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♥Japan 2014 Haul! Part 2 of 3: Souvenirs! (Photo Heavy!)♥

Hello everybunny!♪ Today it's time for part 2 of my haul, souvenirs!♥ To be honest, I would have bought a lot more if I had the room in my suitcases ww Especially things from Tokyo Disney Resort.♥ Hopefully I'll be going twice next year, so I'll have the opportunity to pick up more goodies.^^ I ended up buying a lot of stationery and keyrings ww♪ I wanted to pick up lots of things that would remind me of my trip and things that I couldn't just buy online. c: I hope you enjoy part 2!♥



I bought these cuties from the Sunshine Aquarium!♥ There was so so much merchandise of the Spotted Garden Eel and the Sunfish, I was so happy!♪ There were bigger plushies, but since it was my first full day in Tokyo I didn't want to spend all my money at once ww.

At Namco Namja Town, there was lots of Aikatsu! merchandise and collab food, so I bought the cute fan since it was so hot OTL and the coaster came with my ice cream sundae!♥♥

There was also a photo area, where you could have an Aikatsu! style photo♪

Hey check out the nerd doing a pose of her favourite character from a kawaii animu, geez, what is up with that? www♪ I got to wear Ichigo's headband and choose the background for the photo!♥ There were other props too.♪

At Solamachi, which is the shopping mall at the base of Tokyo SkyTree, there's a huge character goods store!!♪ I bought another fan, because... cute & practical!♥

I found Aikatsu! cereal, which I had to buy of course.♥

It came with a card!♥

I also got two memo pads!♥ Tamagotchi and Happiness Charge Precure!♪ I should probably watch more Precure... hopefully once my internet improves I can watch more series. c:


There were a lot of little pieces of merchandise in boxes like this, from different series! There were loads in Animate, but other character goods stores sold them too like the Solamachi one.^^

Aikatsu! Angely Sugar pouch and card.♥

This one contained a keyring of one of the Aikatsu! brands!♪ I picked Angely Sugar of course www♥

This one came with a card too.^^

I had only watched an episode of Happiness Charge Precure in Japanese on the flight to Tokyo, and even though the animation was terrible I decided Cure Honey was my favourite ww.♥ So of course I had to buy her weapon!♪

It's a little model that you have to build!♪ It also came with a piece of candy.

Another store we visited in Solamachi was the Rilakkuma store!♥ I'm forever happy that my boyfriend loves Rilakkuma too, because we had a lot of fun looking at all the cute merchandise together. - v -♥ Jen loves Rilakkuma too! She bought a really cute plushie!♪ There was a Space Rilakkuma collection! Two of my favourite things.♥

I always prefer mechanical pencils over pens, since they can be refilled and used over & over.^^♪

Here are the page designs!♥

Phone charm with my birthday on!♥ These sort of charms seem really popular in Japan, I saw them in a lot of places with lots of different themes!♪

Korilakkuma pass case for my Suica card.♥

Korilakkuma plush phone case♥

It has special plastic so you can still use the touch screen!♥ I also got a free Korilakkuma finger puppet.♪

From Ueno Zoo, I got an adorable animal memo pad.♥

There were mechanical pencils with different animals, and of course I chose the elephant! ;; v ;;♥

As well as elephants, pandas are my favourite animals!♥ This panda also came with a partner panda, but my boyfriend has that one.^^♥

To my surprise, in Harajuku there was an Aikatsu! store in Harajuku www♪ So I got an Angely Bear scrunchie.♥♥

And I was a total nerd and got Ichigo's headband like the one I wore at Namja Town www♥

That morning, I'd had an Aikatsu! ice pop for breakfast because why not? It was boiling anyway www. The ice pop came with a card and so did the headband!♥


A couple mornings previously, Jen had a bottle of green tea that came with a Rilakkuma bottle sleeve, and that morning Josh had one too! He gave me the sleeve♥ and decided the green tea was gross haha.

