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♥Japan 2014 Haul! Part 3 of 3: Plushies! (Featuring UFO Catcher Plushies & UniBEARsity Series!)♥

Hello everybunny! c: ♥ Today's post is the last of my Japan haul posts, and it's about the plushies that I bought/won on holiday!^^♪ Sadly some of the plushies are with my boyfriend, but I'll try to post about them next time I visit him or if he brings them when he visits me.^^♥


So so many plushies! ; 7 ;♥ These are just mine, my boyfriend also won & bought a few including Pokedolls and a big Snoopy!♪

♥Disney Plushies!♥
These are plushies I either bought from the Disney store, or plushies from Tokyo Disney Resort.♥

These adorable plushies are Disney Japan exclusives, the series is called 'UniBEARsity'!♥ Sadly, they're not available outside of Japan, so I bought as many as I could on holiday!♪♪ They're collectible bears, each based on a Disney character. The story is that each Disney character makes their own bear in class!♥ Cute, right? Maybe you can guess who made each of these bears before I tell you below?♪ I also bought another, and Josh bought one, but they're with him at the moment. ; v ;

This is Milk! He was made by.... the White Rabbit! He's so cute! ; 7 ; There were also Cheshire Cat and Alice UniBEARsity bears made, but sadly they were sold out already. ;; Luckily I was able to get Milk!♥

Teeny spectacles♥

Suave bow♥

On the paw of each UniBEARsity bear is a little emblem.♪ The Alice series bears have a Cheshire Cat style emblem!♥

This bear is Puffy! Isn't she super pretty?♥ She's Daisy's bear! Her Donald counterpart is called Whip.♪ Her bow is also removable.^^ Angelic Pretty have produced a dress for UniBEARsity bears! In fact, there are a lot of clothes made for them.♪ They also fit into clothes made for Duffy, Shellie May & Gelatoni, as well as clothes from Build a Bear. c: 

Her eyelashes are so cute! ; 7; ♥

She has the original Mickey & Friends emblem, and her bow matches Daisy's.♪

This is Pudding! She's probably the easiest to guess... Minnie!♥ Her Mickey counterpart is called Mocha.♪ By the way, the UniBEARsity bears are incredibly soft and huggable! They're also a lovely size like Duffy & Friends!♥ The quality is also amazing.♥

She has really pretty amber eyes.^^

Her bow matches Minnie's! ; v ;♥

This is Pie, she's made by Scrump.♪

I love the details on her, they're so creepy cute!♥ Her bow has little sequins on.^^

She has a Stitch style emblem, and also a cute little tuft of hair ww♥ When I go back to Japan next summer, I really want to get the Chip n Dale bears Mont and Blanc, and the Pluto bear Maple!♥ And of course, any others that they release.♪ Oh! I think there's also Scone and Rusk, which are Goofy's and Max's bears! I'd love Sleeping Beauty's and Maleficent's bears, RoseRose and Mauve, but they're ultra rare haha.. ;; v ;;

Duffy & Friends!♥♥ I already had Duffy, but sadly Shellie May & Gelatoni are Disney Park only! >< I think Shellie May might be available at parks other than Tokyo DisneySea? But Gelatoni is only at Tokyo DisneySea! I also bought a Duffy plush for Josh ; 7 ; ♥

Their feet have Hidden Mickeys!♥♥

Gelatoni is really really cute! He was still really new when I visited, he was only release around June!♪ Sadly a lot of his merchandise had sold out though. OTL Shellie May is adorable ; 7 ;♥♥ It was amazing to be able to finally get her!♥

At Tokyo Disneyland I bought Dumbo and Heffalump plushies♥ Elephants are one of my favourite animals!♥♥ They're so so cute ;; v ;;♥

Heffalump is too cute for words ;; v ;;♥

Heffalump tail♪

Dumbo is so so soft and cuddly!♥

Squishy elephant♥

My cute Duffy & Shellie May pouches♥♥

♥Plushies from Out & About!♥

At the Fuji-Q Highland gift shop, I spotted this incredibly happy Mt. Fuji and I had to have him!! *^*♥ He's called Fuji-chan, which is a play on Fujisan ww♪ (For those not familiar with Japanese, the names of mountains have 'san', it means 'mountain'! c: So Fujisan = Mt. Fuji, making Fuji-chan a sorta of play on words, treating the 'san' like the honorific '-san' but making it cuter!♥)

He's got a little Japan flag on his back. :D

Goomy is one of my favourite Pokemon, in fact I wanted to buy a small army of these but I want to spend money on other things www Isn't she a cutie though? ;; 7 ;;♥♥

Goomy tail♪

I also got a Carbink and...

