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♥Recent Buys! → July/August 2015♥


Hello everybunny!♪ Has your August been fun? It's almost September now, it's gone so quickly ahh..^^;; Only three and a half weeks until I'm off on holiday again! It'll be my first time ever going to the US. O: ♪ I can't wait to go to some theme parks!!

It's time again for another recent buys post!♥ Some things have already arrived so they'll be popping up in blog posts soon.^^♪ Though it might be a while before some pop up because I'll be on holiday.^^;;

♥From Miauler Mew♥

When I was in Japan in May I bought a really cute set in Miauler Mew, and I was admiring the shoes too! I decided not to buy shoes though, since I was worried they'd take up too much room in my suitcases ahah;; But I saved up so I could buy some later!

Shell platforms in white♥ I saw these in store when I was on holiday and fell in love! Aren't they great?♪ There are a lot of different colours, but I decided to get them in white since they'll go with more clothes that way.^^

Sailor collar platforms in pink♥ These were released a little while before I placed my order, and some other platforms I wanted had sold out, so I got these instead!♪

Stripe set up (frill sleeve ver.) in blue♥ I got the check set up when I was on holiday, but I also saw that there was a striped set up! It had long sleeves though, so I decided against getting it. But then they released a sleeveless version, which is better for layering.^^♥

♥From Secret Honey by Honey Bunch♥

 Disney Collab Aristocats Marie cardi & skirt♥ I saw that the Marie pieces were on sale so I snapped them up!♪ I already have the Marie hoodie from this collection, and I love it!

Skirt print♥

 Disney Collab Frozen Fever Anna dress♥ A little while back, Secret Honey released Frozen Fever dresses, but sadly I missed out. ><; Thankfully I found this for a really good price in an auction!♥ It's not my usual style, but it's so pretty and cute! ; v ;♪

Disney Collab Tangled Rapunzel dress♥ I spotted an auction for this and an Ariel dress, so my friend and I both bought the set!♪ Ariel is her favourite.^^ Secret Honey have released so many lovely Rapunzel dresses! I have a few on my auction hunting list ww.. Sadly Secret Honey Disney Collab pieces tend to really go up in price once they're sold out. ><;;

 Dress details♥

♥From Liz Lisa♥

Liz Lisa x MyMelody Collab Angel Set Up♥ I'm so so glad I won an auction for this set! ;; v ;;♥♥ I've been wanting it for so long, it's so pretty ahah ; v ;♥♥ I love the Liz Lisa x MyMelody collab pieces, I'm hoping little by little, I can get more of the past releases in auctions.^^

♥From Bobon21♥

Macaron Check Waistcoat & Skirt Set♥ When the set I bought last time arrived, I loved it so much that I decided to get it in the purple colourway too ahah♥

♥From Ank Rouge♥

Twinkle Blouse♥ Since I bought almost all the other star themed things, including both the skirts, I figured why not get the matching blouse? >v<♪ The lace around the collar is star shaped!

 Winged Collar Cutsew♥ I thought this would be cute with the star themed pieces but for a more casual look.^^ Plus the collar is so pretty!♪

Frill Parka♥ I've been wanting a hoodie like this for ages now, so I'm glad I finally got one! This one has lace going down the front, and also lace-edged pockets.♥

Fantasy Night Skirt in pink♥ I bought the dress in navy, and like I did with the Moon Feather print, decided to get the skirt version in pink!♪ 

Lace Collar A-Line Dress in pink♥ I've never bought a dress like this before, but I thought it would be a really cute casual dress!♥ Plus it has french words on ahah ; 7 ;♥ 

Angel Wing A-Line Dress in pink♥ I loved the look of the angel wing motifs, so I got this casual dress too.^^♥

Love Letter Dress in cream♥ At first I didn't like the look of this print ww... but then it really grew on me? Ahah;; I really love letters and such, so I suppose it makes sense that it grew on me ww♪

Rose Bouquet Dress in pink♥ When I saw this print I fell in love so so much!♥♥ The border print! The roses! ww♥ I love that Ank Rouge's dresses like this have a lolita-esque silhouette, but aren't full on lolita dresses.^^♥ 

♥From Tutuanna♥

I decided to buy some pretty underwear, but then regretted it because I lack the confidence, but I'm hoping I'll gain more confidence with the working out I'm doing at the moment? ;; I bought a treadmill this month too so I can tone up ahah ><;; Also I was so happy to find somewhere that actually made bras in my size.. ;; 7 ;; 
You should definitely check Tutuanna out, along with other Japanese underwear brands because wow everything is so pretty and cute? ; 0 ; 

Refined set♥ 

Heart Chain set♥

Summer Bouquet set♥

 Blossom Flower camisole♥
Blossom Flower shorts♥

♥From Risa Magli♥

Risa Magli is another Japanese underwear brand, a little more expensive than Tutuanna, but still very very pretty and cute. OTL I bought these at the same time as the Tutuanna things >< ww 
You should deffie check out this brand too though.♪ I'll probably make proper posts on these sets when they arrive, if anyone is interested in these brands?

Vivi Camisole♥

Vivi bra♥

Vivi shorts♥ (What are quite possibly the world's fanciest shimapan ww)

♥From CDJapan♥

Yu-Gi-Oh Character Book♥ It comes with concept art for the movie that's going to be released next year!♥ And some special OCG cards.^^ 

Larme 17♥ I love Larme so much! So I decided to pick it up when I ordered the ygo book.♪


I won these cute Yami & Kaiba figures in an auction♥

They're pretty cute. >v<♪

Kaiba 1/7 scale figure!♥ I managed to win this in an auction too.^^♪

Edo Phoenix Tsumamare strap♥ 

Hell Kaiser Tsumamare strap♥

Kaiba Tsumamare strap♥

Kaiba pocket clip♥

Kaiser Ryo card sleeves (from Comiket)♥ (Sorry Ryo is my favourite along with Kaiba ww OTL I still need to watch the rest of GX though ahh.. and then also 5Ds... then everything else.. ww)

Ballchain figures♥ Pegasus, Yugi, Hell Kaiser, Kaibaman, Johan♥ These were sold in an auction together and.. I bought it just because it had the Hell Kaiser figure ahah.. OTL

My little Manjoume figure finally has some friends!♥ I also have Kaiba & Blue Eyes ballchain figures on the way. >v< I really want to get all of these, there are lots more! >< I really really hope I can find the Kaiser Ryo one ; o ;♥


I got a lot of Tsum Tsums in the last month ahah ; v ; They're adorable! I had a few already but then I spotted the Alice in Wonderland ones and had to get them!^^♥

A new loppy! This one is Burappy♥ I wanted him because of the Hell Kaiser colour scheme OTL

Thank you so much for reading!♥ I'll be posting some outfit posts soon, I just thought now would be a good time for a Recent Buys post ahah^^;;♪

Have a lovely day!♥

Love, Eliza♥


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