Fuji-Q Hiiiiighland~!♪♪ The jingle from that place is still stuck in my head ww. In Japan /everything/ has a jingle. Including train stations and buses. Yeah.
Anyway, I got some merchandise from Fuji-Q, which just so happened to be a Hello Kitty collab too! Perfect!♥♥ My current favourite theme park, and one of my favourite characters.♥♥

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel in a Takabisha car! My favourite coaster! QvQ♥ It's like me & my boyfriend, except he was like "AAAAAARGH OAO" and "NEVER AGAIN!! OAO" www (except now, he can't wait to go back and go again haha)



This is a mini memo pad with art of Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel on all the main Fuji-Q rides!♥


This one is like the last, but with Hello Kitty & Friends!♥♥

The gift shop also had merchandise of a character called "Fuji-chan" which is a chibi Mt. Fuji. ;; v ;;♥ So I got a big Fuji-chan plush (see him in part 3^^), a mini memo set, and a mechanical pencil with Hello Kitty too!♥♥

The Cup Noodle Museum had so much cute merchandise of the Chicken Ramen mascot ; v ;♥ This is a set where you can cook chicken noodle okonomiyaki!♪ My dad had mentioned wanting to try okonomiyaki so i bought this. :D

The instructions are in Japanese, but super easy to follow!♪

Plushie mascot keychain and chicken noodle phone charm!♥ I think his(?) name is Hiyoko chan.^^

Stickers, memo pad, and mechanical pencil!♥


At Toys R Us (You need to go to a Japanese Toys R Us, it's amazing! Especially if you like megical girl series ww♪) I picked up a cute Precure tote that was filled with snacks. On the right is curry flavour puffed corn snacks.♪

On the left → strawberry ramune flavour candies and one the right → salted popcorn!♪

This Hoppe pencil case came with the issue of Chara Parfait that I bought!♥

On the train to Hakone, they were selling a variety of different bento!♪ Josh and I each got a train bento which came in a box of the train we were on! It's called the "Romancecar", isn't that super cute? ; v ;♥

On our trip to Hakone, I wasn't expecting to find any cute souvenirs, but I did!♥ This little Hakone ropeway plush mascot is adorable. >v< ♥


More Hello Kitty!♥ Here she is as the driver of one of the trains that travels from Gora to Hakone-Yumoto.^^

Jen bought a set of three Mt. Fuji phone charms and was kind enough to give me the pink one! ;; 7;;♥♥

On the day we went to Capcom bar, we got some cute souvenirs.♪ Sadly we didn't buy any Ace Attorney merch, which I now sort of regret since it was basically impossible to find merch anywhere else. Why is there almost no merch for the series? Anyway, when we go next year, I'm buying everything with Simon Blackquill on www (And also having the new Blackquill spaghetti and the Edgeworth afternoon tea ww)

The fan is adorable on the front, but on the back...

...Nick and Edgeworth!♥♥ Though sadly they're not in their Dual Destinies outfits..

That day I also bought some things from SWIMMER!♥ A cute glass with bears on.^^

And an alpaca pouch! I called him Alphonso. :3♪

This is the coaster I got at the Pikachu café!♥ The Pokemon themed milkshakes each came with a matching coaster.♪ I got Diancie, and Josh got Xerneas!

Gets from the Pokemon card pack I bought at Tokyo Bay Pokecen.♪

At the Tokyo Pokecen, I bought this!!♥ It's a Pikachu tail keyring www♥ I also bought my little brother a Froakie pencil case, pencil and bookmark for his birthday!♪

Meowstic and Torchic plush mascots!♥ Josh has a boy Meowstic. ; v ;♥

There was a cute raffle there, and I won a pouch! I love all the berries!!♥

I... also got lots of merch in Yokohama ww ; v ;♥ On the left is a special Pikachu Outbreakchu event card!♥ On the right is a reflective keychain that I won in Pokemon Bingo.♪ Josh won one too! I got Bingo, and then he did too ww

Pikachu fan for a Pikachu fan ww♥♥

There was a little carnival game at Yokohama Cosmoworld where you could fish for these little inflatable Pikachus! The fishing rods were like the ones from Pokemon, it was glorious.♥ Afterwards, you could take one home.^^

Pikachu visor! So many people around Yokohama were wearing these ww♪

Along with the special Pikachu card, we got a special Pikachu Tretta piece!

