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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 5 (Mall day! To Aeon Mall & Lalaport@Tokyo Bay)♥

 Hello everybunny! c: How are you? I'm back as Elizabunnii today, bringing you my 'Day 5' trip report!♪ 
As day 4 was such a long busy day, I planned for the next day to be fairly relaxed, so we could sleep in a little. I also planned some special things for Josh! A fun restaurant, and super awesome shop at Tokyo Bay.♥ Of course, they're things that I enjoy too! But I'll explain later why they were more special for Josh ww :3 Although Jen didn't join us for Fuji-Q, she joined us today! It's thanks to her that I fell in love with another brand.♥
Our first destination was Aeon Mall at Makuhari New City near Chiba City. It's massive, and is actually made up of four different malls. If you have the spare time, I recommend checking it out since there are some neat things unique to it, such as a 'Hero Museum' featuring characters from super sentai series ww We wanted to check it out but didn't have time during this trip. You can get there on the Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station.♪ The stops to get off at are JR Shin-Narashino, or JR Kaihim-Makuhari, from either of those stations, you just get the Aeon Mall shuttle bus to whichever mall you're visiting! By the way, the Keiyo Line goes past Maihama station, which is the station for Tokyo Disney Resort!♥ I was looking out of the window trying to spot different things as we went past ww

Bus station outside JR Shin-Narashino station. It was super empty when we got there, though it was already late morning so we figured we missed the crowds or something ww

We spent a few minutes trying to work out which stop to get, and then we figured out it was this one! The one that's right in front of you as you leave the station.♪

It was an amazingly clear day! But also very hot. OTL Luckily we were going to be spending the day inside two big shopping malls!

The screen at the front of the bus will tell you when you're at Aeon Mall.♪ We were heading to the 'Grand Mall', though if you get the wrong stop then don't worry; each mall is connected.^^ It wasn't actually very busy, so we guessed Tuesdays were quiet days which worked out great for us!

Everything was pretty fancy.♪

No crowds! Hooray!

There's a Sanrio Vivitix store - definitely worth checking out.♥ There was a lot of homeware.^^

Drink vending machine! I love these things so much, it's also really cool to see the variety of drinks they have in Japan. If we had run out of drinks while we were out and spotted a vending machine we were right there ww Super important to stay hydrated. c: C.C. Grape is really nice, it's grape soda.^^ Pocari Sweat is kind of... citrusy, and Calpis is Calpis ww♪

There was an area called 'Japan Pop Jungle' which was basically filled with things that would appeal to otaku ww There were rows and rows and rows of gachapon, as well as a Village Vanguard store.

Sadly the restaurant I wanted to take Josh to wasn't open yet, so we headed to the game centre area.♪ Though first we stopped in Axes Femme, which is a really pretty Mori kei/Dolly kei brand, I fell in love!♥ I'm so so glad Jen introduced me to it.♥

There was a purikura area at the game centre!♥ So of course, we did purikura together.♥♥ We also tried out some UFO catchers but weren't successful ww Still no lucky UFO catcher powers yet ahah♪ After a little while, Jen headed back to Tokyo, I think she wanted to go back to Shibuya & visit the Grimoire store before it got too late in the day.♪

Aikatsu!♥♥ I hope it's still popular when I go next time.♪

Before we also headed out to see if the restaurant was open, Josh spotted a Mario Kart game ww

Mario telling Josh that he SUCKS (actually I don't know quite what he's saying, but I'll assume it's that he sucks)

But hey, I at least know that this says 'Level up'!

Bye bye game centre! Now time to take Josh to that restaurant...

It's open! Woo!

Okay, so there are Gundam Cafés in Tokyo, but I needed to take Josh to this one in particular. This one is themed on Zeon, and there are some exclusive dishes at this location, one of which was the one I wanted to get for Josh.♪ (I'll explain in a moment)

Some of the restaurant decor.♪ And also a non-sunburned Josh.
Josh tans. I burn. I spent the whole holiday wishing I could be him and not the tomato that I really was.

