Sunday, 2 August 2015

♥Bobon21 Haul → Pastel Pink♥

Hello everybunny!♥ How are you?♪ Let's hope for a really lovely August!^^
Recently I bought some things from Bobon21, it had been quite a while since I bought anything from there since a few releases haven't appealed to me so much. >< But I saw that some things from an earlier release were still in stock, so I decided to get them.^^ I didn't get them before since I was saving for Japan.^^;; This year, Bobon21's releases haven't appealed to me so much, but maybe I'll enjoy some future releases more. c:

♥What I bought♥

Macaron check waistcoat♥

Macaron check ruffle sukapan♥

Summer tank top♥

Alice in Wonderland chiffon sleeve blouse♥


I had a few pairs of shoes that went with the first outfit, so I tried it with each of them.^^♪ I'm not sure which is my favourite since they all have nice points, but do you have a favourite?♥

With frilled ankle boots♪


Waistcoat, blouse, skirt, headband, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

The colourway of the macaron check set is so lovely! I love the delicate pastels. ; v ;♥ The set is a little big but in a way I kind of like that.^^; I guess it also means that in the winter, the waistcoat will sit nicely over things like turtlenecks.^^

I quite like the outfit with the boots www They match the frills on the skirt and the scalloping on the waistcoat.♪

With platforms♥


Waistcoat, blouse, skirt, headband, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → Liz Lisa

The nice thing about these platforms is they're pretty fancy, but they're also more practical & comfy than heels.^^;; Thinking about comfyness, when I first saw the blouse I was a bit worried the sleeves might not be very comfortable, but they're actually pretty nice.^^ They were a little strange at first though ww


With heels♥


Waistcoat, blouse, skirt, headband, tights → Bobon21
Shoes → DreamV (Dear My Love)

These bow heels are so pretty ; v ; They work with the dapperness of the outfit too. >v<♥ I'd really like to find some trousers that match the waistcoat & heels actually.^^; 

Oh! And the skirt has shorts underneath by the way, which is great.^^

Big eyelashes with this outfit ahah ; 7; But the rest is basic make ; v ;♪


Closeups of the set♥ I love the collar embroidery, and the waistcoat lapels!^^♥♥ I actually love this set so much, I kind of want it in the other colourway ahah ; v ; It's a pastel purple/blue.^^♪


Tank top, headband, tights → Bobon21
Blouse → Ank Rouge
Skirt → DreamV (Dear My Love)
Shoes → Bodyline

Uniform inspired outfit.^^ I suppose it's not very kogal, but there's a hint of it ahah.^^;; This tank top is really really soft, and also light.♪ So it will work all year round, though maybe not if we get really hot weather over here... but how often do we get hot weather in the UK though? ww 

I'm not really a fan of mixing different shades of pink, but the headband & tank top match, and then the skirt, shoes & bow match.^^♪ I quite like it. ; 7;♥


Thank you so much for reading!♥^^ I hope you'll join me for future outfit posts & such. c: ♥ More outfit posts & trip reports coming very soon.^^♪

Have a lovely day!♥

Love, Eliza♥


  1. The first outfit is my favourite in absolute..

  2. Ahhhhhh that alice blouse is so cuuuuuute <3


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