..Swirlix!♥ Josh bought Greninja and Spritzee♥

I kepy seeing people with Pikachus on their shoulders, no joke. Bags too. So many people
with Pikachu
attached to them.
I'm so happy I found one for myself! ; 7 ;♥

A special 'Ash's Pikachu' was released that has paws that hold onto things!♥ (Well, 'Satoshi's Pikachu' if you're in Japan ww)

Its paws have little clips!♪ This lil cutie spent his day on my shoulder when we went to Yokohama!♥ 

At Sanrio Puroland, I got this adorable Cinnamoroll plush!!♥ Josh bought a mini Cinnamoroll plush in a lil tux ww  

Cute lil Cinnamoroll tail♥

At the airport just before we went, Josh bought us a Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma♥

♥UFO Catcher Plushies!♥
When my bestie Brian came to visit us on holiday, we spent ages in game centres on UFO catchers! If it wasn't for his magic, I wouldn't have won so many and we probably wouldn't have even gone to game centres much ww Though I helped him win a Sonico figure with lots of waving and pointing www♪♪

We found that the best game centre for getting lots of wins was 'Round 1'!♪ The staff are super friendly and helpful! ;; 7 ;;♥♥ The catchers are also 100yen per go.♪

My winnings!♥ I wanted to win more but we had run out of suitcase space OTL The cute bear at the front was my first win, she's Angely Bear from Aikatsu!♥  Josh won a big Snoopy and a Monokuma!♥ There was also a really weird ad that we saw loads about movie piracy and it had dancing cameras and dancing police and Josh won a 'Camera Otoko' mini figure thing ww By the way, he said the ad is called 'NO MORE movie piracy' (NO MORE Eigakan / NO MORE 映画泥棒) if you want to look it up, it's so so strange haha ♪

Loppys!! ;; 7 ;;♥♥ Bro helped me with both of these! Mimipyon (pink) was won with our very very last 100yen coin one night, it was an intense fight to win her OTL Panpy (grey) was an awesome win! The lady reset the machine after we'd played for a bit, and Bro hit him in just the right place and he dropped straight down!♥

I won this Little Twin Stars unicorn all by myself!♥ It was really tricky though because her hair kept getting caught. >< I was eventually victorious though!!♥

I saw these going for £35 at Hyper Japan haha...;; I spent about 2,000yen winning her www♪

 Poogie is adorable and I haven't played Monster Hunter yet but I really wanted one because it's adorable ; 7 ; However, this was possibly the most frustrating win..OTL It took forever ; A ; But look, it's adorable!♥ Though it's a shame Capcom make Monster Hunter plushies and not Ace Attorney.. I'd love a plush Phony Phanty or Bum Rap Rhiny! ;; 7 ;;''

 I won this 'All Purpose Rabbit' at Sega Joypolis!♥ It's was a super super easy win ww♪ The little wings and halo are so so cute!! >v<

Suuuuper long ears! ; 7 ;♥


Thank you so much for reading!♥ I hope you enjoyed meeting all of my new plushies!♪ I wish there were game centres in the UK like there are in Japan, UFO catchers are so much more fun over there!♥ NYou need tactics to figure out how best to knock the toy down rather than luck, but that makes it so much easier to win!♥ If you ever go to Japan, I recommend trying out the UFO catchers!♥
I hope you'll look forward to my future posts♥♪
Have a supersweet day and a dreamy night everybunny.♥

♪hug & chu♪
Love, Elizabunnii♥♥


  1. Oh wow it's all so unbelievable cute! >u< How'd you manage to fit that all in your suitcase along with the rest of the stuff you bought? :o

  2. Aaah everything is adorable! Think my favourite has to be cinamoroll though <3

  3. i have only a rilakkuma and two hello kitty plushies ;o;
    i'd like all of these plushies too, they are really cute ♥♥

    Sweety Rainy Days


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