ I wanted something simple and pink, but still cute!♥

On our last full day, we went to Donki (Don Quijote) to get another suitcase and I picked up some adorable loungewear!♪ I love Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma!♥ In fact, I want to get my boyfriend a Rilakkuma kigu soon so we can be a lazy bear couple ww♥♥

Bunny loungewear!♪ This set is super comfy too.♥ I wear this and my Korilakkuma loungewear a lot, hopefully I can buy some more soon!♪

Thank you so much for reading!♪ I hope you'll look forward to the other two haul posts, and outfits that I put together, they'll be coming soon.^^♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Everything's so cuuute! >u<
    I wish there were such adorable stores here ;n;

  2. Everything is screaming KAWAII haha it's all soo adorable ^^
    You should post a photo of yourself wearing the sukapan and top set!

    minae ~


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