Friday, 17 April 2015

♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 6 Part 1 (Meiji Shrine in Harajuku)♥

Hello again everybunny!♪ It's time for another holiday trip report.^^ I'm splitting this day into two parts since the next part is actually a restaurant/café review!♪ We decided to visit the Meiji Shrine on this morning, the weather was really clear & hot again so I opted for a light & flowy flappie dress that I bought at Axes Femme the day before.♥ (It didn't do much against the heat though, like everything except aircon OTL) It was a Wednesday, so it was pretty quiet which was nice! We got to really take in everything even though it was so hot. Well, I kind of started off really taking everything in but by the time we had looked around I was feeling a little unwell.
There isn't a whole lot to say about it apart from the fact it's incredibly beautiful & peaceful. So instead of me talking a lot for this post, I'll just show you the photos.  Enjoy.♪ 


There were some very strange looking spiders that had made their homes in these, it was a little scary but I'm sure the spiders were friendly. Hopefully.

The surrounding forest was beautiful & mysterious♪




This lil friend was cawing a lot at the people around the purification fountain, maybe it was reminding everyone about purifying before visiting the shrine?



Just like in Ueno zoo, it was interesting to see parts of the more city-like buildings pop up over the trees every now and again. It felt so peaceful here though.♪


After heading into back towards Harajuku station, we decided we were all super tired & blegh from the heat and headed back to the hotel to rest for the afternoon. In the evening we headed out again, but I'll write about that in part 2.♪ Apart from the heat, Meiji Shrine was lovely to visit, there was so much to look at & take in! If you get the chance to go here, you totally should.^^
Thank you so much for reading!♪ See you in part 2 for some shopping & cute things ww♥

Love, Eliza♥

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  1. Thank you for this awesome post and lots of interesting pictures, dear!



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