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♥Japan 2014! Trip Report → Day 18 (Tokyo Disney Resort Day 1! Tokyo Disneyland!)♥

Hello everybunny!♥ It's time for another trip report from my 2014 holiday.^^ 
This is so so exciting to write because it was our first day at Tokyo Disney Resort!♥♥ Josh and I were both super excited!♪ I had read so so many amazing things about TDR, so I was super excited for this.^^ I had planned really carefully too, and read lots of tips to make sure we could fit in plenty of rides and parades.♪ 
It was a bit of a journey from Ikebukuro to Maihama, but it was very smooth! It's also pretty cheap.^^ We headed out super early, so we could get in the queue ready for when the park opened. :3

We're here!  ; 7 ; ♥

Time to walk to Tokyo Disneyland♫ It's only a short walk from JR Maihama sta. c:

The morning was a bit gloomy, and it was already quite hot ><

Tokyo Disney Resort monorail and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel behind it! We were in line about an hour before the park was due to open, and it was already pretty long! ww

The event at the time was the Disney Natsu Matsuri♫ 
We headed straight towards Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek to get fast passes!^^

The fastpasses were already up to 11am ww..

It probably seems silly but I thought the themed bins were great ww 'No refuse refused!' ww

The fastpass machines were also super great! When the fastpasses came out, the machines laughed www ♫

After we got our fastpasses, we headed straight to Pooh's Hunny Hunt! It was only a 40 minute wait, phew! There were also a lot of shaded areas in the queue, which was nice.^^ While we waited, we played Ace Attorney ww♫ We found that it was useful for the long queues.^^ Plus it helped to take my mind off the crowds ahah ; v ;

It was all very very pretty.^^ I loved the calm atmosphere. c:

When you get inside, you walk around storybooks.^^ It's lovely.♥

As well as the queue area being super lovely, the ride was amazing!! 
I loved it, it was really fun and also adorable. ; v ; You must try this if you visit Tokyo Disneyland!^^

Senpai ww 
The shop is really cute, though I didn't buy anything. >< I really wanted the really big Pooh plushies! They were so cuddly and soft^^

Next it was time to go to Pan Galactic Pizza Port for a special snack! ;; v ;;♥

LGM mochi!♥♥ It's my favourite Tokyo Disney Resort snack, possibly my favourite snack ever ; 7 ;
Each one is a different flavour, there is custard, strawberry, and chocolate! I love them all.^^ They're so soft and yummy.. ahh I want them right now ahah ; v ;

I also got this cute tapioca drink! I love tapioca drinks www♪ Plus, in the summer heat, it was very important to keep hydrated^^ 


We had time before our Ride & Go Seek fastpass window, so we decided to go on Star Tours! I love Star Wars, so I was really excited for this. :3

Super busy! O:

The queue line is so awesome  ; 7 ;


Sorry the photos aren't so great. >< You can look forward to good photos of it in my 2015 holiday trip reports ww OTL 
So Star Tours was amazing ; 7 ; So so amazing!♪ I loved it www The queue is really fun too, there's so much to look at! I won't talk about much about the ride itself, in case anyone reading has never been on it.;;  When Josh and I got outside, we were just like 'Ahhhhh!!OoO!!!' 

Themed vending machines! These are more expensive than vending machines you'd find outside the parks, but still handy in case you need something to drink.^^ There's not much choice of drinks though sadly. ><

World Bazaar!
We wandered around for a while since it was almost time for our Ride & Go Seek fastpass window.^^ It was super hot ; v ; so we took our time and enjoyed the atmosphere.^^

Ride & Go Seek time!♪

All of the theming was awesome! The ride itself was awesome too, and so much fun ;; v ;; And also adorable ww♥ Before I came here, I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy the non-thrill rides, but Hunny Hunt and Ride & Go Seek were sooooo much fun! Of course, Star Tours was too, but that's in the trill ride category anyway ww

Afterwards,  we grabbed fastpasses for Space Mountain.^^

We then decided to get an early lunch at the Plaza Restaurant, since it was nearby.♪ There wasn't anything on the menu I could easily eat though OTL However, there was a dish with the magical Mickey Egg! So I chose that ww 

Mickey Egg!! It was adorable ww I gave the meat to Josh ahah... the rice and veggies were alright at least. It wasn't a fabulous meal, but the egg was brilliant ww At least it was a fairly light meal, given how hot it was;;;

How??? (Don't tell me, I wish to remain in ignorance of the creation of the magical egg ww)