The menu is pretty good, but full of meat. >:
There was so much meat. Meat everywhere. In a lot of places we had checked out prior to this, the vegetarian options were often salads. I'm not a fan of salad at all. OTL As you can see, there is a salad on the menu but it's very... salad-ish. ;; But let's focus on what we were here for...

Oh hey, Big Zam.

Yes, the 'Big Pasta Big Zam'. It's basically a really silly joke from Game Grumps (Josh is a big fan) so I thought he'd appreciate it ww And he did!♥ Luckily the dish appealed to him a lot too.♪ I went to order and the guy who was taking our order kept double checking to make sure I knew the Big Zam Big Pasta was supposed to be for three people. I explained that Josh ate a lot wwww♪

We both got melon soda!♥ So yummy♥ Pretty much everywhere in Japan has melon soda, it's like what Irn Bru is to Scotland ww♪

I ordered a simple curry with spicy rice, and it came with salad and an egg. The salad and egg seemed pretty random given that this was a curry, but they were yummy. :3 I gave the sausage and bacon to Josh, I really wasn't in the mood for any meat. OTL

Overall, the curry was pretty great! The rice was nice & spicy too, but not so spicy that it was all heat and no flavour.♪ When I emailed mum that day, she was happy to hear that we had another decent meal ww

Big Zam Big Pasta! There was so much salad, so it didn't really appeal to me ahah... Josh really enjoyed it though!♪ The whole pesto & spaghetti thing was really appealing to me, but not all the salad. ;; I think it had a lot of chicken too.;; Josh completely annihilated it though ww Serves three people or one nerd with a monstrous appetite www In all fairness, I have seen bigger meals in restaurants over here. In Japan, the portion sizes are generally smaller, which works great for me!♪

'Oh hey... Big Zam'

(Stop being cute, Josh)

Cute drink cup♪

Going here made Josh want to get into Gundam properly.♪

We then looked around some more shops before getting the bus back to the station. Josh found a blazer in H&M that he had spotted back home and wanted, but it was on sale here so he snapped it up ww

There was some sort of event happening outside the mall.

On the bus to JR Kaihim Makuhari.♪

 We headed to the other station since it was the first bus that came along, plus JR Shin-Narashino and JR Kaihim Makuhari are both on the Keiyo line.♪ Time to head back towards Tokyo!

The stop for Lalaport is JR Minami-Funabashi, one stop from JR Shin-Narashino ww The walk is about 5 minutes.♪

Hello Lalaport♪ Our first destination was a super special store!♥


We were both super excited!♪ Pokemon is kind of special to me & Josh, since an old friend introduced us since he knew we were both fans of the series ww It was awesome to finally visit a Pokecen! This wasn't the only one we'd visit on this holiday though♪ It's a shame they don't have something like this or even just a Nintendo Centre in London, they have a shop dedicated to M&M (those chocolates with the annoying mascot characters) but not Nintendo? It doesn't make sense to me. OTL I didn't buy much on this visit since I knew we'd be going to other Pokemon Centres during the holiday. Plus we had a budget for each day and I had already bought things from Axes Femme & bought lunch ww♥ I had a lot of money set aside for spending at the end of the holiday♪

At Lalaport, there's also Lala Popteen Land!♥

There's a Popteen Café, which is basically Sweets Paradise (all you can eat dessert buffet) with the Popteen name on it ww

Liz Lisa fusion store!♥ I bought some Tralala Penderie things.♪ I was really tired at this point though so I didn't spend much time looking around. We decided it was a good time to head back to the hotel.♪

Bye bye Lalaport & Lala Popteen Land♪

On the way back to Tokyo, I managed to get some photos of Tokyo Disney Resort!♥ Sadly it was still two weeks before we were going there ahh..

Tower of Terror & Mt. Prometheus!

I was so excited to see them ww This was the second time seeing them (the first time was just as we were flying towards Tokyo Haneda!), but this was the last time before we would actually be going there. It was nice to relax back at the hotel in the evening.♪ It was nice to do something that day that wasn't too busy! The next day was going to be fairly relaxing too.^^

Thank you so much for reading!♪Next will be the first part of Day 6!

Have a lovely day,

Love, Eliza♥

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