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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 7 (Sanrio Puroland Trip Report → As CoasterCutie!)♥

 Hello everybunny!♥ Woah I'm back as CoasterCutie today to bring you another fun theme park post!♪♪ Though this theme park is a little different, there are no coasters ww It's one of the theme parks in Japan dedicated to Hello Kitty & Friends, Sanrio Puroland!♥ There's also Harmonyland, which is an outdoor theme park, Seibuen Yuenchi has an area dedicated to Hello Kitty & Friends, and Universal Studios Osaka has some Hello Kitty attractions in the Universal Wonderland area.♪ Sanrio Puroland has a couple rides, but it's definitely not a park for a thrill seeker. Generally, that's what I am, but of course this is Hello Kitty so it's an exception ww♥ Puroland is like a much smaller scale Disney park with less rides. It has a lot of different shows, a few walk around attractions, and a looooot of cute food & merch!♥ Puroland really immerses you in the world of Hello Kitty and her friends.♥

Okay!♪ Let's start the trip report!♥

Our journey started on the Yamanote line from Ikebukuro, as it did most days ww♪ The train we got on had Pokemon on! And a random ice cream guy, I guess this was an ad for ice cream?

We got to Shinjuku station, and from there we took the Keio line bound for Hashimoto and got off at Tama Centre Station.♪

At Tama Centre Station!♪

As you leave the station to head towards Puroland, a cute map is there!♥

Check out how awesomely clean the street is. I was super impressed ww

Some bright buildings.♪

You turn a left off the big street and... there it is!♥
It's was another super hot day, so we were pretty happy with the idea of spending time indoors ww

It didn't look like there were any particularly long queues which was a relief! Though we did arrive a short while after it opened, so I'm unsure how busy it was at opening.

We got out tickets after only a short wait and then headed in!♪

 Last year was Kitty chan's 40th Anniversary, so of course lots of things around Puroland were especially for the Anniversary.♥

The flags were very cute but they covered up the pretty picture ahh.. ; v ;''

Heading down into the park♥


The wishing tree looked amazing!♪

The park doesn't look big from the outside or just as you walk in, but it's huge!

There were a lot of lovely decorations and details.♥ Our first stop was to buy character headbands ww Jen got Kitty chan and I got MyMelody♥ Josh bought a Kitty chan headband for his cousin♪

There was a show going on! I think this was the Happy Birthday Show♪ It features characters whose birthdays are in that month! Sorry for the bad photos.><

We then went into a Jewelpets show! We realised we wouldn't understand much but a show would still be cute regardless!♥ Everyone in the audience got Jewel Pod style remotes to join in with the performance at certain times.♪ I had no idea what to expect but it was an amazing show!♥♥ It combined animation scenes, on-stage scenes, singing and dancing, and scenes where the audience helped the characters using the Jewel Pods~!♪

They all accidentally entered the human world, and Ruby went to find Badtz Maru (who was eating sushi) to help them return to their world ww Then they went back to the stage through the audience!♥ 

Jewel Pod!♥

When we left the Jewelpets show, there was another show going on at the Wishing Tree stage! Bonbonribbon and her friends♪

Time to visit Lady Kitty's house, which is a walkthrough attraction.♥ It was quite a wait to get in but it was worth it.♪

That hole is where a pink gun pokes out to shoot any people trying to unlawfully enter Lady Kitty's mansion. (Actually I have no idea what it is but that seemed like a logical explanation ww)


Pretty decorations♥

The ceiling of the entrance hall is super pretty.♥

Kitty chan also keeps her piano in the entrance hall ww

Personally, I would feel bad sitting on all these cute plushies, but that's just me..;; ><


//uses a million filters to hide the sunburn
hide the sunburn
hide it (www)

The teacup bathing tub even had a super kawaii towel-holding deer taxidermy.

