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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 19 (Tokyo Disney Resort Day 2! Tokyo DisneySea!)♥

Hello everybunny! It's time for another trip report!♪ This time it's our day at Tokyo DisneySea♥ Honestly, I was so so excited! Not only does DisneySea have an awesome volcano, but it's also home to Duffy the Disney Bear!♥ I'm a really big Duffy fan ;; v ;;♥ If you ever get a chance, definitely visit this park.♥ It's beautiful!♪

Time to get on the Disney Resort Line monorail!♪

It's actually a little expensive, so if you want to walk to DisneySea, that's probably better.^^;; The monorail is very fun though!

We were near the front, and we could see through the windows! It was pretty exciting ww

We were in such a rush to get to Journey to the Centre of the Earth that I forgot to get photos going through Mediterranean Harbour to Mysterious Island, sorry! >< 

Mysterious Island! My home ww♥

Mt Prometheus in the background!

Journey fastpasses get!♪ By the way, if you want to cool down, head into the caves around Journey ww It's nice & cool in there w 
We got these and then went on the ride! 
 And gosh is it amazing! ; v ; I love the themeing and the ride and everything! Wow it was brilliant ww ;; 7 ;; I won't give away any spoilers though ahah^^;;

After that, we then headed out towards American Waterfront.♪

View of Mediterranean Harbour♪

Hotel Hightower in the distance!

We reached a certain important part of American Waterfront♥

View of the S.S Columbia♪

We queued up to meet Oswald! He was adorable ; 7 ; But I was horribly sunburned so no photo here of us with him ahah >< I'm so sad that there isn't an Oswald greeting now though! ; A ; So sad. ><

Then we headed towards a super special place! ;; v ;;♥

Duffy greeting! He was so fluffy and cuddly ; A ;♥♥ I got a hug and so did Josh ;; v ;; I was so so happy! >< Duffy is my favourite ;; v ;;♥♥♥ Of course, I love Shellie May & Gelatoni too♥

We then spent some time exploring other areas of the park, but I didn't get any photos, I'm sorry! >< There are a lot more photos in the next DisneySea trip report though.^^;

Tower of Terror! :3 We didn't go on it though since Josh doesn't like drop rides OTL

I love the design of the hotel - 7-♪

On our way to Mediterranean Harbour, we spotted some performers!

By now, it was time for lunch, so we decided to find somewhere to eat.^^ We ended up at Cafe Portofino, which was quite busy but luckily had plenty of seats still. c:

My lunch♪

Yummy bread!♪

Seafood gratin!♪
Gratin is one of my favourite foods. ;; v ;; And this one had broccoli on top! Yummy broccoli TT v TT

Citrus jelly dessert! I love jelly too ww ♥

Josh's lunch♪

He had chicken and veggies ww 

I think this was some sort of milk dessert? I'm not sure ahah;;

After lunch it was time to go on Journey again!♥ Hooray!♥

We then sat down for a while because I was so tired from the heat ;; 7 ;;'' It wasn't time for our next fastpass yet, so we just relaxed.^^;; We also did a little more exploring but again I didn;t get so many photos, sorry. ><

Time for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! 
This is a really pretty ride! I really enjoyed it ; v ; Again, I won't give away any spoilers, but if you're not a fan of thrill rides, I'm sure you'll like this since it isn't intense.^^

We wanted to do something else that was relaxing, since I was still feeling unwell from the heat, so we went on the boat at Lost River Delta.^^

The boats take you around different parts of the park, this one went to Mediterranean Harbour. c:

Passing by Mermaid Lagoon.♪

Going through Mysterious Island and past the Nautilus.^^

When we got off the boat, we sat down to rest for a while since I felt quite ill. >< We then decided to head back to the hotel even though it was only 6pm. ;; - ;; I didn't want to go, but I was so unwell. ;; n ;; Luckily the next time we went to DisneySea two days on, I was feeling better.^^

 Thank you for reading!^^ And I'm sorry for the lack of photos for this trip report, I really didn't do the park justice.><;; There will be more if the next one though!;;

Have a lovely day!

Love, Eliza♥

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