Chespin sticker♥

Diancie calendar♥

More Pokemon card packs!♥ They're so cheap in Japan ; A ;


At Sanrio Puroland, Jen & I met Lady Kitty and each got a souvenir photo♥

It was an amazing moment ; A ;♥♥♥

On MyMeroad Drive, it takes pictures of you as it goes around and you can deco them at the end!♥ This was a lot of fun www♥

Usahana souvenir card♪

Memo pad!♥

At lunch, we each got bento in a character box ww♪

Cute pouch souvenir from meeting Lady Kitty!♥ And cute MyMelo hair bobbles♥♥


MyMelo headband!♥♥

Even though we didn't go to the Miraikan on Odaiba because the queue was huge & in the sun, I wanted to go to the gift shop to see if there was an Asimo plush, and there was!!♥ So I got this cute mascot plush♪

Now onto Disney things!!♥ At Tokyo DisneySea, I bought so so so much in Aunt Peg's Village Store, which is dedicated to Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise!♥♥♥

Plush pouches of Shellie May & Duffy♥

Duffy & Shellie May 3 way bags!♥ They can be handbags, shoulder bags, or backpacks!♪ I use them a lot www ; v ;♥


We met Duffy and got a souvenir photo in an adorable frame!♥ It also came with stickers.^^

We also got a photo with Oswald!♥ He's now Josh's favourite character ww

Alice in Wonderland scrunchie!♥

Clip on Daisy bow!♥ There's also a mini clip on Donald hat that Josh wore! >v< ♥ Lots of couples were wearing these♪ There were sets themed on lots of different characters!

Duffy mechanical pencil♥♥

Daisy couple phone charm!♥ Josh has the matching Donald and other half of the heart.^^♪

I can't begin to describe how useful this fan was *^*♥

It also lit up in different patterns!

It was so hot so we always kept drinks with us! I got a Daisy drink pouch and Josh got a Donald one.♪ You can tell who our favourite Disney couple is, right? >v<

Our magic passports!♥

So so many people had these towel ponchos! Josh bought me this one because he was worried about me getting ill in the sun ;; v ;;♥ I was wearing a blue dress that day so it lookied like the Cheshire Cat eating Alice ww♪

It even had a tail www I think I ended up wearing this to the airport too haha♪

If you thought there was no more Duffy merch, you were very wrong ww.♥ This is the popcorn bucket I bought!♥

All of

the adorableness♥

The strap had a cute design too!♥

I mainly bought this for Josh, because it came with tea bags! If I remember correctly, it was Assam. Josh loves tea, but definitely not green tea ww. He was so happy with the Duffy tea because it was the nicest tea he had in Japan haha;;

Lastly, Minnie Mouse eyelashes!♥ These were from Donki though ww♥ I have more Disney merch, but they're all plushies! You can meet them in part 3 along with many other plushies.^^♥♥

At Itsdemo, I bought Sailor Moon eyeliner!♥♥ It's the nicest eyeliner I've ever used! *^*♥ 


Thank you for reading!♥ Next is the last part with the plushies I bought & won on holiday!♥ They're all adorable. ; v ; I might also include some UFO catcher tips?♪ I hope you'll look forward to future blog posts!
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Oh my gosh I am so jealous! So many cute buys ! *3*

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  3. So much cute stuff <3 Happy to see another big Pokemon fan haha ^_^

    ~ Sann

  4. So many cute things!!!! I love !!

    I also have the same sailor mono eyeliner!! ^^

    恵美より ♥

  5. they are so lovely :3
    i wish i could go to japan too♥


  6. All this stuff is super adorable! I've been to Japan twice now and each time its made me want to go back again even more. It sounds like Puroland has changed heaps since I was there last, looks like I need to start saving :P

    - Sarah


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