Because everyone needs tiered cakes next to and on their bed in case those pesky 3am hunger pangs strike www

You could buy a rose as a present for Kitty chan, and you could do a gift exchange with her!♥ (rose photo ft. horrifically sunburned hand, because apparently SPF50 isn't enough OTL)
Jen & I got photos with Kitty chan, it was so fun!♥

This was my favourite photo spot ww♥

Back in time for a parade!♥

Though on the stairs Josh and I got directed a certain way and lost Jen... OTL She was watching the show too though! Just from a different spot. Sadly we all arrived a bit too late to get nice spots nearer the front.;;

You'll have to excuse the bad photos... ; 7;''

Kuromi & MyMelody!♥

Josh was super happy because he spotted Cinnamoroll ww♪ He's his favourite character. :3

Ruby & Dear Daniel!♪

Kitty & Mimmy's parents!♪

Kitty arrived on the stage♪


Kiki & Lala!♪

Kitty chan!♥

I think pretty much all the characters we part of this parade, it was wonderful ; v ;♥ Sadly I couldn't get photos of them all ><;;

At one point they invited the children in the audience to meet the characters and take part in the dancing♪

Then everything lit up around the Wishing Tree!♥ There were some fancy projections too.♪


Pompompurin is like 'Sir... why must you ruin this show with your fedora... you have brought shame unto Puroland...'

Everything was so pretty ; 7 ;♥

Kitty & Mimmy in their special 40th Anniversary costumes♪

MyMelody! ;; 7 ;;♥

The parade was amazing, it's a shame it was a special one for 2014. Though they have a new 2015 one for MyMelody's Anniversary♥ I can't wait to see it! There was so much energy in this parade, I loved it.♥

It seemed like most people had lunch before seeing the show because we then headed up to the 'Food Machine' restaurant for some lunch and it wasn't particularly busy.♪ The Food Machine restaurant is a buffeteria - grab a try and choose food items!

Kitty & Mimmy mochi and desserts with souvenir cups♥

The 'adult' meals here seemed quite large and meaty and... not very cute, there wasn't much theming going on so I went for a light bento lunch!♥ In fact, all three of us did ww They're apparently for kids but are great for a light lunch, plus you get to keep the box♥

Of course, I got MyMelody!♥

And a MyMelody souvenir cup dessert ww

Josh got a Cinnamoroll bento, Cinnamoroll souvenir cup dessert, and a slice of Hello Kitty cheesecake ww

Inside the bento!♥
Omelette, mini sausage, fried chicken piece, meatball, tomato, broccoli, rice, and croquette♥ I didn't enjoy the meat so much but the omelette and croquette were so yummy ; v ;♥ Luckily the meat didn't end up giving me too much of a tummy ache OTL;; I didn't see any vegetarian options. T - T;

Broccoli!! ; 7 ;♥♥

Magical croquette!♥

The sausage was kind of weird ww..

I think this was cheese, I didn't eat it ww

Cute Kitty chan spongecake♥ It didn't taste of much but at least it looked cute ww
The souvenir cup dessert tasted a lot nicer.♪

Jen got some Kitty & Mimmy mochi along with her meal♪

We didn't want to lurk around the restaurant once we'd finished our meal so we went to find somewhere to be lazy elsewhere ww

Nearby there was this very pretty display♪

We soon realised we needed more money than what we'd decided to take with us that day (since we wanted more merch from the store at the end of the day) so Josh popped out to a nearby store to the 7-11 ATM there. 7-11 ATMs accept most foreign cards it seems. :3 While he went out, Jen and I looked around the main store for a while then when we met up again, we lurked around near the game area since we were really hot and tired OTL Jen didn't feel so good so she headed back to Tokyo which was sad but at least we got to spend time together at Puroland! ;; v ;;♥♥ Josh & I stayed and he decided he wanted to go to the Cinnamoroll themed café because 1) In only the short timeframe of a morning, he became the world's biggest Cinnamoroll fan ww 2) He's a hungry bear www

Cute tables!♥ If you've ever seen the photos of the cute Hello Kitty doughnuts, this is where to get them. However, spare yourself the tongue-shrivelling, heart stabbing disappointment and go for just a drink instead hah...

