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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 6 Part 2 (Shibuya & Rilakkuma Café!)♥

Hello everybunny!♪ It's time for part 2 of day 6! 
After we left Harajuku, we rested at the hotel for a few hours. It was almost lunch so we went to a nearby Japanese takeout which did gyudon (rice with sliced beef and onions on top). It was pretty neat because you just put money into a machine, select what meal you want, and it prints a ticket.♪ Luckily there are a few different choices, Josh got a biiiig gyudon and I got a small rice with a poached egg on top. It might sound a little boring but it was just right!♥ That evening, Josh had plans to go to a comedy club so Jen & I headed to Shibuya. Jen had already been there a couple times, so she led the way!♪

The view from Shibuya sta.♪ It was really really busy inside & outside! o-o;; I spy a Transformer. :3

Heading down towards the crossing.♪ Our first stop was Grimoire Almadel.^^

Lots of buildings had massive Transformers ads for the new movie.

There's a Maleficent poster too! :3


We went passed Tower Records, but it wasn't time to go there quite yet.♪

Grimoire Almadel is tucked away in some much quieter roads, they were really peaceful in comparison to the main streets. Though on the way, we could smell banana sweets. I have no idea why though ww..

Grimoire Almadel is a super pretty store selling vintage clothes. It's really magical inside! There are so many pretty decorations and the dressing rooms are gorgeous. It's worth a visit if you're a fan of mori-kei, dolly-kei, or vintage clothing.^^ 

Next it was time to head back to Tower Records for their special Rilakkuma café!♥

-squiiiiiish- ww
There was a small queue for seats, and sadly they were out of Rilakkuma curry for the day. (Or would that be Rilakkurry?♪) I think we waited about 10 minutes for a table. We skipped past a couple groups of people because a table for two became available.

Lots of the tables had Rilakkuma plushies to join you while you ate!♥

There was a really relaxing atmosphere, it was lovely.^^

Jen and I both got a chocolate mousse cake each.♥

Orange juice in a Rilakkuma glass! I think Jen got tea.♪ Sadly they weren't free souvenir cups but I think they were available for purchase in the store.

However, we could keep the coasters as souvenirs!♥

The mousse cake was so light & yummy!♥ I was too afraid to eat it at first because the details were so cute ww ;; v ;; The cake was milk chocolate and the sauce on the plate was dark chocolate, so it was nice to enjoy a little of the two together in one bite.^^ 

The fruits were frozen so I didn't expect a huge amount of flavour, but they were nice and sweet, not sour.^^ Raspberries with chocolate is such a nice combination! *^*

By the way, I have a huge soft spot for little desserts like these ww♥ So many places in Japan have cute desserts of the menu so I'm hoping I'll feel up to trying more of them out next time I go! 

When we finished eating, we had a little look around the store and then headed outside, and since it was evening it wasn't too hot.^^

Shibuya109 time!♪ We had a lovely time shopping together, I really hope Jen & I can go shopping together here again someday.♥ It was amazing to see so many brand stores! I ended up coming back here a couple times during the holiday but it turns out that most brands have stores nearer to Ikebukuro ahah... ; 7;''

We spotted this on the way back to the station, square watermelon!♪ 

At the station I got an email from Josh asking where we were, because he ended up getting lost and not going to the comedy club so he headed back to the hotel and had no idea where we went www At least we both had key cards for the hotel room haha.♪ 
Sadly the Rilakkuma café isn't there now, but there seems to always be a theme café or two in Tokyo! While we were there, there was also a MyMelody café at Shibuya Parco but we didn't make it there. Hopefully we'll make it to another theme café or restaurant next time!♪

Thank you so much for reading!♥ More trip reports & outfit posts to come soon!♪

Have a lovely day♥

Love, Eliza♥

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  1. The Grimoire sign is so pretty!
    And the Rilakkuma cafe is super cute ;u; I feel like if I went to Japan I'd want to eat in one every single day hehe~


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