Josh got a curry and also fries ww He enjoyed his meal c:
(I totally had one of the fries dipped in the curry sauce. Fries dipped in curry sauce is magical, but fries make me unwell so just one OTL However, that one was enough to bring a smile ww)

The restaurant was super busy, so I guess it's pretty popular. I would say it's worth a try if you're in a hurry maybe? But honestly I had other meals in the parks that were so so much better.^^;

Space Mountain time! I wasn't sure what to expect since I had only been on Mission 2 at Disneyland Paris, which was pretty fun. c:
I did take photos inside, but it was really dark so they didn't turn out so well. >< I enjoyed Space Mountain quite a lot, but not as much as the other rides I'd been on already that day.^^;

It wasn't too long until our next Star Tours fastpass window, so we had a quick walk around near the castle.♪

Star Tours round 2!

Of course, it was super fun again www♪ Then we decided to head out of Tomorrowland, and we saw one of the parades!

Popcorn time! Josh wanted to try the honey popcorn♪  I didn't try any, but he said it was really good.^^

We wandered through Fantasyland for a while♪

We spotted Mary Poppins & Bert!♥♥♥

It was then time to find a spot for the Happiness is Here parade!♥ We found a nice sitting spot near the Plaza Restaurant. Everyone was very considerate, so it was easy to enjoy the parade.^^ We actually got our spot super early, but we really really wanted to have a nice view of everything. c: Even though it was crowded, I felt fairly comfortable because there wasn't any hustle or bustle, people were considerate to each other, and it was quite relaxed.^^ Sitting down was also nice! I hope you enjoy the photos.♥

I loved Happiness is Here so so much! ;; 7 ;;♥♥ The music for this parade is suuuuper catchy www♪♪♫

The castle is beautiful ♥

The area behind the castle is gorgeous♥ It's nice to take in all of the little details♥

We then headed back to Tomorrowland for another ride of Star Tours www Then we headed over to the other side of the park to explore Adventureland and Westernland.^^ Sorry there aren't any photos though. >< At this point we were trying to conserve battery life for later ;; 7 ;;'' Luckily for the 2015 trip we came prepared with a portable charger though, which proved super useful!

We then headed to the World Bazaar again, since Josh wanted to look around the magic shop! After a little shopping, it was time to find a spot for the Dreamlights parade.^^♪ We got there quite early again, but we managed to get a nice sitting spot, so it was worth having to wait a while before the parade. c:



Dreamlights was so pretty! ;; v ;;♥ I loved it! Sadly this year I was a couple months too early for the renewed version, but I hope I can see it next year!♪

We then headed to somewhere to get dinner.^^ We decided on the Eastside Café in the World Bazaar. c:

It was really pretty inside.^^ And also quite quiet, I think most people get dinner before Dreamlights ahah.^^;;

Josh and I both chose our meals from the set menu, since it seemed like good value. c: We both had chowder and bread for our starters. It was delicious! ;; v ;;♥ I love chowder so much. ; v ;

Yummy yummy chowder. :3

For the main course, we both had carbonara! ; 7 ; I love carbonara! ;; v ;; So far, it was a very perfect meal ahah. ;; v ;;♥ This was super yummy too, I really enjoyed it. ; v ;♥

Yummy yummy carbonara :3 Usually at home I have an alternative to bacon though ahah;;

Josh's dessert was the seasonal tart.^^ It looked pretty yummy. :3

I had the seasonal gelato! :3 ♥ I love gelato too, so this was a very lovely meal of things that I love and don't make me unwell! The portions were pretty spot on too. :3

I would really really recommend coming here for dinner.^^ For Josh and I, dinner was only around ¥4,000, and both courses included drinks. :3 ♪ With the exchange rate at the time, it worked out to around £24. Whereas if we wanted a nice three course meal over here, we would be paying £35 - £40+ and the portions would be huge which would make me upset OTL So this was really lovely for us both! ; 7 ;

Then it was time to head back to the hotel. Aaaaall the way back to Ikebukuro www...;;

Thank you for an amazing day, Tokyo Disneyland! ;; v ;; 

Our first day at TDR was amazing and magical and wonderful and just... so great! ;; v ;;♥ It's a shame it was so hot, but we managed to see and do lots.^^ The next day was going to be our day at Tokyo DisneySea! We were super excited♪♪ 

Thank you so much for reading!^^ I hope you'll look forward to future posts.♥ 

Have a lovely day!

 Love, Eliza♥CoasterCutie

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