Little Twin Stars drinks♥ and Hello Kitty doughnuts OTL

So cute! These were so yummy.♥ I didn't think I'd want something like this so soon after lunch but actually, it was amazing ww♥♥

Rainbow tapioca pearls!♥ They were so yummy, like little gummy sweets♪

At this point, I was super excited to try the doughnut ww

But it tasted... well it didn't. Actually it was really bland and dry and blegh. OTL I suggest getting one, spraying it with polish to preserve it, and hanging it in your room as a decoration.



Josh demonstrates appropriate ways to eat in public.

The conclusion: Go for the drinks. Stay for the drinks. Only the drinks. Avoid the doughnuts at all costs ww

After our yummy drinks, we headed to the Boat Ride attaction!♥

It's a really cute & relaxing ride, and everything is decorated so nicely, it's wonderful! ; 7 ;♥ It might be a tame boat ride, but it's certainly not short lived and there's a lot of attention to detail and cuteness, it's definitely worth queueing for!♪ There's also a souvenir photo taken at the end but Josh and I completely missed it ahh..

We then headed into a hall that had stands and activities for the Sanrio Puroland Summer Matsuri!♥ It was really cute, and...

I got to meet Kitty chan again!!♥ Ugh I was so happy ; 7 ;♥♥ I can't wait to go back soon ;; v ;;♥♥

After looking around the matsuri area, we headed to the parade area to catch the Matsuri parade! We grabbed some popcorn from a cute popcorn machine first though ww♥

Kitty chan sings to you as she makes the popcorn♪

Butter flavour!♪

The Matsuri parade was cute and fun, but was mainly aimed at children because there was a lot of getting up and dancing www..

After the parade, we went to the Sanriotown area! First we went on the My Meroad Drive ride, which is an attraction where you drive around and meet MyMelody's and Kuromi's friends!♥ It also takes your photo in various scenes and at the end of the ride, you can go to a machine and decorate the photos and then print them!♥ It's not quite as long & in depth as the boat ride, but it's really fun for the novelty of getting some fun photos & then decorating them.^^♥

Kuromi may be evil but she's still cute, which is why she's not hoping you crash into a tree or something.


After the My Meroad Drive attraction, we decided to visit the Little Twin Stars Twinkling Tour♥

Cloud elephant ahh ;; v ;;♥♥

Everything was pastel. Everything. It was glorious.♥

When you twisted the handle, something would pop out of the star!♥

There were so many cute details. ; v ;♥ 

After the Twinkling Tour, we decided it was a good time to visit the store to grab some merch before the park closes and everyone rushes there.;; The main store stays open a little while after the park closes, but we thought it might be packed then, so decided to go a little early.

On our way to the shop we spotted Kitty chan and Dear Daniel dancing together ;; v ;; We wanted to stop and watch but also really didn't want to get caught in the crowds leaving ;;

Cinnamoroll♥ I wanted to buy a lot but decided to save money for later in the holiday in case I spotted something extra special ww

Overall, Sanrio Puroland was really lovely!♥ I just wish it hadn't been so hot.;; 
Even though it lacks things like big attractions and nice doughnuts, it's definitely worth visiting if you love Sanrio characters or if you want to see a Sanrio fan have a big smile on their face. :3 Even Josh had fun! (Actually he really enjoyed it ww He just felt a bit awkward at times being almost 6ft in a sea of cute things ; v ;'' )
Thank you so much for reading!♥ I can't wait to bring you another trip report soon.♪ Also two weeks from now I'll be heading to Japan again, woah!

Have a lovely day!♥



  1. everything looks so awesome! And the park, so cool *--* . The show was the cutest thing too :)

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